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  1. pcq

    Great game

    Sox will slug their way to the Series. Maybe they should waive home court advantage.
  2. One of those games where the ball moves a couple inches this way or that and the Sox scrape by with a win.
  3. Unless it's a one way to Cleveland I don't think this venture is worth it.
  4. Vince was a great pickup. Home for the fringe and injured.
  5. How many Kraft Singles = Six runs? Need my calculator.
  6. Gordon said they can see the pitcher's grip in the glove.
  7. This is a breakdown or fatigue issue not finesse or technique.
  8. Not worth it at this point. We have our established fourth and fifth stringers at SS.
  9. pcq

    08/17: Astros at Sox. 7:10, NBCSN

    Throw some strikes?
  10. pcq

    Leury to IL, Romy up

    Worthwhile discussion since none of them are superstars. First we need a steady glove. I hope we get to see Oscar next month. Sosa has kind of faltered.
  11. pcq

    Leury to IL, Romy up

    Romy has been here and won't crap his pants.
  12. pcq

    08/17: Astros at Sox. 7:10, NBCSN

    Sox have not had such a positive buzz since Tony got out on work release.
  13. pcq

    Are there any shortstops available?

    Yolmer knows the ropes here and would bat cleanup for Tony. Done.
  14. Too dangerous for Robert to play. Better rest him for spring training.
  15. If this is not the game of the century beisbol has no meaning.
  16. Agreed. People like to pile on for any supposed reason.
  17. pcq

    That's a Come Back White Sox Winner !!

  18. Astros were 61-4 when leading after 7.