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  1. bighurt4life

    6.25 games

    https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-06-25 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=06/25/2022
  2. bighurt4life

    2022 Promotions

    That’s gotta be the kiss of death for a prospect like him. We think so little of you as a prospect that you’re literally going to get promoted to fill a roster spot.
  3. bighurt4life

    Montgomery to Winston-Salem

    I only have the box scores to go off of, but after a shaky start to the season he has really cut down on number of errors. (This obviously tells only a small part of the story)
  4. bighurt4life

    6/23 Games

    I’m not too worried about him at this point. He’s young for the level and has been slowly improving as the season wears on which is what you look for when someone gets promoted. Also his peripheral numbers aren’t terrible, probably just a slow start and then a bit of bad luck at this point. If he still has an ops of 600 at the end of the season that’s when I’ll start worrying. also really important to note that he only played 29 games in high-A with 120 AB’s. He’s basically skipped a level, the fact that he’s not overmatched is pretty impressive.
  5. bighurt4life

    6/21 Games

    The Kath homer was a laser too.
  6. bighurt4life

    6.17 games

    https://www.milb.com/scores/chicago-white-sox/2022-06-17 https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/affiliates?teamId=145&date=06/17/2022
  7. bighurt4life

    6/15 Games

    Probably, I’m big on Ramos too.
  8. bighurt4life

    6/14 Games

    Thompson, Dalquist, and Kelley have all been performing well over the last month or so. I had nearly written all of them off after their respective terrible starts to the year. Really positive developments for all three.
  9. bighurt4life

    6/13 Games

    Can you elaborate?
  10. bighurt4life

    6/11 Games

    Kelley has now had two good outings in a row. Only went 3 today but perhaps they’re trying to rebuild his confidence and pulling him early.
  11. bighurt4life

    6/10 Games

    Most have Montgomery rated higher than Ramos it would seem, and I will say that I don’t know squat about scouting. But when you compare their numbers side by side, Ramos is doing just as well as Montgomery at a higher level and he’s a month younger. That has to mean something, if you take Colson’s fluky high BABIP out of the equation they have near identical OPS. I’m not sure why people aren’t as excited about Ramos as I am, but again, like I said I don’t know anything about scouting and am forced to just rely on the numbers I see
  12. bighurt4life

    6/10 Games

    He has to make mid season top 100 lists. He’s showing big league tools and is 2 years younger than average for A+
  13. bighurt4life

    6/9 Games

    You would think so. Probably have to put Ramos in consideration as well as Mena. There’s some exciting prospects in our lower minors right now, maybe the problem is that they’re all lower minors and that’s why we didn’t have any in the top 100 lists.
  14. bighurt4life

    Minor League 6/7 Games

    Yermin stole a base. Perhaps the pitcher fell asleep?
  15. bighurt4life

    6/5 Games

    4ip with no walks and no ER, probably the best start of Kelly’s career.