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  1. Perfect Vision

    Trade Rumors Catch-all

    Before heaping too much praise on the Padres going for it, just remember that Preller has emptied his farm system and is "going for it" in a year where we know with certainty they will only be a wild card team, and with a high chance of being the road team in all the games of a best of 3 series.
  2. Perfect Vision

    TLR 2022 Thread

    So an employee who doesn't get his way should either resign or he's a "yes man"? I'm pretty sure Hahn isn't telling Jerry that TLR is doing a great job and was a great hire, which is, by definition, what a "yes man" is. The fact that Hahn doesn't have authority to hire/fire the team's manager is probably very frustrating to him, but not something to resign over.
  3. Perfect Vision

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Come on. Chances are pretty high that Hahn has told Reinsdorf that TLR isn't working out and the team would perform better if they went in a different direction, and Reinsdorf wouldn't allow TLR to be fired. That's not Hahn being a yes man or a coward. That's being an employee. What do you want Hahn to do? Resign? None of us would do that. The boss decides and you go back to work. Hahn might not like the decision but he's not going to resign over it and to insult him because of it is silly. The signings of Leury and Harrison, sure. But we all know TLR continuing to manage the Sox is out of his hands.
  4. Perfect Vision

    6/9 GT: LAD @ Sox 1:10pm (Cease vs. Anderson)

    Actually it's on Moncada, for being so terrible offensively that TLR had to put an admittedly inferior defender at 3B to get some offensive production from the position.
  5. Perfect Vision

    For us who are ignorant of the farm system

    He's doing well. Certainly could be in the 80-100 range of top prospects. Guys like that have a good chance to be solid average MLB players, like I said.
  6. Perfect Vision

    For us who are ignorant of the farm system

    Honestly, no one. It's a bad system. Montgomery and Colas have a chance to be average MLB regulars. But there are no potential stars here and the ceilings of pretty much all of these guys, other than Montgomery and Colas, is MLB middle reliever/bench player. It's not worth anyone's time following who might become the next Leury Garcia or Danny Mendick. Do something else.
  7. Perfect Vision

    Best Starting Rotation in MLB

    Brewers. Eric Lauer would be the Sox best starter, and he's the Brewers #4.
  8. It's supposed to be 42-43 for the whole game. That's not even that cold.
  9. Perfect Vision

    Ballpark prices

    It really sucks that prices are what they are today. And of course it hurts the kids the most. Adults will continue going to games because (1) they can more easily afford paying for just themselves, (2) they have fun tailgating and/or don't mind sticking to water during the game, and (3) the game itself is the focal point of the experience. For families with kids, it's totally different. A huge part of the experience for kids is eating hot dogs, drinking soda, having ice cream, picking something out in one of the gift shops, and the sights and sounds of the ballpark. The game is secondary to them. The increase in prices just means fewer families can afford to go and those who can will go less.
  10. I'm getting ready for the disappointment of Mendick at 3B and Burger on the bench.
  11. Perfect Vision

    4/12 Games

    They'll take their time with Montgomery. Anderson and Moncada aren't going anywhere until after the 2024 season at the earliest. No reason to rush him up to the big league team just to have him sit on the bench or play out of position. Could see him split 2022 between A/A+, but have a full season next year at AA, and another full season at AAA. And that's assuming he's doing well of course.
  12. Perfect Vision

    Micker Adolfo DFA'd

    And what exactly is Engel's trade value? I think you could get wildly divergent opinions on it.
  13. Perfect Vision

    MiLB 2022 Catch All thread

    I think very serious. The only viable path to future playing time with the Sox is if he can play a passable 2B. He's just not going to be taking any starts from Moncada, Vaughn, or Abreu (assuming the Sox extend him past this year to DH). And of course being more versatile would increase his trade value, if that's the way the Sox go. Personally, I really hope the Sox don't trade him and he can play an adequate 2B. And I'm weirdly optimistic he'll be able to do it. I mean, if Dan Uggla can stick at 2B, why can't Burger.
  14. Perfect Vision

    Kimbrel traded for AJ Pollock

    Andrew McCutchen, in his age 35 season, just took a 1 year/$8.5 mil deal. However Pollock performs, it's quite likely he'll exercise his player option.
  15. Perfect Vision

    Andrew Vaughn hurts hip pointer, out 1-2 weeks per White Sox

    If you haven't seen it, go on youtube and see if you can find Bo Jackson's interview where he described the injury and his conversations with doctors afterwards. Should put your concerns to rest. There is a 0% chance that Vaughn's injury is the same as that.