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  1. A viable option might be Gavin Sheets. He's been playing RF for Charlotte where he is hitting 500 and slugging. Would love to see how his game translates to MLB. Would sure give him a chance.
  2. Flash

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    IMHO, Eloy should only be considered as DH. The notion he can play 1B significantly underestimates the importance a strong glove plays in saving throwing errors and overestimates Eloys athleticism. I could see a spot start in LF (or even RF) but the idea is to hide him on defense, not put him in a position where he get 2nd most touches a game after catcher.
  3. As much as I like Robert, I do not view his loss as a death knell for Sox playoff hopes. Personally, I am furious Hahn did not pursue Mike Tauchman when he was available but thats water under the bridge. The Sox will continue to win at @90 win pace as long as pitching holds up (I'm a bit concerned about Gio). Ideally, Abreu will warm up with the weather and Grandal will start to show a pulse. I believe Moncada is the real key. If he starts to perform to his potential, the lineup will withstand the loss of Robert. Ideally, we pick up a competent OF'r but I am not optimistic. In the meantime, I still like our chances and fully expect this team to start a winning streak in the games ahead.
  4. Tauchman was available and the Giants got him for next to nothing. Plays all 3 OF spots very well. 3 run HR today. Dammit
  5. Flash

    That's a Winner, Winner Pasta Dinner Sox Win

    Not sure if this is a serious sentiment but I like it....looking at you Seattle. Kelenic plus ???
  6. Flash

    Which pending FA should Sox target at deadline?

    If Rodon stays healthy (big if), no need to add pitching, Scherzer or otherwise unless Gio loses his groove. Up the middle depth piece and/or LH hitting corner OF would be nice to have and I wouldn't turn down addition of Bryant is possible but we've already cited the challenges there.
  7. Flash

    Playoff odds

    As we sit here today, its hard not to like the WS to emerge in the AL just based on pitching alone. Between Kopech, Rodon, Lynn and Gio... good luck. On a given night, Keuchel and Cease can also make you look bad and I'm confident the BP will live up to its billing.
  8. Flash

    Playoff odds

    Top 3?
  9. Flash

    Playoff odds

    Here's a question to ponder...is TA among top 5 SS in MLB today?
  10. Flash

    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

    I like the Padres and the Mets but in a short series, the one team I would not want to face is the Brewers...Dodgers included.
  11. Flash

    That’s a Nicky Two Strikes Winner!!

    You make a good case for not hiring him to begin with.
  12. Flash

    That’s a Nicky Two Strikes Winner!!

    Of course he's going by his gut. Like all managers, his gut instincts are informed by experience which include years of processing scenarios and having a feel for his players. I disagree its fair to question his decision. Thats what JR is paying him for.
  13. Flash

    Texas @ Sox

    Agreed. Vaughn seems to be finding his stroke. Why disrupt his rhythm now?
  14. Flash

    That’s a Nicky Two Strikes Winner!!

    Not a fan of TLR but the guy has earned the right to exercise his perogative in the moment. He's seen this movie many times, weighs what the analytics say and has a feel for each player and how best to use him in a given situation. If he didn't feel having Grandal bunt him over was the best move, he obviously wouldn't tell him to. Its not like he wasn't aware or didn't calculate the various scenarios. He processed the situation in real time based on his many years of experience. Sometimes, it goes against the book.
  15. Flash

    Corbin Burnes

    It was a rhetorical question. Burnes has been historically good. Always around the plate (zero walks) yet hitters can do nothing with him. Machado and Tatis sat it out against him last night to avoid humiliation. My guess is he won't go the entire season without giving up a walk or another run but you never know 🤔