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White Sox Hitters Camp


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For a second I thought this was about White Sox kids camps; I have very fond memories of White Sox kid camps. I only attended one year when I was really young, and I vividly remember leaving thinking I was the next Frank Thomas - then as time went on I realized that the majority of the kids attending camp at that age had never really played the game and I had been doing private lessons for 1 year by that age. Still, looking back I put my odds on being a big leaguer based on those results at -1000; not every chalk cashes!

Instead we're talking about people with actual talent and skills in this thread working on their profession. I digress.

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1 hour ago, KnightsOnMintSt said:

Just saw on the White Sox Instagram that there is a hitters camp going on right now in AZ. Videos on Instagram showed Grandal and Mendick getting some work in the cage in.

I assume this is the same mini-camp they've been doing with their top prospects the past few years?  Not sure.  Still nice to see guys putting in work! 

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12 hours ago, SoxAce said:

I can't recall a Sox player being in any kind of camp this early. Not even Abreu is there THAT early. Grandal really works his ass off. Fantastic leader.

I could be wrong but I thought the camp was always this early, and veterans did show up. Theyll go home soon for another month off.

We usually get a complete list of names before hand though. Seems this one just popped up. Anyone got the list?

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