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  1. Then how exactly does putting one in the ear hole of b****ass' batting helmet ensure a white sox loss???? You're seriously confusing me man.
  2. You still aren't grasping the concept apparently. Oh well. Would you mind explaining to me how the umps will justify tossing Big Fred without a warning and no other tightly pitched/hit batsmen???
  3. You must have gotten treated like a b**** a lot in school. This is major league baseball where teams cover one another's backs, not the f***ing schoolyard where "you're a bigger man for walking away".
  4. I don't see how Garcia could be ejected in the 2nd inning tomorrow by beaning b****ass. No warning will have been issued, no other hit batsmen, just a pitch that got away. Bonderman shouldn't have gotten tossed yesterday, the only reason he did was because of his pitch to Carl and the fact that Paulie had just homered, plus a young ignorant ump. b****ass will get his, he better have some extra padding in that f***ing helmet tomorrow. I think once the team gets to see a replay this evening or tomorrow they'll realize just how cheap of a shot that was. For those of you who are acting like this is no big deal, you're crazy. You know that Hawk reminds you every night about how long he's been in baseball. He knows the game. Did you happen to hear his "well I know what the hell i'd do" rant? I did. There's no question that retaliation is necessary and b****ass needs to be singled out.
  5. I got three physical stories from the unphysical game of golf: A couple years back I was golfing with my girlfriend's dad and a couple of his good friends. I was shooting my second shot on a par 5, 3 wood in hand. Swung the club and hit a screaming low shot. All of a sudden I see his buddy's cart come hauling ass across the fairway just in time to meet my golf ball. The ball hit the passenger on the thigh and he rolled out of the moving cart in pain. Luckily her dad thought it was funny. I was a freshman in high school and my grandparents had been trying to get me into golf. I'd been going with my grandma for a couple of weeks to play alongside her in her league, ya know, just kinda tagging along and playing out the holes. Well, one day I hit my ball onto a teebox and, being new to the game, thought I'd just take the cart right up onto the tee box to hit my next shot. Grandma, about 60yrs old at the time, yells to me not to drive on the box just as I'm approaching it. I quickly whip the wheel to the left to avoid the box....and there went grandma, tumbling out of the cart doing a beautiful 3-4 roll dismount before finally coming to a complete stop. I felt like such an ass. And finally, about 2 years ago my buddy Mike and I decide to go play a round. We got stuck with this old dude, had to have been pushing 70-75yrs old. Wore thick glasses and was really hard of hearing. There's this one par 3 that's WAY up on this hill, like a good 50-60 yds downhill. The old guy hits his ball. We hit our balls. He takes off down the hill on the S shaped cart path engraved in the trees. I forgot my head cover so had to run back onto the tee box then returned to make our way down the hill. Mike is driving the cart and decided to be "funny" and take one of the 180 degree turns on the path a little quick. The cart tips my way. I try to put my foot down but the momentum was too much. I looked beside me and saw nothing but woods on the steep hill. I use my right foot to try to push myself out of the way, no luck. The cart crashes over and luckily only skids a few feet. Clubs everywhere. Beers everywhere. Balls rolling down the hill. My f***ing right foot golf shoe buckled from the pressure in the arch and I had shred marks on the right side of my shirt, as well as plenty of scratches on my arm. Mike pretty much comes out unscathed. So we flip the cart back over, toss everything back in, and head down to the green. We were kinda worried that the old guy might say something to the pro shop so we didn't want to let him in on what had happened. The old man asked where we went and we fed him some bulls***. He bought it, apparently not noticing my beaten appearance and scratched up golf cart. Incidentally, Mike had taken over driving duties that day after I got us stuck in some mud on the 2nd hole. Mike and some other old guy pushed the cart out, but the old guy, who was pimping a nice white jacket, fell into the mud once the cart moved. Hilarious day.
  6. Is it still an "all or nothing" with our two best hitters possibly out for the season? Is it still worth mortgaging the future? I'm not so sure it is. I'm confident we can still win this division but, even with frank and maggs, our chances at getting past NY or OAK was anything but definite. With the loss of those two I'm not so sure I'm all for trading the farm for a shot this season. BTW, I'm a guy who wholeheartedly believes in trading prospects, no matter how highly regarded, for proven talent. It's just that you have to take calculated risks, and the risk just got a lot higher with yesterday's news.
  7. Who needs Maggs and Big Frank anyway? Good win but ELo still looked horrid.
  8. Exactly. True team player, something that seems to be a rarity anymore. Seems that everytime ARow gets consistent playing time he ends up hitting well, except for last spring coming off the motorcycle accident. He rocks!
  9. As a matter of fact, yes.... http://www.suntimes.com/output/mariotti/cst-spt-jay21.html
  10. Sorry to hear you're a Colts fan. Titans fan here. Listen man, what happened what that Reese told EG back in FEB that either he takes a paycut, app. $1.5M/yr, or he was gone. He told EG that the Titans could no longer afford financially or competitively to feature a RB who barely averages 3yds per carry. George initially agreed to the cut and then at the last minute "changed his mind" which put the Titans in one hell of a bind. Since then the Titans have NEVER changed their offer and are INTENTIONALLY dragging this out with George to f*** him over, being he tried to f*** over the Titans front office. Chris Brown is an upgrade over Eddie. I'm excited about our chances of taking the South back this year. Should be an exciting season in one of the best divisions in all of football.
  11. Awesome piece. I really like getting the opportunity to read different takes from different fans who know their s***. Keep up the good work!!!
  12. In the 4th inning specifically he was consistently biting the outside corner, with the ball moving away from the hitter. Granted with the camera view from centerfield being a bit off center you can't tell 100% what's a strike and what isn't, but those were balls that are generally called strikes. Jon kept trying, hitting the exact spot, and none were called for strikes. He knew that he was being forced to pitch meatballs or walk guys. He was in a tough spot. I was getting pissed with the calls, I'm glad to see Jon feels the same, atleast it wasn't that I was just being a homer.
  13. I don't think Houston would be looking for much in return. It'd be a salary dump, we'd just have to outbid some other teams.
  14. Jose crushed that ball today. He had every right to watch it being there was absolutely no doubt that it was gone. I guarantee you that if Jose wasn't positive he wouldn't have watched, like Carlos consistently does. Atleast use a comparable example if you're going to criticize other people's opinions.
  15. Big Frank has 436 career HRs and still gets out of the batter's box after he hits the ball. I guess his depth perception just isn't as good as Carlos
  16. The first HR landed in the first or second row. That is far from a bomb and certainly worthy of running until he knew for sure. If the ball is close enough that the OF is squaring it up to have a go at it, like Winn was last night, he better be running. And it's not finding "something to complain about", it's got nothing to do with showboating (he earned the showboat on the second HR which was obviously gone as soon as he made contact), but it's got everything to do with heads up baseball and to give the impression that you're a team player.
  17. I'm with you guys. As many times as we've all said it before, I really think that Garland is starting to turn into the pitcher we'd all been told he could be. He's looked very impressive his last few outings, minus a couple of horrible innings.
  18. That dude is such a cock in the mouth. Anyone got a copy of the original post from over there or anything? The thread is closed.
  19. Ever since Gammons said we could win the WS we've lost. f*** Gammons.
  20. Since May 1st Neal has just been awful. Horrible. May finished with a 7.00ERA/1.67WHIP and Jun finished with an 8.68ERA/1.61WHIP. So far he's off to a 54.00ERA/9.00WHIP in July. I didn't get to watch the game last night due to some softball games. Got home, flipped over to sportsline before jumping in the shower, and see bases loaded/nobody out with Cotts on the mound in a 4-2 game. Why is Cotts, considering the way he's been pitching, in a 4-2 game in the top of the 9th? I don't get it. Especially after the 1st two men get on base. I think Neal will be an effective starter in a couple of seasons, it's obvious he's not cut out for the BP (BP as in bullpen, he is cut out for the other BP). Send him down to Charlotte to master the SP thing, he's doing us no good in Chicago.
  21. I doubt they'll be looking for major leaguers in return, unless it's Cotts.
  22. That's the worst part of E-Lo being an All Star this year, he'll probably feel it's justification for a fatter contract.
  23. I think it's time to platoon Willie and Joe. Uribe 3B, Val SS, Willie 2B vs. RHP and Crede 3B, Val SS, and Uribe 2B vs LHP. Joe is absolutely killing this team at the plate on a consistent basis. The problem was magnified this weekend with an already weak lineup due to NL rules/injury. There's got to be a point where ya say that you've given him enough time to come out of his slump. He showed signs the last couple of weeks but it appears he's slipping right back into that funk. You absolutely HAVE to put your best team on the field everyday and we're not doing that as long as Crede refuses to adjust his swing and approach at the plate.
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