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  1. Perfect Vision

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    You're right about that, and it's fascinating to think how important these next 5 Giants games are to the reliever trade market. If Smith, Dyson, and Watson are no longer available, the ask for guys like Giles, Yates, and Vazquez will be enormous, and the Dodgers might be happy to deal with the White Sox if it's "only" going to cost Dustin May.
  2. Perfect Vision

    To Sell or Not to Sell?

    Giants are now only 2 games back of both wildcard spots. Looking more and more like they won't be trading either Will Smith or Sam Dyson. Will increase the value of Colome/Bummer. Depending on what the Pirates decide to do with Felipe Vazquez, Bummer could be the best lefty reliever on the trade market this year if Hahn decides to make him available. I'm not totally sold on trading him, but things may be falling into place where the Sox could receive huge value for him.
  3. Perfect Vision

    Gerrit Cole - The Rebuild’s Fulcrum

    I'd be surprised if he didn't get $200 million frankly. If Hahn and co. pursue Cole thinking they can get him for $150 mil, it's going to be Machado all over again.
  4. Perfect Vision

    7/20 Games

    He can really drop in that hook. Also, some great catching there from Skoug.
  5. Perfect Vision

    7/20 Games

    Could be Stiever's last game at A+. 40 dominant innings. 45 ks to 8 bbs. I would promote him now when he can still get 7-8 AA starts.
  6. Perfect Vision

    Midseason Top 30 at Baseball America

    I know a lot of people are down on Blake Rutherford, but I think he still has a good chance of making it as an average or better MLB player. He's trending towards a .280+ batting average on the season (which is pretty impressive considering his terrible first 2 months). He hit .293 last year. I know the power numbers are low, but there are plenty of examples of players hitting for a good average but low power in the minors, who develop power in their mid-20s (Michael Brantley and Scooter Gennett are a couple guys who come to mind).
  7. Perfect Vision

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Grisham has been as good or better than Luis Robert over the last month. MLB-ready, lefty bat, great on base skills, relatively low strikeouts, and good corner defense. Also, could be available with Yelich, Cain, and Braun/Gamel in the outfield through at least next year. I like him as a target in a Colome/Bummer deal if the Dodgers aren't willing to give up Dustin May.
  8. Perfect Vision

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    May just be posturing by the Pirates, but this looks like an apt place to put this tweet.
  9. Perfect Vision

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Colome alone won't, but would as a package with Bummer. I doubt Hand is traded with the Indians currently holding a wildcard spot. The Padres have said they would have to be "overwhelmed" to trade Yates. I doubt he's moved. And Vazquez is up in the air. There may not actually be that many good relievers available this year. Plus, Bummer would probably be the second best lefty on the market if he's made available, behind Will Smith, and may even be seen as more valuable than Smith give the years of control.
  10. Perfect Vision

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    The Dodgers have been to and lost the last two world series. They have the best team in baseball as of today. The pressure is on them to win it all this year. If they come calling about Colome and/or Bummer, Hahn needs to make them pay up. I would ask for no less than Dustin May. If they refuse and can find good upgrades elsewhere, then so be it. But this seems like a year that the Dodgers would be willing to overpay to get the bullpen help they need.
  11. Perfect Vision

    Eloy going on IL

    Look at the production the Sox have gotten from the DH spot over the last decade. It's atrocious. The Sox need to play a DH every game and it's pretty apparent that getting a good DH from the system or through free agency isn't as easy as some assume. It's not like the team has another great hitter who is important to the lineup and can't play a position (like an Edwin Encarnacion) that's forcing the Sox to play Eloy in LF. For god's sakes, Jon Jay and Jose Rondon have gotten DH starts with Eloy in LF. That makes no sense! The idea that the Sox would play Eloy in LF just to maximize his individual value is ludicrous and not how Renteria or anyone else should be managing the team.
  12. Perfect Vision

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    I don't think it's just fans. GMs and managers throughout baseball believe in lineup balance. I also don't think wanting the lineup to have at least 2 full time lefties in it is "extreme." I wouldn't turn down the chance to get a great hitter just because he's right-handed, but since the Sox will have a say in who that hitter is, I think they should focus on good left-handed hitters.
  13. Perfect Vision

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Continue the trend of trading relievers to the Brewers....Colome for Trent Grisham.
  14. Perfect Vision

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Yes. With Eloy in LF, having an average or better defensive RF should be a priority. I also think a left-handed bat is important there, given the every day lineup in 2021 and beyond right now is Moncada and all right-handed hitters. To me, that should rule out Castellanos, Puig, and Ozuna. I would rather that Leury be the everyday RF to start next year, and give Rutherford, Walker, and Basabe another year where hopefully one of them can break out and take that position.
  15. Perfect Vision

    Sox claim 1b A.J. Reed off waivers AND send him to majors

    https://mobile.twitter.com/jlazowski14/status/1150970641534857218 Hot take: Gavin Sheets becomes the primary DH for the Sox beginning June of next year. They want/need a lefty DH with the way the future lineup is figuring to take shape. Sheets makes good contact for a big man and has been hitting for more power. Last 40 games: .329/.395/.575.