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QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Apr 24, 2012 -> 01:57 PM)
I guess the question then is...do you think Jake Peavy can stay healthy enough to be worth $23 million over 2 years?



If he is pitching this well at the break, and somebody wants him, trade him.

I do love his style, though.

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QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Apr 24, 2012 -> 05:16 PM)
First off, I am a complete idiot for dividing the buyout in half. So basically it costs $10 million to pick Peavy up at the deadline. I agree that's probably too much money for a team to absorb at the deadline, especially with the luxury tax concerns affecting the big spenders.


I disagree about the likelihood of picking up Peavy's option if he pitches like an ace the rest of the way. Kenny traded away four prospects for an injured Peavy who had two years left at about $33 million on contract. He did this because he understands the significant value of an ace. To think KW wouldn't pay an additional $5 million to bring Peavy back, if coming off an ace-like season, seems crazy to me, especially since $4 million of that is a sunk cost.


If Jake has an ace-like season, someone would blow away the idea of a one year $9 million offer.

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