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  1. This forum has gone from a beacon of white Sox discussion to an absolute black hole. Lol lol best of luck.
  2. That also makes sense. It’s a really fine line with baseball. Reps are so-so important, but so is rest. It’s such a tough sport to manage.
  3. Anyways, bummed no Grandal for Toronto. I will be there. 2nd row behind Jays dugout.
  4. Not debating the strength of the depth. Questioning the strategy through which is was put together. The result has been great so I’m not whining. I’m hoping this season is a lesson about the value of depth and they don’t count on waiver wire gifts next year.
  5. That’s sports. I guess you could lump me in it now? I think Hahn and co. Do a great job. I think they could have built a better base against injury. It worked out great, but Billy the hitter and b-good were kind of gifted. That’s all. Credit for picking them up, but risky to bet on it.
  6. I think it’s fair to hold Rick Hahn to a higher standard than Soxtalk.com, yes.
  7. Until other teams released superior players, nick williams played LF. That was before Robert was hurt. Our top prospect had to become a LF on a dime. Just because it somehow worked out doesn’t mean that planning was A1
  8. Not sure if using the result the measure the process is the best approach, but nonetheless it has worked out. Counting on Billy Hamilton and Brian Goodwin being released and being contributors isn’t really something you can bank on. That’s more of a fringe competitor strategy. Counting on guys like Jake Burger is absurd. I’m not suggesting they don’t know what they’re doing, moreso that they have a tendency to act like second place teams instead of big boys.
  9. Bad at creating depth *in the off-season* Not suggesting they don’t deserve credit for in-season maneuvering, but there is a distinction between the two that I thought was clearly made.
  10. Farhan Zaidi (apologies bc I’m too lazy to check name spelling if I’m wrong) recently said the most overrated thing in terms of roster construction is the 26 man roster. He is 100% correct. Most teams never/rarely see this offseason primo roster actually come to fruition. as usual, the Sox were bad at creating solid depth in the off-season. To some credit and some luck, they managed piece things together.
  11. Active roster, as it currently stands, is pretty damn good in terms of available players. That excuse doesn’t really exist anymore. I’m ok with some tinkering/rest/experimenting, however. I think health should take precedence over anything else until October hits.
  12. Gotta throw your balls around sometimes too.
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