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  1. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Dec 24, 2013 -> 08:29 AM) His Stephen A was the best thing ever. MARIO CHALMAZ should not be allowed have arms to shoot a basketball in the fourth quartaaa!
  2. SoxFan1

    Christmas Eve

    I work today AND tomorrow. But my Christmas is January 7th, so it doesn't matter. However, I will be working January 6th. So same s***.
  3. So people think if the Bears lose against Green Bay, Cutler is done as a Bear? Am I reading this right? How can it be that black and white? He could throw for 300 with 4 TD's and the defense might still lose the game.
  4. I finished 3rd in all three of my leagues. I still don't know how I feel.
  5. QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Dec 23, 2013 -> 09:40 AM) This week and next week I have to work Monday, off Tues/Wed, then work Thurs/Fri. It's so weird working today. It feels like a Monday and a Friday at the same time. Ugh...weekends. What are those? I've had Tue/Wed as my off days for a few months now. It's the nature of working in TV. Today is the first of eight consecutive work days. Hooray!
  6. QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Dec 23, 2013 -> 12:44 AM) The Cards are a 10 win team with one of the best defenses in the NFL. Yeah everyone picked Seattle to win at home but the Cards aren't some 3 win s***ty team. They were playing for their playoff lives. I never said the Cards were a bad team.
  7. QUOTE (Elgin Slim @ Dec 23, 2013 -> 12:26 AM) I disagree. The only time making the Playoffs is preferable is if you have a realistic probabililty of winning the whole damn thing. Nothing worse IMO than making the playoffs with a team that is destined for a 1st/2nd round loss. Being a fan of a mediocre team is worse than being a fan of a godawful team. We're all Sox fans here, we should know this after 11 out of 12 yrs of it. In football this is a little different, because it is a tournament style playoff, but you have to see said team sneaking in possess at least 2 of the following on each side of the ball: 1. A front 7 that can rush the passer against anyone 2. An offense that can run the ball against anyone 3. A defense that creates a lot of turnovers against everyone, regardless of the strength of the team 4. An offense that minimizes turnovers 5. An offense that has tons of big play capability in the pass game 6. A secondary that can cover so well that it creates coverage sacks 7. An offense that is top 10 in 3rd down % 8. A defense that is top 10 in 3rd down % If your team has had a mediocre season, sneaked into the playoffs, and possesses 4 of these qualities, I think that it is ok to think that making the POs is good. The Bears possess one or two of these qualities, and it they are both on the offensive side of the ball. They are a bad team that had some a) good luck when they caught teams and b) some incredible 4th quarter comebacks. (The 1st 2 games of the season are at the top of the list) You kidding me? This is the NFL. There are no guarantees. No one gave the Cardinals a shot to win in Seattle. That's why you play the games. You get in the playoffs, you have a chance. PERIOD. You need to win 4 games. That's it. And are you DISCREDITING the Bears for coming back and winning games? A win is a win. They were 3-0 and looked like a 12-win team headed for an NFC North title and maybe much more. Injuries decimated this team, and they're still 1 win away from winning the division. I seriously can't even fathom you saying MISSING the playoffs in the NFL is better than MAKING them. This isn't the freakin' NBA.
  8. QUOTE (DukeNukeEm @ Dec 22, 2013 -> 03:47 AM) Go to Grayson Stadium in Savannah. Been there the last 2 years but haven't gone during baseball season.
  9. Planning a super vacation for March. Cruise out of Charleston, SC from March 8-15 through Half Moon Cay, Nassau and Grand Turk, then to Savannah, GA for St. Patrick's day festivities the 16-19. Hope I can make this happen.
  10. SoxFan1

    Hot Drinks

    QUOTE (Tex @ Dec 21, 2013 -> 09:52 PM) It was 86 here today. So have a Winter Lager. 40's feels like spring time here. But if you REALLY need to warm up...hot toddy. Always a winner. Or hot chocolate and Bailey's.
  11. My older sister is a huge reader and she told me she read 144(!!!!) books this year. She's always on her Kindle and she hinted that she would want the Kindle Paperwhite thing. I sold it to her that wasn't happening so I immediately turned around and got her a Kindle Fire HD and an Amazon gift card so she's going to flip s***. Can't wait for her to see it. Last "big" gift we got her was an iPod Mini after her old one got stolen from her car. She broke down into tears.
  12. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Dec 18, 2013 -> 01:47 PM) Anyone else use Snapchat? I love it and think it's absolutely hilarious at times, but my buddy's wife just sends the stupidest ones out. "OHH LASAGNA MMMMM." I don't give a s*** what you are eating for dinner, send me something of you doing something funny The beauty of snapchat is if you don't like what they sent you, you can stop looking at it one second later. QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Dec 18, 2013 -> 01:54 PM) Snapchat can be a lot of fun. I'm picking up what you're putting down. And yes. God bless snapchat.
  13. QUOTE (dasox24 @ Dec 18, 2013 -> 12:29 AM) This is absolutely classic. You SIU boys had to have loved this. I lost it when he politely says "bless you" after someone sneezes right in the middle of his rant. http://www.awfulannouncing.com/2013/decemb...r-the-ages.html Tremendous stuff. "Because I KNOW....my wife will at least shot fake...one time!"
  14. QUOTE (Chilihead90 @ Dec 18, 2013 -> 12:18 AM) Live at home? On and off since I graduated. Just moved back home full time because I was working in Michigan from April through September and my housing was paid for by the team. Basically from September 2012 through September 2013 I was away.
  15. Last week marked 2 years since I graduated college. I still haven't gotten a full-time job. But then again, things work a lot different in the broadcasting field.
  16. QUOTE (raBBit @ Dec 17, 2013 -> 11:31 PM) I don't think that's necessary at all. Jimmy found it interesting so so be it. I didn't know Dunn wanted out. I didn't know Keppinger had family issues. I figured ADA was on the way out but an insider saying it's a sure thing is interesting. Hardly surprised though. He signed here thinking that he was coming on to a contender and simply filling Jim Thome's spot perfectly. Now, a big reason as to why that contender has fallen apart was because of his God awful 2011 season, but no one with an ounce of competitiveness (especially like Dunn, who has never made the playoffs I think) would want to be on a crappy team with no real chance of contention, no matter how much they're getting paid.
  17. QUOTE (ptatc @ Dec 17, 2013 -> 10:11 PM) I disagree. The ball made a difference. However there is a reason that power hitters have historically been the biggest and strongest players. Strength plays a major factor in HRs. I don't think people really grasp just how strong your hands/wrists/forearms have to be to hit a ball over an outfield wall with a wooden bat.
  18. QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Dec 17, 2013 -> 01:14 PM) I really don't see the point in moving Dunn right now. He has more value to us than being on another team right now as he is the only LH power hitter in the line up. I could see 2 of Gillaspie, Keppinger, and De Aza being moved before spring training. I prefer De Aza and Keppinger to go before Gillaspie, as I think Gillaspie could be a good bench guy once Dunn and Konerko are gone. I think the we move Dunn at the deadline, one because hopefully he has a decent season, and he would be owed less money for teams to pay. I couldn't disagree more. He has literally zero value to the White Sox. If anything, with his contract, he has negative value. There is no need for a veteran slugger to be taking up so many AB's on a team that will not be competing.
  19. As far as I'm concerned, Rick Hahn has had an A-grade offseason so far. Infusing this team with top-tier MLB ready (or near) talent is so difficult, yet so crucial to avoid a prolonged rebuild. I don't see any feasible way that Adam Dunn get's dealt, but as Spring Training nears, there could be a team or two still desperate for some power, and it would be possible for him to get something done. Perhaps Viciedo/prospect could net him a catcher? Who knows what happens next.
  20. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Dec 17, 2013 -> 02:23 AM) I think a lot of that perception is due to the two Swisher trades and the Javy trade to the Braves, as well as Santos/Molina and Teahen/Jackson for Zach Stewart and finally Daniel Hudson/Jackson (Jackson pitched very well for the Sox, he just didn't quite put us over the top). And, early in the Williams regime, the Wells/Fogg/Lowe for Ritchie move that turned out to be a disaster since we didn't develop another 5th starter until 2005. You have lots of great small trades, like Miles for Uribe, Quentin for Carter, Loiaza for Contreras, Thornton for Borchard, getting Gavin Floyd for Freddie Garcia...and lots of examples of picking up useful pieces from the scrap heap like DeAza, Jenks, Santos, Phil Humber, JJ Putz, etc. Or signing Iguchi and Alexei Ramirez. Even getting Youkilis, Liriano and Myers, all those moves made sense at the time and you had the feeling it might be enough to put us over the top. It's just the fact that the big headline moves like signing Dunn and trading for Swisher have backfired so spectacularly. I'm talking about the face value of the trade immediately after it happens, not how things ultimately shake out. And don't forget, a great majority of people loved the Dunn signing.
  21. QUOTE (Chilihead90 @ Dec 17, 2013 -> 01:46 AM) I dont understand people laughing at Kevin Towers for this deal. The Dbacks have Prado under control for the next 3 years. Their OF has Trumbo-Parra-Pollock for the foreseeable future. They had no room for Davidson. You could certainly argue they may have been able to get more for Davidson elsewhere, but this move only makes the Dbacks better both now and in the future. Here at SoxTalk, there is no such thing as a mutually beneficial trade. It is asking too much of people to understand how a trade can possibly benefit both sides, or how two teams match up to become perfect trade partners by dealing in areas of excess. Trades can only be won or lost. And outside of this trade (and MAYBE one or two others in the last decade), the Sox generally "lose" all their trades. Trades are only "won" by the Sox when the player(s) they acquire become All-Stars, while the player(s) they trade away must also simultaneously become complete garbage.
  22. #3 overall picks since 2000: 2013 - P Jonathan Gray 2012- C Mike Zunino 2011 - P Trevor Bauer 2010 - 3B Manny Machado 2009 - OF Donavan Tate 2008 - 1B Eric Hosmer 2007 - 3B Josh Vitters 2006 - 3B Evan Longoria 2005 - C Jeff Clement 2004 - P Philip Humber 2003 - P Kyle Sleeth 2002 - P Chris Gruler 2001 - P Dewon Brazelton 2000 - SS Luis Montanez
  23. QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Dec 17, 2013 -> 01:30 AM) Let it be so! You're welcome.
  24. QUOTE (TheFutureIsNear @ Dec 16, 2013 -> 03:05 PM) Hate to use a total cliche but strikeouts are just another out. K's become a problem when you aren't getting on base and you are k'ing often with runners in scoring position. I can't find his minor league #'s with RISP at the moment but his obp is just fine. Adam Dunn managed to be a darn good player for quite a few years despite K'ing a ton, and I could list a whole bunch more too. If he can stick at 3rd with at least average D and hit .265/.330/.500 with 30 hr's on a yearly basis he will be just fine. Great move by Rick. W/RISP last year in AAA: 25-103 (.269), 14 2B, 1 3B, 4 HR, 56 RBI, .353 OBP, .485 SLG, .837 OPS Other interesting notes from his AAA numbers last year... When ahead in the count, 1.144 OPS in 126 AB, when behind in the count, .553 OPS in 154 AB. His 1st inning OPS was 1.130. .637 OPS vs LHP and .889 vs RHP. He hit 3rd in the lineup in 93 of his 115 AAA games.
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