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  1. We're going to the fucking playoffs bois!!!!!!! This team is FUCKING in Sep!!
  2. 7AM flight on a Saturday for a drinker?
  3. First game I missed all year because I had to pick up a family member from the airport.... I guess i'll stop watching and you guys can thank me later.
  4. I know this thread is for 2023 but is it possible to have him do it this year?? Tim Anderson will most likely be back in the final stretch and at that point it will be him and TA for SS with an extremely weak Harrison/Leury/Romy(?) at 2B. Looking at his defensive splits in the majors I don't think he's even played 1 game at 2B. How tough is the adjustment from SS to 2B? If he starts drilling immediately is that feasible for when TA gets back?
  5. You know you can edit your posts right? you don't have to post 5 times quoting yourself slightly altering it. IDK maybe that's why you have 76 thousand
  6. We are going to erase our entire run differential in one game!
  8. I don't see that option under Theme https://gyazo.com/c43366013262d29dca844d67b8a8c5d1
  9. AJ in the booth, Cease pitching, and a cold one in front of me. Going to be a great night
  10. Thanks for the work. Any chance for a Dark Mode/ dark theme?
  11. The whole team running on the field after the Vaughn HBP just galvanized this team. Huge game lets go Cy Cease tomorrow 3GB
  12. They are right this is one of the biggest games of the year. We go from 6 back 3 back in 3 days if we win. Let's do it boys
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