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  1. scotty22hotty

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    blow it out your ass. The Dems focused all of their energy on the impeachment farse for ALL of January and first week of Feb while the country could've been focused on this Chinese contravirus. Instead they called him racist for his Jan 31 ban on China and possibly avoiding a Europe-like meltdown. Thankfully JB is manning up as a gov and taking initiative instead of spending his entire time blaming Trump. Believe it or not but Trump is not a dictator... It's the states role to lead the charge over it's population. Why didn't any states act when Trump closed travel from China? ...oh right, hindsight is 20/20 Time for all of us to start living in the now that's grounded in reality instead of blaming others.
  2. an elite pure 2b prospect with no power is hard to project in today's age... he's essentially Willie Randolph 2.0 but I'd say best comparison in FA $ is Dee Gordon's 5/50 contract in 2016
  3. scotty22hotty

    Yolmer left his heart in SF

    Sox FO should be ashamed of themselves. Goldglover was in the org for 10 years and has to settle for a minor league deal... I guess Abreu didnt like him 🤣 "Turned down major-league offers for chance to be everyday starter at second base." ok sure
  4. scotty22hotty

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

    you cant throw out claims in a false virtue signal on a baseball message board and just assume people will accept your claims of schilling trying to incite violence. I on the other hand can call you brainwashed because I have proof based on the fact you think having American first opinions makes someone morally inferior to someone else. why do you care how rhode island spends its money? well deserved
  5. scotty22hotty

    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    wouldn't want this crybaby on my team. Dude signed a 250M contract and is talking about how he feels disrespected. what a clown.
  6. scotty22hotty

    McDowell says White Sox/Larussa Cheated

    lmao what a salty b****
  7. scotty22hotty

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    Trading 6 years of collins when mccann is a FA next year is a tatis tier move. a 2 fWAR starting catcher should yield a RP better than the scraps that were available this offseason. (see Tampa)
  8. scotty22hotty

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    Hopefully he signs 2yr+ with Miami so we can all forget this. But if he signs for around 1/$8m its going to be hard to explain why they went with a $6m Mazara. seeing as how both are projected to be our 9th best hitter... its hard to get upset about the lack of interest.
  9. scotty22hotty

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    when Mazara was acquired I doubt they knew the OF market would turn out so weak. Looking back I doubt they'd redo the Mazara (due ~$5.7m in 2020) trade considering Avi only got 20/2. Mazara should be considered a pet project and if a better player (Puig) is available for cheap you get him. This still allows for a solid cheap 4th OF signing too.
  10. scotty22hotty

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    its really easy to do with statcast. filling out the form can be complicated but allows for thorough results https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/statcast_search?hfPT=&hfAB=&hfBBT=fly\.\.ball|&hfPR=&hfZ=&stadium=2394&hfBBL=&hfNewZones=&hfGT=R|&hfC=&hfSea=2019|&hfSit=&player_type=batter&hfOuts=&opponent=&pitcher_throws=&batter_stands=&hfSA=&game_date_gt=&game_date_lt=&hfInfield=&team=&position=&hfOutfield=&hfRO=&home_road=&batters_lookup[]=592206&hfFlag=&hfPull=&metric_1=&hfInn=&min_pitches=0&min_results=0&group_by=name&sort_col=pitches&player_event_sort=h_launch_speed&sort_order=desc&min_pas=0#results_sprayChart_name_592206_ just switch venue to white sox. looks like at least 7 more home runs if he played here vs comerica
  11. a lot of armchair analysts are claiming Dallas is a 4/5 and their main (only?) argument is his low fWAR or 4.72 fip but fail to mention his xfip for 2019 (where he missed ST and 1/3rd of season) was on par with Wheeler. Use the average of his stats over the past 3 seasons and try to claim hes a 4/5 🤣
  12. scotty22hotty

    Remaining Wish List

    If the price is right: Encarnacion and Puig. The remaining RP market is a crapshoot. Betances is obviously the best fit but is falling apart. Would rather trade.
  13. A pretty solid signing at 4/74. Sox definitely paid a premium but that's the price you pay for a #2/3. Most will argue Ryu is the better pitcher but Dallas is battle tested in the AL and Ryu comes across NL soft like Wheeler.
  14. scotty22hotty

    Ryu to Jays - 4 yr/80 mil

    Yeah the numbers seem right, if you want a solid #3 it'll cost you $70m. Ryu (33 years old) is looking at his final contract. I can see him already getting offers for 3/50. Most likely still negotiating with teams to get that guaranteed 4th year. (4/70) Not buying the 4/80 claim by Ken