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  1. Can you add none of the above as a option?
  2. SHAH

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    It’s hilarious reading both Sox and Phillies boards and fans overrated their own players. Phillies fan think segura for kimbrel is a terrible deal for them. Most here think it’s a terrible deal for us… 🤣
  3. SHAH

    Daddy Like

    Also he's a righty
  4. Dunning was not better than Cease and his stuff is nowhere near the quality of Cease.
  5. SHAH

    Jerry Reinsdorf is cheap

    "Maybe a bit"
  6. SHAH

    No HOF Players Elected in 2021

    Next year is going to be interesting. Clemons/Bonds last year and Arod/Ortiz are added to the ballet. fun times ahead 😄
  7. 😂🤣 but who's going to play catcher then?
  8. SHAH

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    If we were to trade for Burnes, how many innings would he likely have in 2021? Could he start the year and Kopech finish the year in the rotation? Based on his time in the majors: 2018 - 38 innings 2019 - 49 innings (Started 4 games) 2020 - 59.2 innings (Started 9 games)
  9. SHAH

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    PREACH! Most posters won't like this post. Will take away from the La Russa narrative.
  10. Might have missed this, but Harold said we were interested in Lynn? What else did he say?
  11. SHAH

    2016-2017 NBA Thread

    Butler to the Celtics for the rights of the nets pick? Fair trade?
  12. SHAH


    Anyone recommend a good movie podcast? I listen to DC and bald move and tv shows and lots of sport podcasts, but I was looking for a general movie podcast that discusses upcoming movies and rumors on movie castings and reviews etc. thanks!
  13. SHAH

    MMA Thread

    damn lots of conar hate haha. But warranted with all the talking he does. Did anyone see his statement he sent out? Clearly a puff item, but a lot of what he says was/is true...The man lost and wants to focus on his lost because how can he talk and not back it up? so many others on this would continue to talk lost after lost. He does more promotion work for UFC than anyone right now and about the same as Ronda did when she was the champ. Being THE guy in the UFC you have to do the most, but he made it clear he want's to focus on training, because at the end of the day he makes more money for UFC by winning fights than going on non mma/sport talk shows and losing.
  14. SHAH

    DC Films

    Just saw it a second time. Yes Soxtalk i'm crazy in love. Please don't hate on me