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  1. I firmly believe in 2nd chances in life. TLR has already burned his up. He made a decision to get behind the wheel after drinking, AGAIN, and was caught (how many times did he do this without being caught?). He has lost all ability to be a leader of men and hold others accountable. I have lost all respect for him and am not interested in hearing any excuses or half baked apologies. He has already made it clear that he thinks it’s ok to drink and drive. I disagree
  2. bighurt4life

    Andrew Vaughn

    I think everyone is getting overly obsessed on “size”. That only plays a part in a hitter’s overall power, you have to take into consideration that power comes from how much quick twitch muscle mass they possess. There’s no way to measure this but is really the important factor.
  3. bighurt4life

    8/19 Games

    He’ll likely end the season with 30 2B, 30 HR, and 30 SB. 30/30/30. That’s so far above any reasonable expectations I had for him coming into this season it’s almost unbelievable. I was just hoping for a healthy year so he could get some AB’s
  4. bighurt4life

    8/14 Games

    Who has seen the kid?? How do we know he “looks” bigger than that? Not being a shit, just totally curious if someone has seen him or if it’s speculation.
  5. bighurt4life

    8/3 Games

    Madrigal has a K rate of 3%. That’s insane, the best player in MLB this year has a rate of over 9%. His K rate could triple when he’s promoted and he’d still have the best K rate in the league, That’s insane.
  6. bighurt4life

    7/25 Games

    Eduardo Escobar, we traded him to the twins for a pitcher I think. He’s put together a nice little career, although he’s likely an advocate of “better living through science” since he could barely hold the bat up in his younger years now all of a sudden he’s hitting 25hr a year. 🤫
  7. bighurt4life

    Zack Burdi - Torn Patella

    The patella is the knee cap. You have a tendon on on the top and bottom of it (superior/inferior aspects), attaching it to the femur and tibia respectively. No ligaments on the patella, probably tore a patellar tendon.
  8. bighurt4life

    5/27 Games

    Excellent D, baserunning, contact skills and plate discipline. The ONLY thing he isn’t doing right now is hitting for power. And that isn’t much of a surprise
  9. Yeah but did it LOOK good, that’s much more important than the results
  10. bighurt4life

    4.21 Games

  11. bighurt4life

    4/15 Games

    For the love of god he’s had two bad weeks. Please step back from the edge. He hit 300 last season in high a and is young for the league.
  12. bighurt4life

    4.11 games

  13. bighurt4life

    Happy Dylan Cease day - 4/9 game thread

    They’ll wait until the all star break. That’s the White Sox way. Especially with guys who need minor league AB’s.
  14. bighurt4life

    Zack Collins at First Base

    People said the same thing about Tyler flowers. He turned into one of the better defensive catchers for several seasons after being considered an offense only catching prospect. in my experience, defense tends to develop much more slowly for catchers, likely due to the overall complexity of the position But if they have the right attitude and work ethic even lost causes can become at the least passable
  15. bighurt4life

    Cease is MLB Pipeline's Pitcher of the Year

    They specifically said Eloy was the closest competition to Guerrero for hitters