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2005? Better than 2004?


It is early in the off season, do you believe leaving spring training the 2005 White Sox will be a better team than the 2004?  

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  1. 1. It is early in the off season, do you believe leaving spring training the 2005 White Sox will be a better team than the 2004?

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    • No
    • Same

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today, i would say no.


going into last year i thought we had three solid starting pitchers (buehrle, loaiza, garland), then some questions marks. today i think we have three solid starting pitchers (buehrle, garcia, contreras) and some question marks.


going into last year i felt really good about our outfield. today i don't feel as confident knowing maggs won't be out there. i like the dye signing, but there is no combination of dye, gload, jurassic or timo that will equal the production a healthy maggs would have had.


going into last year i felt our infield was very solid. i presumed crede and harris would improve and valentin and uribe would be a nice platoon situation. today, i can't presume crede and harris will improve, and i have my reservations about uribe, although i do believe he will do the job.


i feel better today about our bullpen than i did last year. i really like the hermanson addition and i think marte will be better next year.


i feel about the same about our catcher situation. last year we went into the season with a young and talented catcher who'd yet to reach his potential. i think we'll have the same situation this year.


to recap: i feel our starting pitching is about the same, our relief pitching is better, our catching situation is the same and our outfield and infield aren't as good.


that's just today, though. i'm assuming there will be more roster tinkering before the season.

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Last season we started the season with Frank and Maggs healthy. Not so this season. Offensively, there's no way we're where we were at last spring. This is what really scares me about a deal to land another SP, we're going to lose another big bat, either CLee or Paulie. This is going to put a lot of pressure on whichever is left, along with Dye (will he stay healthy) and Rowand (was last season what we can now expect) to produce in the middle of that order. Granted, with a strong rotation and a much improved/more experienced pen, we can afford a bit less offense, but I'm not convinced that the improvements can counter the offensive losses.

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