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  1. It really says something that people believe that Fox has a hidden agenda. How much more obvious could their bias be? So some dude from Fox admitted the slant and now the conspiracy comes crashing down. Whatever. I can't even stand FNC much anymore, blowhards like OReilly and Hannity really have a tendency to get on my nerves, and I'm fairly conservative. But the idea that they've been trying to mask their bias is a ridiculous idea. They can't get much more obvious. I didn't need a bureau chief to tell me so.
  2. What the f*** does Ozzie owe to some guy who announces for ESPN? He owes him nothing. Ozzie blew him off, same as I'd like this team as a whole to blow off the media throughout the remainder of this season. Media=Drama, Drama=Distractions, Distractions=Losses
  3. QUOTE(THEWOOD @ May 31, 2005 -> 03:38 AM) Does anyone know what the average sentence is for a battery charge? I was drunk at a bar in chicago and they made me leave and I got pissed and supposedly hit one of the bouncers. I was blacked out and dont remember any of it, all i know is that I got arrested and charged with battery. probably a year or two of probation. don't know for sure, but that'd be my guess.
  4. QUOTE(aboz56 @ May 30, 2005 -> 11:10 PM) All I can really say is that Joe Crede is flat out terrible. Someone please save us from this guy. Where was Ozuna in the 9th when we needed the sac bunt? I've never seen a guy in a sac situation not square up prior to the pitch. Did he think he was going to juke them?
  5. QUOTE(3E8 @ May 30, 2005 -> 11:06 PM) Why was Iguchi pinch hit for? obviously because of the shadows
  6. Easily one of the worst managed ballgames I've ever seen...and I only caught the 9th inning. I've never walked away from the TV that pissed off after a win. Just mistake after mistake after mistake. Oh well, a win is a win in the books. 34-17!!!
  7. QUOTE(DBAH0 @ May 30, 2005 -> 05:02 AM) It's 1 game. Texas probably would have killed any starting pitcher the way they are hitting at the moment. Definitely. Those guys are clicking on about 10 cylinders right now. Unreal, really. I think we just need to be thankful that the 2nd game was postponed. No team in baseball wants to play Texas right now.
  8. QUOTE(tempe85 @ May 24, 2005 -> 05:11 AM) Ervin Santana (who actually was named Johan Santana a couple years ago...but changed it so no one would be confused with the Twins' Santana) is one of the best minor league pitchers for the Angels (if not the best). The Angels are well known for their stacked minor league pitching staff, having already brought up pitchers like Donnelly, K-Rod, Scot Shields, Lackey, and Woods in only the past couple years. The guy that beat you today isn't the 13.50 ERA guy that everyone thought they were facing. This guy is really good, in a couple years he could be great. http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/...s_2004_parttwo/ This site listed him has the 20th best prospect in all of the minor leagues last year. Thanks for bringing this up. I happened to read about Ervin this morning on Rotoworld's waiver wire picks. Sounded like the guy had certainly earned some big time respect in the ml's.
  9. Never been to College Station but I have been to Athens, GA several times when I was living in GA. Dude, beautiful place. Athens is known as a music hotspot and you'll be surrounded by Georgia peaches (that's what they call the women, sweet as peaches). TX women are hot, but they haven't got s*** on GA women. Atlanta is only 45mins to an hour from Athens, not to mention you're within just a few hours of the Atlantic coast and less than 8 from the Gulf of Mexico. The weather isn't near as brutal as TX in the summer but just a bit cooler in the winter. So, educational value aside, IMO UGA is the school you should be checking out.
  10. QUOTE(letsgoarow @ May 21, 2005 -> 05:48 PM) listen to sox and roll definitely entertaining play by play. Here are the listen links. High speed: Dial up:
  11. It's pretty obvious that they want to get a pitcher up here that can hit better than El Duque
  12. I remember earlier this season catching a game against Cleveland on TV. Hawk was discussing what a badass hitting coach Eddie Murray is, calling him one of, if not the smartest hitter he's ever seen play. Hawk then told us about a conversation he had with Murray in '04 when Murray told Hawk that Indians hitters just weren't listening to him. Now Eddie Murray, as a hitter, was a whole lot better than Greg Walker. If Eddie Murray has a tough time getting through to young hitters (CLE is very young) then I can only imagine the difficulties Walk has getting through to some of our vets. I think Walk is the man for the job, just to hear him discuss his operation tells me that this guy has hit s*** together. Problem is that he can't make guys listen to him.
  13. He needs a day off. Gload is hurt so they're gonna have to stick JD or Carl in there to play 1st a day or two. I love paulie but really hope he's gone after this season. His inconsistency in the heart of the order is a killer.
  14. QUOTE(SoxFan101 @ May 15, 2005 -> 05:58 PM) Well its been cold for the whole series yesterday it was extremely windy so i think 37,000 on a real windy day is just fine, its time for people to figure we arent the cubs and arent going to sell out this early into the season unless we are facing the yanks, red sox, or cubs. Best starting record since the '84 Tigers...they shoulda sold out. As an out-of-town fan, I can't describe how frustrating it is NOT to be able to go to these games. The fact that there are millions of people up there who can drive an hour or two and be sitting inside the Cell watching an awesome team yet don't is f***ing frustrating. I'll finally get up there for the CLE series next month. Hopefully I'll be sitting in the midst of a sellout being the weather excuse will no longer be running rampant by that time. Incidentally, as I've said before, I'm not dogging folks on this board who live in Chicago. We're the diehards and I know that each of you gets to every game you can. Don't take my comments personally.
  15. QUOTE(Fotop @ May 15, 2005 -> 07:15 AM) $11 million contract means that there is no way in hell that Wood will close. It just a waste of cash. Combine that with having to pitch multiple days in a row, and I doubt Wood will be closing anytime soon. Who knows how Wood would respond to pitching nearly everyday...and to me, they're stuck because with his track record I don't think his arm could hold up. If I were the Cubs I'd hope and pray that he recovers from this, watch him very, very closely and then put him on strict pitch counts/off-day training when he comes back. If they want to get any return out of the money they invested in Wood, they should change the way they deal with him. But of course with Dusty at the helm I doubt you see this... Didn't they just take a HUGE hit just to get rid of Sosa? I don't think they have a problem with wasting money. A shame really, that franchise makes so much loot and can't win a f***ing thing. Good for us, but if I'm a sCrUB fan I'd just be bewildered.
  16. QUOTE(SoxFan101 @ May 15, 2005 -> 05:32 PM) he makes this article a day that attendence was 37,000 and the 2 games b4 that both close to 30,000..... Yeah maybe he was right before the baltimore series but fans obviously have been showing up now so the article is rather pointless. His point, and I'd have to agree, is that 30,000 is still 10K short of a sellout. A team with the best record in baseball, playing at home in a city of millions, should be selling out. Granted, I live in OK so I haven't been to a game yet so I usually try to stay out of these debates, but there's no question that there are plenty of people in Chicago to make up for my 2-3 tkts each night.
  17. 28 in Tulsa, OK. 1-18 spent in Oswego, IL 19-23 spent in Georgia (Macon and Marietta) 23-present spent in Tulsa
  18. QUOTE(Balta1701 @ May 10, 2005 -> 07:36 PM) When Frank Gets back, we're going to have the added luxury of another potential outfielder in Everett. I know people aren't high on Carl's defense, but Dye has already hurt us repeatedly this season with Errors. He can't be that much of a downgrade, especially given how poorly Dye is hitting right now. My advice is to not make any Rash moves and expect that we'll be able to fill holes even better when the big man returns. My advice on Anderson is to hold him at AAA until he's absolutely needed; either due to an injury or because 2006 has started. And I am ardently opposed to trading Anderson this year, as well as he is playing, no matter who we get back for him. I really, really, REALLY don't want to see Carl in RF. He is absolutely atrocious in the outfield these days. How can we say we're building around defense and pitching while having one of the absolute worst OFers in baseball playing RF? I don't want to see Anderson called up either. He's doing alright in AAA, not well enough to justify a starting spot on a team that is looking to win big this season. If Dye is still struggling at the break, KW will have to move outside the organization and bring someone in via trade. KW seems to be a pretty good judge of character, as are Ozzie and the various veterans on our team. I think that a solid acquisition can be made without disrupting the chemistry too much. We're winning. The record looks great. Personally, with our current offensive #s we will not beat the twins for the division crown. Our starters are going to come back to earth a bit, which we're already starting to see. I think we'll still have one of the best staffs in the ML, but the offense currently has too many holes, or just one if you wanna just say the middle of the order is a hole. We can't count on Frank coming back as a savior after witnessing his so-so return in 2003 (?) after a major injury. KW is not the type to sit around and think we're good enough, he's going to be looking to improve. I honestly believe, whether he's driven by arrogance or a true love for this franchise, Kenny wants to win more than any of us could possibly imagine. Bringing up Brian Anderson or platooning Crazy Carl and Timo Perez in RF does not pass as an improvement. I've got faith in Kenny to do what's necessary.
  19. from a rotoworld article: "Aaron Miles did hit a grand slam on Sunday, but he’s at .281/.289/.406 for the season. How he’s fooled a major league team to not only play him but to bat him at the top of the lineup is one of the bigger mysteries in baseball today." billy beane ain't got s*** on k-dub
  20. "Don't judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes. Like I told the media here, I can do what you do; you can't do what I do. I can go to school to be a journalist, writer, write a column, right? I can go to school to learn that, right? But you can't go to school to learn how to throw a 95-mph fastball.
  21. Our biggest enemy this season is going to be teams with good pitching. There aren't many teams in the AL that fit the bill. The Jays and O's may be able to hit like we could the last couple seasons, but they don't have the pitching to support them. Our staff should do a good job of keeping these guys at/under 4 runs a game. Against poor pitching we should be able to win. You've also got to keep who these teams have played in mind when evaluating their offenses. IMO, there isn't even a staff approaching mediocrity in the AL East; baltimore and toronto have been taking advantage of that fact. And, not to jinx us or anything, but come playoff time I'd gladly put MB, FG, and JG, with OH and JC coming out of the pen, against any staff in the AL and be confident we'd have the best playoff rotation, with Anaheim being the only team coming close.
  22. QUOTE(qwerty @ May 6, 2005 -> 04:40 AM) Just wait until the yankees when 15 out of 18 at some point this year. It is just bound to happen. Not unless they somehow pull 3 quality starters out of their ass.
  23. QUOTE(Tony82087 @ May 5, 2005 -> 11:21 PM) I just don't understand why people are SO concerned about the Sox getting respect. What does it matter? Why do some of you NEED of all people John Kruk and Harlod Renyonds to tell you that this team is good and legit. I can say with confidence that 95% of the Soxtalk population knows more or has seen more of the Sox than the BBTN crew has. I am really starting to believe Sox fans just dont know what to do when there team is winning. I guess there is always something to b**** about on the South Side. :headshake Please see Balta's post before you posted this. He's right. I mean, no s*** we all know more about the team than the BBTN crew. No s*** the members of this site go to every game that they can. Respect or no respect on ESPN, we're there for our beloved White Sox. The respect IS important to casual fans and the money is those fans' pockets has a direct impact on our maneuverability in payroll. There is a national stigma about this franchise that will never be broken without positive press. I don't know how you could act as if that stigma isn't something important for this team to lose when looking at the big picture. The threads do get tiresome but, personally, I can't deny that they are discussing an important issue.
  24. Frankly, I don't see the Boss dumping anyone unless they're still out of it at the deadline. He's not going to allow Cashman to give up a month or two into the season. The only guys I'd like to see the Sox get would be Matsui, Sheff, or Mariano. Mariano isn't going to get dealt. The other two we'd actually have a shot at and would each provide instant spark to this offense. Matsui would have minimal impact in the clubhouse considering his english, although I'd assume Zero and Gooch would respect Matsui greatly given his status in Japanese ball. Sheff, though certainly a source of controversy over the years, is still hitting like a champ and would be a HUGE upgrade over JD in RF. I think he'd fit in well on this team because of Ozzie Guillen and his intolerance for large egos (except for his own). Weren't they in ATL at the same time?
  25. Her writing ability isn't very good considering she writes for a major newspaper. This article seems like something out of a high school comp. class.
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