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  1. QUOTE(Gene Honda Civic @ Jan 24, 2005 -> 09:24 PM) This is the Kool-aid I was talkin about 28 HR????? The only reason I went that high is due to what I've read about the park he played in in Japan. I don't think 28 is too far off the mark, depending on what kind of playing time he gets. Would you have predicted last winter that Juan Uribe, who never really had too much power in the past, would throw up 23 dingers last season?
  2. same with chisox2334 who dug up the signing early this morning, long before any other site or chicago news outlet had news of the signing.
  3. good good good....i'm so anxious for this season to begin, i think this is the year we finally get a division crown
  4. QUOTE(JoshPR @ Jan 22, 2005 -> 02:08 AM) That's Ozzie and Kenny s*** man, thought it was A-row...upon closer inspection you're definitely correct.
  5. Dye. I think he's going to have one hell of a season here at the Cell, finally healthy for 500+ABs. He will be a nice replacement for Maggs.
  6. QUOTE(GreatScott82 @ Jan 21, 2005 -> 08:36 PM) Nelson would be okay. But whats the latest with Urbina? When did Conan show A-Row and KW on his screen?
  7. Pay your portion of the bills...if you need a spot then you better pay me back in a timely fashion. stay outta my s***. keep the noise/company to a minimum if a roomate is in bed girlfriends, etc. need not be at my f***ing house 24/7, they've got their own place to live and it isn't at my place cleanliness I spent 6 1/2 years living with various roomates and I feel like I was pretty lucky for the most part, but I've had a small taste of all of the above. If any of those had gotten out of hand there would have been issues.
  8. QUOTE(quickman @ Jan 15, 2005 -> 01:17 AM) No your mixing up what was said. He said Iguchi wanted 3/21- we offered 2/4 then igunchi came down to 2 or 3/ 5 million per year. We apparently didn't move off our offer, according to levine. But he will be the last to know. ahh, ok, well in that case it's probably best to stand firm with our offer, perhaps go as high as $3M/year, but no more than that for a guy who's never played a day of MLB.
  9. QUOTE(chisox2334 @ Jan 15, 2005 -> 01:13 AM) bruce hearing iguchi wants 3 yrs 5-6 millon. Sox from him not backing down from orginal offer. That's about $2M a year, I thought that's what we wanted to pay him?
  10. Well, we ALMOST filled every hole, still an effective offseason. Who knows, maybe Willie will really step up this season.
  11. Dude, wait for them to walk away and then send emails to several groups you work with with plenty of embarrassing references. Here's one that I sent from this one guy's workstation. He had just bought a new boat so I thought he should let everyone know about it..aaron and chris are a couple of other dudes we work with. Hey all, I've got a new boat. I call it "The Love Boat". Last week I went to the pier shop and had the name applied in big pink letters. It's really pretty. I even got the glow in the dark pink so that everyone knows that The Love Boat is coming at night. I've started to tear out the current blue and black interior and replace it with mauve and violet. It's going to be really pretty. Last weekend Aaron, Chris, and I took the boat out on it's maiden voyage. We woke up on Sunday and all rolled out of bed. Celeste slept on the couch so that we could snuggle through the night in anticipation of the big lake trip. It was about 6:30am when Aaron's morning wood poked me in my back and woke me up. I schlobbed his knob real quick and then we got up and made blueberry muffins from scratch. They were really good. Chris was sleeping so hard that we let him sleep through breakfast. We woke him up after we ate and he was upset. He wanted to mix the muffin batter. Oh well. Today wasn't a day to get upset about little things. I mean, if it were Chris he would be mad all day for my little penis. HAHA, that was funny. So we all threw on our speedos and flip flops and jumped in the Durango. It's been since last summer that I've seen Chris in his speedos. He's got a purple pair with white flowers. Almost like a Hawaiin style. They fit him soooo well. The way they hug his sexy buns is enough to make me want to bend him over the hood of the durango before we even left the house. So I was able to keep my composure and jumped into the driver's seat. We finally got out to the lake and dropped the boat in the water. The Love Boat started up first try. He purred like a kitten. I was high on life!!! My new boat, my two lovers, and a beautiful day. We headed out toward Houseboat Island. This is the place where you are sure to find some hotties when it's nice out. There was this one hottie wearing this skimpy swimsuit. I about pulled over and asked him if he wanted a "ride", but the guys were giving me dirty looks. They wanted us to be able to enjoy this trip uninterrupted. We parked the boat on the island and drank some wine coolers and sunbathed. Chris got really burnt. I saw the burn starting so I started lathering him in sunscreen. Then Aaron started lathering me. Chris started lathering Aaron. It's times like these that make me love the lake. It was a beautiful moment. I was so caught up in the moment that I schlobbed both their knobs. We jumped back in the boat and drove around for a bit. Aaron was sitting up front and between the way his titties were jiggling and sun reflecting off of that neck tattoo, I didn't care if we ever stopped. Eventually we had to though. We headed back into the dock and pulled the boat out. I showed Chris my fruitbasket when I was bent over to hook the boat to the hitch. He liked that. We all jumped back in the Durango. It was time to head (more ways than one) home. Overall I am very happy with my boat. I think that we broke him in propah like. I would like to extend an invitation to any of you to join us. We usually head (haha, i said it again!!!) out every weekend. We're hoping to do a lot of camping too. I'm hoping that Greg and Jack can join us for the camping. They have fun camping trips. Well, have a good day and I love you all!!! XOXOXO, Mike Howard
  12. QUOTE(winodj @ Jan 12, 2005 -> 10:50 PM) I just got the six speaker surround system from Altec Lansing, and I love the clean crisp sound it gives me. They're cheap too, only about 100 bucks at the City of Circuits. The Creative THX system is the suck btw, and overpriced at 300. Yeah, I just got some Altec Lansing speakers for Christmas, just two speakers and sub, and the s*** sounds badass. The limit on the gift was 50 bones, so they probably cost about that much.
  13. I think I remember reading that he doesn't start swinging at the ball until it's like 20 feet from the plate, which means he has much more time to decide whether he's going to swing or not. The guy is unbelievable..even though I can't stand him.
  14. QUOTE(WilliamTell @ Jan 12, 2005 -> 01:52 AM) I don't care what they rate us to be honest. I know in the past we've been rated higher than the Twins in and the Twins have gone on to win the division. So maybe it'll happen for us. But this isn't a preseason power ranking, this is nothing more than ranking offseason moves, thus the Mets in the #1 slot. How can you rank 8th in offseason moves when your only move was to lose players?
  15. "Miller Brewing Co. President Norman Adami said, "The single biggest threat facing the American beer business today is the possibility that we will allow the American consumer to get bored with beer." I can't imagine how people could possibly get bored by piss water. I think you're absolutely right Jim, the better brews are probably doing very well, hopefully this will cause the s*** beermakers to start making better beers.
  16. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2005/writ...ex.html?cnn=yes Hot Stove rankings 8. Minnesota Twins -- The Twins have kept Brad Radke and Jacque Jones while allowing the easily replaceable Cristian Guzman to leave via free agency. Now they are trying to lock up Cy Young winner Johan Santana to a long-term contract. If they succeed, consider this offseason a wild success. Key additions: None 12. Chicago White Sox -- Now that the White Sox have brought in noted clubhouse cardplayer A.J. Pierzynski, does this mean the South Siders will be the team to beat in a Texas Hold 'Em tournament? Just watch out for the Matador. Key additions: C Pierzynski, RHP Orlando Hernandez, OF Scott Podsednik, OF Jermaine Dye Ummm, how in the hell do you have the 8th most effective offseason in MLB when you've done absolutely nothing but lose players? This entire list is a f***ing joke, but just figured I'd point out the joke most relevant to Sox fans.
  17. QUOTE(beck72 @ Jan 11, 2005 -> 03:07 PM) The Sox wouldn't and shouldn't give up Pods. They have two RH hitters in Rowand and Dye set for at least 2 yrs. They don't need another RH hitter, at the expense of Pods. Good point, hadn't thought of that.
  18. mmmmmbeeer


    QUOTE(FlaSoxxJim @ Jan 11, 2005 -> 12:18 PM) Cingratulations, Mr. Moore. Next stop, Oscars (Is the 15 second delay in effect for another fine acceptance speech?} Didn't he forfeit any opportunity to win an Oscar by releasing F911 early on DVD?
  19. QUOTE(YASNY @ Jan 11, 2005 -> 12:09 PM) I think the Byrnes/Garland for Vazquez+ is probably on the money, but the rest of it is a total speculation. We really have no clue who Beane would want. What if you were presented with the option of either Pods or Burns + Garland to get Vazquez, which goes? If AZ would take Pods, I'd be one happy camper.
  20. QUOTE(winodj @ Jan 10, 2005 -> 09:38 PM) Shouldn't capitalists believe that the market should determine the cost? After all, lawyers are just working hard to make theirs, why should anyone control that? That's the problem, they're using government money. If everyone came out of their own pockets prices would be much more reasonable.
  21. QUOTE(babybearhater @ Jan 10, 2005 -> 11:20 PM) Find me a long term deal with which the team was happy, or can can be called "safe". You could look at A-Rod as an example. He looks to be guaranteed to continue his dominance throughout his 10 year deal. Of course, that deal was for an absolutely exorbitant amount of money but he is upholding his end of the bargain with consistently strong performances. Texas' mistake on that deal was not the length of the contract, but rather the money involved. A-Rod, IMO, should be the highest paid player in baseball but not by $7M or so a year. Beltran is only signed for 7 years and appears to be just hitting his stride. His contract is extremely reasonable given the current market, much like Vlad's contract with ANA is very reasonable and the franchise should get a good return on their money. I think that teams signing younger position players to long term deals is a great strategy, it's just important to get the money right. I feel the Mets have done that about as well as ANA did with Vlad.
  22. QUOTE(Chisoxmatt @ Jan 10, 2005 -> 03:10 AM) Now im sure the mets will regret this when they are trying to get rid of Beltran's massive contract in 2 or 3 years. That Scott Boras is a monster! If there were ever a safe long term deal, this is it. Beltran should be a solid contributor to their team for the duration of his contract.
  23. Unless KW could acquire him to set up another deal, I don't see the need for Byrnes. I mean, I'd much rather have him than Timo on the bench, but I don't see Timo having any trade value, so he's pretty much stuck on the roster. Byrnes would no doubt be a great fit for this renovated team, just don't know where he'd fit in.
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