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  1. I doubt they'll be looking for major leaguers in return, unless it's Cotts.
  2. That's the worst part of E-Lo being an All Star this year, he'll probably feel it's justification for a fatter contract.
  3. I think it's time to platoon Willie and Joe. Uribe 3B, Val SS, Willie 2B vs. RHP and Crede 3B, Val SS, and Uribe 2B vs LHP. Joe is absolutely killing this team at the plate on a consistent basis. The problem was magnified this weekend with an already weak lineup due to NL rules/injury. There's got to be a point where ya say that you've given him enough time to come out of his slump. He showed signs the last couple of weeks but it appears he's slipping right back into that funk. You absolutely HAVE to put your best team on the field everyday and we're not doing that as long as Crede refuses to adjust his swing and approach at the plate.
  4. We end the season 2-7 in NL parks with all 9 games occurring while Maggs has been injured. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why we have lost these games. I mean, we f***ing lost a series in Montreal, and we're surprised the sCrUBS swept us? We're still in very good shape when looking at the big picture. I'm sure that the team realizes how s***ty a hand they've been dealt as soon as they look at the lineup card in these NL parks. We'll be fine, and I personally foresee an offensive explosion this week.
  5. I'd agree that recruiting from churches could certainly be considered illegal. The republicans have always done shadey things to get votes. http://html.themilwaukeechannel.com/sh/ele...105-222208.html The democrats have also always done shadey things to get votes. f*** em both, they're one and the same.
  6. Unless those interleague games cost you a playoff spot.
  7. Is that historically speaking or just this year? I ask because I believe that all the games this weekend are at NL parks.
  8. This team, like most AL teams, is not built for NL parks. With Maggs out due to injury and being forced to sit one of our 2 remaining best hitters (hurt and paulie), we have a truly weak lineup. It's tough to win with Gload, Perez, Burke, and Loaiza taking up four spots in the batting order. Granted Gload, Perez, and Burke have all made some big contributions to this team, but overall, against a tough pitcher, that is a weak lineup. We saw this weakness revealed during our horrid weak in FLA and MON too. I'm not trying to sound like a doom and gloom guy, I think we'll be fine after interleague play is over, but I don't like our prospects of winning this series. Just another reason why interleague is a horrible idea and should be eliminated. It's obvious that the NL gains a huge advantage when playing home games.
  9. This is definitely setting up a trade. A bit of a PR coverup for when he does get dealt...."well we tried our best" kinda deal.
  10. Did a hear a f***ing "he gone" out of that jackass when Davis went down? :puke
  11. Apparently the Braves felt he could be an impact catcher or they wouldn't have traded Millwood for him. I have a buddy who's a big Braves fan. He couldn't wait to see Estrada with the big club this year. Drafted him in our fantasy league with a mid round pick.
  12. See, that's what bugs me. I don't like the idea of trading away components of a currently winning team. Kong has been an important part of our winning ways and it would kill me to see him leave, Varitek or no Varitek.
  13. Varitek is a FA at the end of the year. Boston has got to realize, being 8.5 back of a stacked Yankees squad, that they aren't going to win that division. At the same time though, they're still alive in the wild card race. I'd love to have Varitek in this lineup.
  14. http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/NAS...s_cws&fext=.jsp Guillen's reaction, definitely stern to say the least.
  15. Yeah, I don't think that he'd be a big free agency player, Borass or no Borass. Apparently he passed up quite a bit more money in Japan to get a chance in MLB. That alone tells me that he's one those rare players who place money second behind happiness. I think Shingo is happy in Chicago and can't imagine why he'd want to leave.
  16. ====> Me after the Sox win the WS with that roster
  17. Well, it's a salary swap this year with ATL having Jones and Maggs off the books next year. One article stated that ATL planned on cutting that $20M over a couple of years, not necessarily immediately. I could see ATL turning around and trading Maggs after they acquire him.
  18. That's the thing, he's young and cheap and their catcher of the future with this being his first full season. The guy is a stud. Highly touted prospect who, beside monetary demands, pushed Javey out of ATL. He's also performing this season with a good average, good D, and clutch already. I have absolutely no idea why they would want to dump Estrada. He's the Joe Mauer of the Braves org.
  19. That would be an absolute disaster. I remember one of the reports out of SF saying that he wouldn't watch film of upcoming opponents but would constantly be watching Twins games in the clubhouse. Hmmmm....would you want to hire a die hard twin fan to beat the twins??? no thanks.
  20. This deal (not the Marte part) in addition to the Garcia deal would absolutely solidify the Sox as a WS contender, IMO.
  21. As impressed as I would be if we schnagged him, there's no way. That'd be like us trading away MO for a rent-a-player
  22. So we gave up Mike Morse too???? What the f***??? So 1 stud prospect, 1 ML ready catcher with a high ceiling, and another midlevel prospect who appears to be breaking out for Freddy Garcia, potential ace or #2, and a AAAA catcher. We just got fleeced, long term deal with Garcia or not. How much loot are we getting???
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