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I've bothered the admin of another forum I post at that uses tapatalk, here's her answer to my cost/difficulty question:


there are no costs to the forum owners and it's very simple. In vbulletin, it requires direct access to the server to upload and unzip the code, and there's one edit to a template required.


I think it's about the same amount of effort to install it on a phpbb forum.


There are over 40,000 forums running tapatalk at last count. That's at least an indication that it's not particularly difficult to install.


They run vbulletin but I did check to make sure IP.Board is supported before asking.

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I can look into this but it might be a month or so. I'm really crunched for time.


Strange, if you wouldn't mind, see if you can read through the site for support on invision. I would imagine it's supported but if you can do some of the legwork so that I don't have to research it and just quickly read up on it, I can maybe get it done faster.

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I believe it does. The FAQ:


FAQ from Forum Owner:

Q: How much does it cost?


A: As a forum owner you are free to activate Tapatalk in your forum, and you are free to remove/deactivate it anytime you want to.


Q: Which forum system does it currently support?


A: Currently phpBB3 3.0.x, vBulletin 3.6.x/3.7.x/3.8.x/4.x, xenForo 1.0.X, Invision Power Board (IPB) 3.x, Simple Machine Forum (SMF) 1.1.11+/2.x, MyBB 1.4/1.6 and Kunena 1.5/1.6 are supported. You can also look for other forum system plugin developed by third party developers using Tapatalk API at our Developer Support forums


Q: I have multiple forums, Can I activate more than one forum?


A: Yes, you can and additional forums are free also.


Q: What's the point of this app if my members can access my site with mobile skin or Safari at no cost?


A: We received a lot of feedback from users that they want a dedicated app on their smartphone. Most users are contented with the mobile skin or a standard web browser but some of them would appreciate a full-on native app on their phone. For example Tapatalk app allows user to upload photo directly from their phone to your forum as an image attachment. We are also rolling out Push Notification support so it helps your members to stay in touch with your forums while on-the-go.


Some more screenshots of Tapatalk in action on different forums here:


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QUOTE (kapkomet @ Sep 20, 2011 -> 09:41 PM)
It's not - and to be honest, the biggest issue is not one person I know around here has time to reskin/recalibrate everything it would take to upgrade to 3.x. It take a lot of work, and I don't have the time nor the desire to go through a humongous upgrade.


The season is over, maybe we could get it gaged? We could be back up by spring training.

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QUOTE (MAX @ Oct 5, 2011 -> 01:31 AM)
I asked for it to be installed at another forum (a newer forum, not sox related) after reading this thread. I have to admit, its quite nice. Too bad.


I don't really bother checking Soxtalk from my phone because its a huge PITA compared to using tapatalk.

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