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  1. Perfect Vision

    Arizona Fall League Participants

    Season kicks off tonight. Glendale plays at 7:30 pm CST.
  2. Perfect Vision

    2020 RF options

    Shaun Marcum had TJ in September, 2008. He pitched 195 innings for the Blue Jays in 2010. Stephen Strasburg had TJ in September, 2010. He pitched 159 innings for the Nationals in 2012. If the Sox front office believed Kopech was MLB-ready when they called him up, then he doesn't need to go back to the minors. He'd need a short minor-league rehab if he was coming back mid-season, but spring training will serve the same purpose in this case.
  3. Perfect Vision

    2020 RF options

    No reason right now to think that Kopech won't be in the opening day rotation. He'll work with the starters in spring training from day 1, build his arm strength back up just like them, and be good to go at the end of March.
  4. Perfect Vision

    JD Martinez

    Rental position players -- even great ones like Betts -- tend to not cost that much. The Dodgers acquired Manny Machado at the 2018 deadline for a package of players headlined by Yusniel Diaz, who I think was ranked somewhere in the 80s on top prospect lists at the time.
  5. Perfect Vision

    JD Martinez

    Part of the reason I like the idea of pursuing JDM and just trotting Leury out to RF every day next year (and hitting him 9th in the order) is that if the Sox are in contention at the deadline, they can attempt to trade for Betts at that point since I don't think the Red Sox will be competitive with how they figure to slash payroll. No way would it take Robert or Madrigal to get him as a rental. Then, after 2020, the Sox could decide if they want to make a big offer to Betts, or give RF to one of Walker/Basabe/Rutherford/Gonzalez if one of those guys has a big breakout year next year.
  6. Perfect Vision

    JD Martinez

    I think Boston wants him to opt out.
  7. Perfect Vision

    Official Game Thread Sox @ CLE - 09/04/19

    This is embarrasing for the organization.
  8. Perfect Vision

    Arizona Fall League Participants

    Looking forward to hearing reports on Sheets from the scouts and pro talent evaluators that go to the AFL.
  9. Perfect Vision

    The rumors were (partially) true: Collins to AAA

    My preference would be for McCann to be the primary catcher again next year and Collins the backup (catching 1 out of every 4 or 5 games), with Collins being the DH on days he's not catching, and McCann the DH when Collins is catching. That will give the coaches a full year to evaluate Collins defense and make a final determination on whether he can be a starting catcher. That will also likely take the Sox out of any Grandal pursuit. Since McCann is a near guarantee of being back next year, signing Grandal would essentially close the door on Collins ever being a catcher for the Sox, and I don't think they're ready to do that.
  10. Perfect Vision

    8/14 Games

    I don't have the time or inclination, but would be interesting to know the stats posted by Rutherford, Sheets, and Gonzalez when Robert and/or Madrigal were in the Barons lineup compared to when they weren't. Seems like they were all crap in April and May, caught fire in June and July when those two were around, and are crap again.
  11. Perfect Vision

    Why WAR is stupid for Closers, especially for Colome

    If I could only have access to two statistics -- one for position players and one for pitchers -- it would be OBP and WHIP. I think I could build a pretty good baseball team knowing just those two things. I do think we've taken new baseball statistics a bit too far in terms of their utility.
  12. Perfect Vision

    Rutherford vs. Walker

    I don't think Rutherford would lead the AZL in home runs, let alone the high A level. Going back to that level wouldn't suddenly make him superman.
  13. So that breaks 13 minutes before the trade deadline lol