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  1. elrockinMT

    Sox want Rodon back

    I would really like to see Rodin back with the Sox
  2. elrockinMT

    Thanks For 2021 Sox

    We had some really great times this season. J think 2022 is the year of the Sox. Our youngsters have gained much needed experience and we will be healthy and hungry
  3. elrockinMT

    ALDS Game 3 - HOU @ CWS - 7:07pm CDT

    We are all enamored with Kopech but he has given up as many runs in this game as Cease. TOO MANY WALKS
  4. We can still win this series. We just have to score more runs than Houston and you can take that to the bank
  5. That is a bit humorous to say the least especially when the TV announcers said that the Six were doing what the analytics told them to do. Obviously Houston made adjustments or our scouting and such was wrong
  6. Great performance by the bullpen. We have got some work ahead of us in Chicago
  7. Unbelievable offensive display. I do not want to be Captain Obvious here but these hitters need to step up now
  8. It was obvious from almost the start of this game who the enthusiasm to compete
  9. Perhaps we need to advise this rookie Lynn it’s not a good idea to walk the first batter. I guess it’s a good thing it’s three of of five. Tomorrow we start even 0-0
  10. Perhaps we need to advise this rookie Lynn it’s not a good idea to walk the first batter
  11. elrockinMT

    10/3 Tigers @ Sox 2:10PM CT

    It had to be unless he just has no idea about the Sox 83 game winning season
  12. I appreciate you sticking with me and the PTC. Hopefully we can get more folks to join in next year
  13. elrockinMT

    10/2 Tigers @ Sox 6:10PM CT

    Thus is no a must win game