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  1. Just floored how bad TLR is as a manager. I hated his hiring and I'm floored at how much worse he is than I expected.
  2. forgot about this. Correct! Tony said they kept kopech here because he was already "geared" for it.
  3. Renteria fired for taking foot off the gas after clinching playoffs. Tony keeps his job keeping car in neutral all year to save gas for later.
  4. it's ok, there's always games later in the season. There are always games later in the season.
  5. aw, nice. Forgot we talked about milb giving DSL games. Confirmed so far Burrows has stolen 2nd and 3rd after a hit, then 2nd after an HBP.
  6. Ryan Burrows. 1 Hit. No walks. 3 stolen bases. No runs. Gonna guess there was an HBP in there.
  7. nowhere really, but the instructional league has largely died b/c those orgs now just run their own training at same time with all their prospects. The benefit here is the competition, but getting more time with your prospects with a coordinated set of instructoin is definitely being done more in top orgs.
  8. Here is my 1-sentence review of every new birmingham player for the uninitiated: Colson Montgomery - Literally is Joe DiMaggio Bryan Ramos - The nerds pick for sleeper bat in the system Luis Mieses - The man has hit more doubles than 98 albert belle but in a good way Christian Mena - Throws a large number of pitches for strikes but yet to overpower with anyone Wes Kath - He either hits the ball hard or Ks with a beautiful lefty stroke of air DJ Gladney - see above but with a righty stroke Wilfred Veras - A large man who has had a great single-a campaign but is gonna be bat only driven for rest of career so is likely our future right fielder Kohl Simas - Dominating first stint with rumors of velo uptick but went on IL and has faded since returning (also bills son) Jared Kelley - Finally putting longer outings and finding some swing and miss but still wildly inconsistent Norge Vera - Dominating stuff but has had so few innings last 3 years and he's already probably near shut down Andrew Dalquist - Invented "the dalquist" which is 2 IP, 10 hits, 14 BBs, 1 k Adam Hackenberg - Hit 2 home runs on day 1 and that's enough good will to get you through tye year Tyler Osik - hit monster, late round pick who is likely a bat only guy but hey, probably our future catcher then
  9. Yeah, makes a lotta sense the whole Neslony, Dedelow movement though. Some slim shot left for them. Simas is headed there as an NDFA, so clearly ellis idn't there yet proving it.
  10. well on one hand it's true Fields was not as ready as we all hoped out of college but on the other hand Chris Simms was horribly, horribly wrong about Kellen Mond.
  11. BTW that article is really good. there is some amazing insight from Colson. Pretty much the exact type stuff you'd hope to read from a player that was multi-sport. Now getting the information and drills to specialize, and his exceptional athleticism and competitiveness pay off:
  12. I think Kanny is the near drowner and W-S is the skeleton. Kanny at least gets some recent draft boys. I don't even want to see what Winston-Salems roster is. Can they even sport a team? And Charlotte benefits from some pretty real MLB roster guys who the sox can't bring up because of our Corner Infield redundancy and terror at using young prospects. Sosa and Burger a nice 1-2 punch.
  13. Did getz think about how this kinda ruins our minor league watch party experience? Also, getz showing 4d chess by having none of our affiliates remotely competitive so there is no issue destroying any playoff hopes for the local owners.
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