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  1. Unfortunately I'm stuck at work and can't listen to all the post-debate commentators...but has anyone mentioned Kerry's nice timeline manipulation on the NKorean deal. He was talking about how a year ago, or whatever, we had cameras and press in the Pyongyang facility and now we don't have anyone there, inspectors have been kicked out. Fact is, the inspectors were kicked out under the Clinton administration and the cameras were allowed in a year ago to show off their new toys to the world to instill fear. I can't believe Bush didn't call him out.
  2. Kerry most definitely won, Bush looked extremely uncomfortable. I watched the O'Reilly/Bush interview and to compare that interview with his debate performance speaks volumes about GWB's personality. He IS NOT comfortable at formal speaking events. Tonight he stuttered, word crutches, lost track of his thoughts, gave away which questions he expected and which he didn't, it was an awful debate for Bush. In the O'Reilly interview, which was much less formal, Bush was outstanding. He confronted each of O'Reilly's questions and had intelligent, informed, decisive things to say. He came across as a man in control, tonight he did not. Those questions O'Reilly gave him were less softball questions than those that were given tonight. On the other hand, I've always felt that challengers tend to have an upper hand going into the debates. They've been pounding every issue, nearly every day for atleast 1 year. If you're not prepared with facts, buzz words and phrases, and not have your public speaking abilities at their pinnacle after spending over a year of your life practicing those things for over a year, you're horrible. The incumbent on the other hand actually has a job to do while preparing for the election and debates. Bush couldn't pull a Kerry and let down his constituents to pursue a larger personal goal. The one point I do give to Bush is when he cited several positive things about Kerry during the character question. He really reinforced the idea that this is not personal to him, it's pure politics. Kerry, on the other hand, stuttered horribly when trying to say nice sings in return.
  3. Did you happen to see a bit later in the broadcast where they showed the old lady holding up the "steve stone for manager" sign? I thought that was a pretty ballsy thing for the director to flash on the screen, considering Stone pointed out two horrible management decisions in the deciding 1/2 inning. :fthecubs
  4. mmmmmbeeer

    Some funnies..

    Why do women have such small feet? --So they can stand closer to the kitchen sink
  5. That's an incredible story. Never heard of anything like it. Kudos to those who caught the hint.
  6. his english has really come a long way
  7. So true, everyone likes to cite this season when Peapod and Uribe were both hitting well. Hell, even back when Lofton was with us, he started the season on a tear and we were scoring a ton of runs. If we can just get a solid leadoff man, with ARow batting 2 spot, we're set.
  8. Considering all the s*** that has been dribbling out of OG's mouth about Willie, I think it's pretty evident he's trying to sell himself off as solid potential. Nothing wrong with that. I'd much rather here him admit to not living up to his potential than to hear him say that he's had a great year. If he'd said he's had a great year, well, he doesn't have a job after this year if those numbers are the best he can do.
  9. I agree. He came up clutch last night too, and almost twice clutch but hit the pitcher on that line SHOT up the middle. I like what I've seen the last couple of days.
  10. 29-31. that's absolutely horrible.
  11. http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14796&st=0 There's one of the prediction threads
  12. From what I remember most on this board weren't expecting much out of this team. I think their record is pretty close to being in line with what a majority of folks thought it would be. We'd lost Gordon, Colon, Everett, etc... and didn't get anyone to fill in the spaces, which led to low expectations. I wish I were more proficient at the search function on here, I'd go dig up the prediction thread.
  13. Hunter punked us. Garcia hits hunter and punks him. Hunter hits an RBI double and talks s***, thus punking us back. A little kid misbehaves. Parent punishes the kid. The little kid misbehaves again. There's no question that the Sox need to continuously plunk Hunter until he learns his f***ing lesson.
  14. That's the thing...don't the majority of our strengths in the minor league system reside at the lower levels? Wouldn't those players at the lower levels be more closely associated to the KW era than the Scheuler era and, conversely, the lack of talent at the higher levels be more closely associated with the Scheuler era than the KW era? I personally like what KW has done. Sure he's trading away "prospects", but they aren't his prospects. He wasn't the one incessantly overhyping our farm system. Perhaps he's trying his best to unload all the crap that was handed over to him, I mean, that's what strong talent evaluators do, is it not? Incidentally, my favorite move this season that REALLY shows me that KW knows talent, is picking up Timo Perez. This little scraggly, poor hitting, part-time playing, hot dog defender has one of the best arms around and IS THE BEST CLUTCH HITTER IN BASEBALL. The guy hits under .200...unless there are men in scoring position, then he hits a measley .400+. Now THAT'S a guy who is a sound bench player and a solid contributor, and certainly one helluva pickup.
  15. Glad I was stuck with CIRCLEjerkME Bert on extra innings last night. You wanna talk about annoying broadcasters.......
  16. I want Odalis first and foremost. I think he'd be an excellent fit on this team. He's pitching extremely well this season and has done so in the past. He's a competitor, would fit well with the Ozzman.
  17. I always had hope for Garland. I lost it while watching the Montreal game earlier this year when he had the no-hitter going. He started the inning with a perfect game, i think it was the 5th or 6th inning, and walked the first batter. He then walked the next 2 batters. He wouldn't f***ing throw the ball over the plate. He refused to give up that hit that would break up the no-no. That was the most SELFISH pitching performance I think I've ever witnessed. I was thoroughly disgusted. And then as the season progresses we get s*** talking about the umps, about the fans, etc. The guy is a headcase. He needs to go while we can get something decent for him.
  18. but isn't someone who suggests rey ordonez would be a good signing indeed a f***ing idiot? I do agree that the threads that go on for pages that contain nothing but childish bickering need to be addressed, and it certainly sounds like you guys have identified that issue. On the other hand, there are plenty of instances on this board where people need to be told they're a dumbass. I mean it's an internet site, a message board, how hurt can someone's feelings truly get from an online insult? I don't know, I guess I just find it odd that an obscenity-laced tirade about Joe Crede or Mike Jackson is just fine and dandy but calling another poster an idiot is unacceptable. I think most people would agree that obscenity-laced tirades are not only more vulgar, but much more inappropriate in a forum where there are no age restrictions. But of course, I'm not responsible for maintaining the atmosphere on this board, so you guys probably know best.
  19. man if that ain't the truth....
  20. I thought it was Delgado who turned down a deal to the southside? If Kendall or Walker turned down a deal then that makes 2 deals vetoed by players.
  21. I don't get to see much minor league action so I can't comment too much on Sweeney. But from what I've read and the little bit I've seen, Sweeney could be huge someday. He handled ML pitching in ST, granted it was ST but he handled it better than ole Jeremy Reed. He's done well at each level he's played at. So we trade him away for what? I understand that Floyd is a bat that we need, but does he do anything beside giving us a slightly better shot at the AL Central crown? This team isn't going to go any further than that, Floyd or no Floyd, without Maggs and Big Frank we aren't a WS caliber team IMO. I'm all about prospects for proven talent, but only if the proven talent will help you achieve big things. I don't see that as the case here. As far as Floyd himself, yeah, I like the pickup. He is an aging gamer that could provide some more LH pop in the heart of our order. Decent OBP and should hit very well at the Cell. Anyone know his contract status? I don't know, it's not a horrible deal but I don't like gambling the future on this 2004 White Sox team. As much as I hate to say it, I'd rather make the WS push next year when we hopefully have health on our side. The core of this team, with the possible exception of Maggs, will still be here next season.
  22. Hell no....cliff floyd for ryan sweeney???? man, not good.
  23. Well, atleast we won't have to wait 3 weeks to see if this comes to fruition. 52.5 more hours until the deadline.
  24. No errors in 126 innings, caught 6 of 11 base stealers, and a .327AVG/.769OPS/8RBI in 55 ABs. Not too shabby for a guy that we all thought to be a career minor leaguer.
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