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  1. elrockinMT

    So is no one falling on the sword for 2018?

    I had to think about this topic for a bit. I am not sure anyone had to fall on the sword for the team record. After all we were warned that it would not be pretty in 2018
  2. elrockinMT

    Moncada ADD

    Good point
  3. elrockinMT

    Moncada ADD

    Protein especially at breakfast. I attended a conference where an expert in the field of ADD and ADHD reported on the medical studies. There were other things also
  4. elrockinMT

    Sonny Gray

    Let’s not get into this idea again of trading our prospects for a player on the downside of his career
  5. elrockinMT

    Moncada ADD

    You can treat adult ADD with medication or diet changes
  6. elrockinMT

    Jason Benetti

    The wife and I really enjoy listening to Jason and Stone Pony
  7. elrockinMT

    Garneau removed from 40 man roster

    They brought him up to release him? I think he was added just yesterday
  8. elrockinMT

    Game 162

    The offense is trying to make a run at the win
  9. elrockinMT

    Game 162

    All I want to know is What Happened ?
  10. elrockinMT

    Game 162

    Let’s strive mightily to win this game and avoid 100 loses for the season
  11. End of the regular season. Really want a win
  12. elrockinMT

    9/29/18 White Sox @ Twins

    He will be a major part of the rotation moving ahead . My concern is if he is injured
  13. elrockinMT

    9/29/18 White Sox @ Twins

    Hahn said in an interview that he was pleased with the coaching staff
  14. elrockinMT

    9/29/18 White Sox @ Twins

    This is not the way I wanted the season to end. Very frustrating