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  1. SonofaRoache

    08/15: Astros at Sox. 7:10, NBCSN4K, NBCSN+ (es); FS1

    But AV said we got the fire back. What happened to us?
  2. 11-8 sucks but would be enough to keep us falling for it again.
  3. They fought last year with no talent. This year they are just laying down and taking it. They for sure expected a 77 win to .500 type season.
  4. I saw the at bat on GameDay. Looked like he swung at three straight a foot off the plate lol.
  5. Yeah this is a huge indictment on Hinch too.
  6. Don't talk about me like that.
  7. Giolito and Moncada are two guys I would never trust with a big contract. Eloy is in that group as well right now.
  8. SonofaRoache

    8/12 Gamethread: Tigers @ Sox, Norris v. Kopech

    Our team is on the floor......from getting kicked game after game or injured.
  9. SonofaRoache

    8/12 Gamethread: Tigers @ Sox, Norris v. Kopech

    Odds are he won't cut it here.
  10. SonofaRoache

    8/12 Gamethread: Tigers @ Sox, Norris v. Kopech

    It's almost impossible for these guys to be this bad offensively.
  11. SonofaRoache

    Boycott time (respectfully)

    The humiliation is big
  12. Multiple Championships.
  13. SonofaRoache

    8/10 at KC - Cueto vs. Bubic (7:10 start)

    Yoan is still feeling Covid.
  14. That's the exact person I thought would be his mom. You can tell DK was crying to mommy because she is regurgitating the thoughts he publicly shared.
  15. SonofaRoache

    I'm Tired of My Bitching About this Team

    Yeah we are all tired and probably can accept this rebuild most likely failed. Time to uninvest mental energy and time in this team. It is painfully obvious these guys aren't good enough.
  16. Let him finish the game to save the pen. This offense is toast no matter who is hitting. The core 6 isn't much more productive than our injury lineup last year.
  17. SonofaRoache

    Hahn talking at 5:30

    He isn't complaining though. I'm sure he has nothing to say about upgrades when it takes at bats from him.
  18. SonofaRoache

    Hahn talking at 5:30

    I'm pretty sure Abreu and Anderson aren't to blame for us having DH's in the outfield, Grandal, and blowing our cash on bullpen arms and trash.
  19. SonofaRoache

    Hahn talking at 5:30

    I woke up this morning and realized that Hahn really said we didn't make any trades because he misjudged the market. But we apparently put in an offer for Ohtani? Okay Rick.
  20. SonofaRoache

    Hahn talking at 5:30

    You know what, I can't even with this BS.
  21. SonofaRoache

    Trade Rumors Catch-all

    Again, if this season is screwed then we need to rebuild again. Because it isn't going to get any better moving forward. We have no money because we spent it on trash, and we have no prospects. There is no re-evaluate or retool option for us.
  22. SonofaRoache

    Trade Rumors Catch-all

    Lol okay. There won't be any major retool because no one wants our players and we aren't spending money to get better. It'll be ran back with some tweaks.
  23. SonofaRoache

    What would you trade Giolito for

    To a bad team 1.5 is a rental. That is half of this season and only next year. He hasn't been close to good this year, so no one is giving up much for him. That's just the way it works.