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  1. I’m trying to think back through my memories of when a game is rained out that the starting pitcher that was supposed to start the rainout doesn’t just start the next game and I can’t remember one. Was larussa really holding cease back for the O’s because he thought they are a better team than the royals even though the royals had just beaten the Sox 3 of 4? if that’s the case Tony is a bigger dope than I thought. You always try to win the game in front of you. And on top of that he pitches a guy with a bad leg who can’t get out of the first inning? there is no way this idiot gets to come back to manage next year.
  2. I’m not sure reinsdorf treats his employees poorly. I know a couple of people that worked with him in the Balcor days and they still talk to him and think he’s great. He’s just an old guy who owns the club and from time to time wants his way. one of his issue is being overly loyal. It almost killed the Bulls but he saw the light and green lighted an overhaul there. Hopefully he will green light an overhaul with the Sox.
  3. Hahn decision not to resign is at least because he lives in the village he grew up in ( Winnetka) and has a kid play on the new trier baseball team. Plus the fact that he might have other kids and a wife who doesn’t want to move. plus he may not be viewed by other teams as a top baseball guy. He might be looked at a guy with a lot of degrees that should be in another line of work. how did he even get hired by Sox? What was his first job with them?
  4. Yea but you don’t make up for poor clutch hitting by sending the slowest guy in the league home
  5. It’s just a matter of time for the Sox to make a boneheaded play and the tribe to take the lead
  6. Bennett serf was really good on “what’s my line”.
  7. Hate to jinx Martin but I’ve liked him this year. He throws 97 when he needs too and has movement on everything. It looks like he gives up home runs every so often but as long as he has a good Defence behind him and doesn’t walk guys he should be in good shape. He’s only had one bad inning this year on the Sox. id like to see Sosa play a lot to show his stuff. I’ve been done on Anderson this year and he started the year with about 7-8 errors right away and is essentially a singles hitter. In the minors roberts used to lead off with madrigal batting second and it was pretty deadly. Why not have Robert lead off and Tim bat second and Tim mostly slaps balls to RF. The lack of lineup thinking fromlarussa is amazing. This team is poorly designed and run by a guy from the 1980s. What a disappointment.
  8. The main problem is Larissa. Teams take on the personality of their manager. A guy like earl weaver or someone competitive would get entirely different results.
  9. Robert used to lead off in the minors. I’d move him to lead off and put Anderson batting second. Anderson leading off sucks
  10. The guy that put the late 50s and 60s teams ( not sure who the person was) together did well. As a little kid I remember great pitching, speed and really good defense. hahn is a complete lacky. People like him get the degrees they do because they can’t get anywhere in life without them even though the degrees do nothing to advance his skillset. I can’t just see white Sox management when they were thinking about hiring him. “ let’s see, he went to Michigan and the Ivy League and we don’t have a guy like that and everybody is getting one of those guys. Let’s hire him to help Kenny and give Kenny someone to blame all the terrible teams on”. lastly I coached hockey in Winnetka and about 5-6 years ago hahn had a kid on a team from another team. The kid wasn’t a bad goalie just small st that point. I met hahn a couple times and was not impressed. I see that now his kid plays on the new trier baseball team. Not sure he plays and pretty sure the new trier coach wouldn’t pick him for the team if he did t have some talent but it looked odd to me. hahn is living the dream, growing up in Winnetka, getting all these degrees that are meaningless for his profession and now living there. when he leaves the Sox he may get another job in baseball but I doubt he’d be hired by a top organization as a gm. Other than a couple trades and a few contracts he’s been a bust. And he certainly didn’t earn the right to rebuild the Sox.
  11. Eloy stands there and watches the ball roll by and then throws a three hopper into theinfield
  12. They just showed Tony dozing in the dugout. It’s not even the 7th inning yet
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