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  1. Great outing for Lopez. Gio had a pretty good game yesterday. Great to see from our two youngsters
  2. elrockinMT

    Abreu- does he stay or go?

    Abreu stays and that’s that!
  3. Single A or not we have an encouraging outing by Carlos Rodon. 5 inning with 3 hits allowed and 1?run. No walks and 6 k’s
  4. elrockinMT

    Fulmer sent to Charlotte

    Sometimes a wake up call is what a young player needs to get back on track
  5. I know some have their criticism of the two but I certainly enjoy their broadcasts
  6. If we could turn back time and Volstad’s one bad pitch
  7. The kid hasn’t even pitched a full season at the MLB level and neither has Giolito or Lopez. It is an oddity when a pitcher debuts as an ace. Experience is what they are getting. These results should have been expected. It’s no fun losing but the future looks good. Now it’s possible Fulmer does end up as a relief pitcher and I seem to remember that being floated as possible. Time will tell
  8. It’s early yet. Fulmer is still learning on a rebuilding team in a throwaway season. I predict he will be a winner