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    Job Thread

    As someone that has been on both sides of the fence (finance and accounting), 1) they are completely different things. 2) Accounting you can get away with not really knowing the business, as long as those debit and credits tie. 3) Depending on your history, you can get away with it by saying that the position wasn't represented fairly to you - but you really only get that card play once because if you start moving that several times, it can get ugly. Over 25 years now, I've had 9 different places of employment. Sometimes it's just hitting the right place at the right time. My current position is one of those situations.
  2. Oh we get a poster reputation score? LOL.
  3. It's amazing your sorry ass isn't around here except when we do a board upgrade.
  4. Since it's local to me and all, at least the Sox aren't the Texas Rangers. They are dreadful and have zero payroll flexibility. Texas will have a worse record then the Sox, IMO. Hahn has taken the Cubs/Astros model so it will be 2020 and they'll win 90+. This year? 60-100ish.
  5. This year's weather is insane. It'll be 95 on November 1, when game 7 of the World Series is going on, in some northern state.
  6. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Apr 6, 2018 -> 10:26 PM) Holy moly I'd never thought I'd see this from ss2k5 (Sanders is more of an old school New Deal welfare capitalism guy than straight up socialist, FWIW) Well, I'll agree with him. This from a guy who hasn't posted in the filibuster for 4 or 5 years.
  7. It's been some good times. At least I know Gage is alive still.
  8. You may not be able to reach the site sometimes. It's going to depend on where you access from. It takes 24-48 hours to totally stabilize. The intermittency is because you're accessing the site through a different route each time you log in and sometimes it hasn't totally propagated across all the name servers yet for different ISPs.
  9. QUOTE (Knuckles @ Oct 15, 2014 -> 10:11 PM) I live about 15 minutes from Dallas, maybe this is a stupid question but should I be worried? Um, no. Be prudent, not worried. I work with people that are in from all over the world this week, and I am going to Europe in a week in a half. You can't stop living. Just be aware of your surroundings, and be prepared that there's some sick folks who need help, not shunned, every step of the way. P.S. I work 2 minutes from DFW Airport. Big deal. I work with people who live near the neighborhoods effected. Big deal. Again, just be prudent and aware, not worried.
  10. Ptatc, not baseball related, but what in the world would cause tendinitis In your back? Specifically, sacroiliitis? I hadn't done anything abnormal at all, and preso, I couldn't hardly move. Since that's there, now all the muscles are knotted around it. Damn it's painful. Supposedly, after steroids to keep down the swelling it means I just have to exercise. I guess we'll see. Just wondered if you could tell me anything else...
  11. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jan 18, 2014 -> 03:15 PM) Enough with the money. If the White Sox sign Tanaka, they can afford him. For the love of God, why do people believe the White Sox when they tell you they break even every year? Then they say they are stretching their limits and increase payroll when attendance drops. Add guys during the season when they can't spend $1 when they only have $.50. Yet people buy it. When they signed Dunn and brought back Paulie and AJ, they asked JR where he was getting the money. You save a little here a little there was his reply. If they sign him to a big contract and pay the $20 million fee maybe, finally, everyone can see the line the team feeds you isn't true. I don't blame them. Fans wouldn't have a problem with the Sox being one of the most profitable teams in baseball if it ended like 2005 more often, but if they found out JR was savings millions upon millions for a rainy day and they play like 2013 there would be even fewer season ticketholders. LMAO. I could just cut and paste this for 10 years now and get all the same posts from you.
  12. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jan 3, 2014 -> 09:09 PM) Just like the modern financial industry!! (/rimshot) Something like that. I am living in the middle of that right now. But of course, I can't say much. Go figure. I think we can all agree that business in general is pretty messed up.
  13. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Jan 3, 2014 -> 07:14 AM) Your m2m post is at least three years overdue at this point I know. It's the joke that keeps on not giving.
  14. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 2, 2014 -> 08:17 PM) Add that to being able to telecommute... #middleclasslife I didn't realize that. Nice. I just moved offices for the 3rd time in the last 3 months. I'm putting the fire engine red Swingline stapler on the corner of my desk tomorrow to see how long it takes someone to bust out laughing.
  15. Hmm, a socio-economic reason for any business, and the dollars and sense, er cents, of it all. Social responsibility and the accounting therein is going to be interesting in the future - the accounting standards are trying to figure out a real way to do this. I could write quite a bit on this one, but much like the ... um, what the hell was that again, uh... oh yea, the crap I was supposed to type out two years ago about the whole reason behind fair market value and why the markets crashed, why would I start now with any kind of detailed post?
  16. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 2, 2014 -> 01:15 PM) I [heart] my new snowblower. I bet you do. I see the middle finger of God is about to strike you all looking at the radar.
  17. QUOTE (DukeNukeEm @ Nov 24, 2013 -> 07:53 PM) You seriously don't know what I'm going to say here? Really? Yea I'm not stupid, you know my reply and probably have some big "gotcha" planned that I'll weasel out of and eventually this back-and-forth runs put of gas. All the while you get more posts and more pages between the last reply of this thread and that initial post I made that has pretty obviously made you feel uncomfortable. "Answer this simple question", "I asked you to answer my question", "WHY WONT YOU ANSWER MY QUESTION WAHHH", that kind of talk is the hallmark of someone trying to come about on something previously brought up because it scares the crap out of them. You've deflected everything I've said that applies to you to other people or organizations. You want to be judged against them because you know you're a lot less fundamentally evil than Monsanto, Halliburton or Eli Lily. Congratulations, you are a lot less evil than they are. I don't think any single person save genocidal dictators is as evil as Big Pharma. You aren't off the hook though just exonerating yourself from that level of theft and murder those people engaging. But I pretty openly challenged you to provide an ethical rationale for your leeching the system, and by extension, other people. No response. My tone in that post was pleading, it was intentionally desperate for you to either prove you can justify your frivolous healthcare expenses passed on to the general healthy public or (highly unlikely) snap out of this free-money induced coma you're in. What's it going to be? You want to keep engaging me? You want to talk? Well, make it f***ing interesting! If the best you can do is "explain to me a society without regulati-- zzzzzzz" then I'm just going to flat ignore you. I think you just posted why I haven't posted here in nearly a year.
  18. I'm not sure I'd want to be anonymous. Most of the people here are great people.
  19. Was at the game. Darvish was leading in the first somehow, they killed everything off of him. Until D-Wise guessed right and cranked it into RF seats, they were otherwise awful against him. The bullpen, OMG what a mess. That middle relief you can drive a mack truck through. My kids were there, good time, my oldest just pats me after the Beltre jack that made it 10 to 4, "sorry dad, the Rangers just whooped you up". I had to laugh. Always a good time to get to the park!
  20. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Apr 28, 2013 -> 06:27 PM) If this team came out of spring training with the same level of focus and discipline they had last year they'd be over .500 right now despite all the injuries. (and...some of those injuries might well be a consequence of people not getting adequate work in the spring as well). Why don't they have the focus that they did last year? It took a year to lose the team (naysayers of Ventura?). Of course, when you look at the central, it's not like any of them are burning things up!
  21. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Mar 3, 2013 -> 06:07 PM) At a conference in Atlanta, researchers have announced that a 2.5 year old girl who was born with the AIDS virus appears to have been cured by a high dose of anti-Aids drugs. If the finding holds up, it would be the 2nd case of a person being cured of the AIDS virus. Wow. So I didn't read your article but I wonder if there's something else genetically that allowed her to fight it off? If so, this poor kid's going to have genetics testing for life.
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