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  1. I hate when people abuse veto power.... that's an extremely fair deal.
  2. but I feel like this was probably one of the most balanced teams I've ever drafted. Anyone have any suggestions? 10 team roto -- 6x6 (standard 5x5 with the addition of OBP on offense and Losses for pitchers) C -- Piazza 1B -- Helton 2B -- Vidro 3B -- E. Chavez SS -- Jeter OF-- Ichiro OF -- Dunn OF -- V. Wells UTIL -- B Giles BN1 -- Iguchi BN2 -- Jurassic BN3 -- Cuddyer (qualifies for every position but C and P) BN4 -- Jeremy Reed (.300/25sb?/hitting 2nd behind ichiro) SP -- J Peavy SP -- J Beckett RP -- BJ Ryan RP -- L Hawkins (blew 9 saves last year and still had an era around 2.5) P -- Oliver Perez P -- R Halladay P -- B Looper BN1 -- J. Rincon
  3. so where's the little wolf smiley? ya know, the one with the wolf tearing away meat from a carcass while looking for more prey? i think this thread is proof that it'd be useful.
  4. per rotoworld... White Sox trainer Herm Schneider described Mark Buehrle's injury as a ''stress reaction'' but not a fracture. The left-hander still might be ready for Opening Day. A CT scan indicated Buehrle apparently irritated a previous foot injury he was unaware of. ''Considering I can stand and walk on it, it is 120 percent better. I couldn't do that yesterday,'' Buehrle said. ''I came in today and everything was fine. I couldn't even tell there was anything wrong with my foot.'' Buehrle will miss at least one start. The White Sox should have a better idea about his status later this week. Mar. 21 - 9:17 pm et
  5. I'd hang onto Borchard until he's out of options. As masked as it may be at this point in his career, the guy has hella potential to be a true force in this league. If all the talk about his work ethic are true then you've got to hold out hope that his hard work coupled with the display of patience by the Sox will both payoff big. I don't think his trade value, regardless of the trading partner, is going to get much lower than it is right now....good spring or no good spring.
  6. I hate to sound like an idiot, but what exactly are these players looking to gain immunity from? Is this implying that charges are going to be filed and punishments handed down? For what? As much as I really would love to hear some of these cheaters admit to their past indiscretions, I really don't agree with my tax money paying for an investigation. I don't understand the goal here.
  7. QUOTE(quickman @ Mar 15, 2005 -> 02:27 PM) This is the players union speaking. I have no doubt Frank wants to go, but the players union wants all the players to be unified. That's what unions do, one voice speaks for the players. if Frank jumps at the chance to go while the others are trying to decline Frank looks like he is not supporting the players. i am sure he will speak. Schilling is testifying without any complaints and he's obviously in the union. If Frank is worried about his ankle then his lawyers need to announce that that's his issue and he'll participate via conference call. The excuse given sounds like a horrible cop out IMO. Looks like Frank getting bad advice again.
  8. QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Mar 13, 2005 -> 04:22 PM) I have my big nightmare story with NWA as well. I will never ever fly them again. same here
  9. I thought it was a fair analysis. Rosenthal talked about how deep and strong our pitching staff is, touched on AJ pointing out that Contreras has the best stuff on the staff, just a matter of harnessing that stuff. Spoke on the loss of power, though didn't necessarily knock it. MB also touched on the loss of power, made the comment about him being here for 4 years and only going to the playoffs once with power, time for a change. I wouldn't say it was nearly as negative of coverage as some are making it out to be.
  10. What % had Iguchi been stealing at in Japan?
  11. QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Mar 9, 2005 -> 01:02 PM) It looks like the Sox may carry 12 pitchers now. Walker, Cotts and Adkins are probably fighting for those 2 open spots in the pen. I know it's been mentioned on here by several other folks, but I REALLY hope that those two spots go to Walker and Adkins with Cottsy working as a SP in Charlotte.
  12. QUOTE(winodj @ Mar 4, 2005 -> 06:50 PM) She was sent to jail for a questionable stock deal that made her 45,000 dollars. She was convicted on lesser charges related to a larger charge that didn't stick. It seems odd to me that someone could or should be convicted for charges directly related to charges that she has been cleared for. She was made an example of. I thought it was ridiculous when she went to jail and I still feel it's ridiculous now. We need to see the REAL corporate criminals in jail.
  13. I thought the place was literally falling apart, why the hell are they adding seats?
  14. QUOTE(ChiSoxyGirl @ Mar 1, 2005 -> 03:05 AM) You graduate from OHS? Yeah, class of '94...my brother graduated in '98 and my sis would have graduated in '99; Eric, Tim, and Sarah Carlson. Are you an OHS alumn?
  15. http://www.homefair.com/homefair/calc/salcalc.html see how your salary translates from one location to another. I live in Tulsa these days but would need to make nearly 50% more per year to live the same lifestyle in my hometown of Oswego. Obviously jobs tend to pay more to compensate for the differences, so when a Chicagoan says he makes $90K/yr it may sound like a s***load but it's really not all it's cracked up to be. I really don't like the job I'm currently in but I'm living comfortably and have learned to just realize that work is work, not life, it's nothing more than a means to pay for my real life which most definitely takes place outside of work. Companies/employers only hired you for their own gains, you've got to keep it even and only agree to work for your personal gains, don't allow yourself to get attached to a f***ing job.
  16. QUOTE(AddisonStSox @ Feb 14, 2005 -> 05:38 PM) He asked for Roy Halladay money and he nearly got it. After winning the Cy Young, Halladay signed to a four year, $42M deal. Santan signs for four years, $40M. Its not a good deal. Its not a bad deal. Its a fair deal and the Twins paid market value. Santana has been dominant since 2002, it's not like he just suddenly broke out last season. It's debatable that he should have been a regular starter beginning that season. The market is paying guys with career mediocrity around $9M/yr, there's no way Santana got fair market value. I'd bet NY, BOS, ANA or any other team with $ would have paid him 3/40 this season, which means if he'd held on for FA he could have gotten more. From watching him pitch, which we have had to endure too much as white sox fans, there's no question the guy is an absolute stud and I didn't see anything that will make that change in the next couple of years. Nice to see a bit of loyalty to a small market team.
  17. That's an excellent price for the Twinks considering this market. I have that much more respect for Santana.
  18. QUOTE(upnorthsox @ Feb 8, 2005 -> 04:54 PM) Sox OBP and Runs by position 2004: C - .316 - 74 1B - .368 - 89 2B - .324 - 102 3B - .296 - 77 SS - .303 - 98 LF - .358 - 104 CF - .345 - 111 RF - .315 - 84 DH - .367 - 93 Total runs 832 Projected 2005 starters and their 2004 OBP and Runs C- AJ - .319 - 45 / Davis - .256 - 22 1B - Konerko - .359 - 84 2B - Iguchi - ? - ? 3B - Crede - .299 - 67 SS - Uribe - .327 - 82 LF - SPod - .313 - 85 CF - ARow - .361 - 94 RF - Dye - .329 - 87 DH - Carl - .319 - 29 / Frank - .434 - 53 Total runs 648 Given 3-5 runs for guys on off days minus C and DH which are already over AB's for a full season that's another 21-35 runs or 669 -683 runs. So for the Sox to equal last yrs runs Iguchi would need to score 149 -163 runs. I will eat my shoe if Pods doesn't score atleast 100 runs this season.
  19. I enjoyed the Bud Light parachute and the Ameriquest convenience store commercials. I hate those cellphone headsets, that's happened to me a couple of times where some fool will be talking on his headset, which i don't see, and i'd start to respond to something they say before I realize what was really happening.
  20. it's pretty much my favorite animal, bred for its skills in magic http://www.tigers-animal-actors.com/about/liger/liger.html
  21. Has there really been any local pub concerning a weak Sox offseason? Everything negative, or indifferent, article that I've read has been from a national source. If there's one thing I've learned from reading much of that crap is that they are far from specific. Many team details are lost being they don't eat and breath chicago baseball. I'm no statistician like some of the guys on this board and certainly can't claim myself as being an expert, but I think our team has improved tremendously. Sure we've got a couple question marks (Pods, Iguchi, Frank's health, Crede, Uribe) but there aren't many teams that don't.
  22. "The venue, The Forum in Los Angeles, is owned by The Faithful Central Bible Church who decided to impose a ruling to BAN LAMB OF GOD from performing at their venue." ummmm, I hate religious fanatics as much as the next guy but they own the place. I hate when the whole free speech argument gets thrown around like a dirty whore, they own the motherf***er, they can tell whoever the f*** they want that they're not welcome in their arena.
  23. I'm really bothered by the fact that many people are against a salary cap due to an increase in owner profits. That's got to be the most absurd thing I've ever heard. These men are business men, capitalist hawks who saw the possibility of profits in baseball. They should be rewarded for their ventures, regardless of the amount. MLB, as much as I love it, WILL die without a salary cap in the next 15-20 years. Just as the pirates owner pointed out, owners of smaller market teams will no longer have any motivation to keep their franchises if they can't afford players and therefore can't keep attendance, thereby LOSING money. If and when a hard cap is put in place there will immediately be a media/public outlash concerning ticket and vendor prices. Those prices WILL drop once the owners aren't stretching themselves to make payroll. If they don't drop, I believe that baseball will struggle severely with attendance and the sport will die. There's a balance that will keep the game alive, and if I can figure that out, and I'm far from a businessman, I'm sure that these multi-millionaire owners can figure it out. An unruly players' union is ruining the game, I get frustrated when the blame gets pushed on the owners.
  24. QUOTE(qwerty @ Jan 25, 2005 -> 06:12 PM) Cheat already mentioned them in another thread but gathright, baldelli, crawford, lugo, cruz, alomar/huff. What numbers do you want? Those six are faster than the six you mentioned. Also dye and everett you are overating speed wise. Dye has slowed down significantly and everett is eh. Just waiting for some stat you can twist to make your point. Is the 2nd fastest team in MLB really that much worse? Hell, I'd take 4th fastest and be ecstatic about it.
  25. QUOTE(JUGGERNAUT @ Jan 25, 2005 -> 12:17 AM) The more I think about this he is tailor made for the Cub. He would be best buddies I imagine with Patterson. So are there any Cub players worth giving up Harris for? I've always like Farnsworth because he could throw 100 mph. We don't have any one like that right now. A lot of mid-90 guys but not the real heat. He could help Iguchi adjust to the high heat of MLB. He's a head case but I think Oz & Cooper can help him. In a heartbeat...
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