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Are we being too hard on Grif?


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On 3/31/2024 at 7:34 PM, sin city sox fan said:

Bevington was 10x the manager that Grifol is.....and that is no compliment.    I would take Carrot Top, Screech, or Pee Wee Herman over either of this imbecibles.  

Only Carrot Top is still available to manage the Sox.  The other two guys are deceased.

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The right combination of obsequiousness and PR speak that could be controlled/managed by the front office...and eventually dumped without any repercussions at some point down the line.

They probably didn't realize how unflappably elevated his self-esteem was, though.

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12 minutes ago, sin city sox fan said:

Dead guys could still manage better than Pedro

Eh, the previous manager was a dead guy and it wasn’t better.  I will call it a wash 

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