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  1. There are a lot of “Most White Sox thing (or things) ever”. That would be one of them.
  2. Typical Chicago team scrub that is added to win a meaningless game or 2 at the tail end of the season to annoy tank fans
  3. Probably not getting worse. You can play on it, have it removed, and play shortly after, or have it repaired and be out for awhile. Repaired by the way takes the most time, with the most upside as far as full athletic potential. I think the decisions become more dicey in the people that need to run during games. Pitrchers, not so much
  4. Cubs and Sox only separated by 3 teams now. Crazy. https://www.tankathon.com/mlb
  5. Well I just don’t see how a responsible organization can watch a team that basically coasted, and finally quit altogether without comprehensive changes. Not to mention a basic flawed roster as far as basic production in key areas.
  6. Only this team could begin to hustle for the first time in this moment
  7. I don’t want to insult anyone, but this team isn’t even trying. Investing time and money at the ballpark is worse, but it isn’t much less insulting to your pride to watch on TV. Unless the entertainment value is in self harm.
  8. Kenny’s disdain for swimming in the big pond is self generated. Something he’s had to get over, and I don’t think he really has. The Machado offer was not something the Sox expected him to sign. Etc. His approach to the big fish on the market was illustrated on the Albert Puhols situation “If [owner Jerry Reinsdorf] gave me $30 million right now, I'm not going to spend it on one guy. Sorry, White Sox fans," Williams said, according to CSN. "But I tell you what, I'm going to take that $30 million and I'm going to distribute it around. My team is going to be better as a whole than it is with one player who might get hurt. Then you're done. Sorry, that's just me.”
  9. After the Tatis debacle I finally had enough of the Sox and the (for me) boring floor approaches and over hill veterans. Quit following them until the Sale, Eaton and Quintana deals. I think these last couple of years were pretty entertaining with the young upside direction. I mean, too bad Rick and Jerry botched it ultimately. Im hoping they get back into the sandbox. If not Hahn, them somebody else. Kenny’s approach will probably send me away again. Interest in the Sox has been way up recently.
  10. Kenny specializes in patching together teams that have floors but low upsides. If all people want to do is go to the ballpark, have a hotdog and get a slightly above average chance to see a regular season W, that’s good. Hahn stopped short, but shooting for younger high upside talent is way more interesting imo.
  11. I get the sense that Hahn got permission to do A rebuild. This one, with young aquisitions. As opposed to normal MO. Not necessarily usher in a change in organizational philosophy going forward. He had pressure to win beginning last year and this year. As far as pressure to revamp the way the team does business, remains to he seen, but honestly, doubtful.
  12. Getting Kenny out of the way in the draft was the biggest positive hurdle cleared
  13. Kenny Williams the author of the idea that no single player is worth more than 10 million dollars a season?
  14. I quibble with the word “tolerate”, as far a new rebuild, or do what is necessary to compete. With the starting pitching failure as well as some key “rebuild” guys like Moncada, not sure they have a choice unless they instead spent money to compensate for the problems that have cropped up. If they try to nibble around the edges of what they’re doing now, its not going to end well. So, compete, or do not. As Yoda would say.
  15. For some reason they bought into their rebuild before they won anything, and stopped the emphasis on bringing in significant future pieces. This team was induced into being way too comfortable. Coach Eberflus would not be happy with the FO loafs. Keep driving through the tackle, don’t stop. Everyone else run to the ball through the whistle. I am out of control with analogies.
  16. The Diekman acquisition too locked them into wasted money for next season as well. They sure make odd decisions, based on chasing their tails it seems
  17. they are a breeding farm for first baseman and DHs. Great planning for modern baseball guys. Maybe long term the idea is they can sell pure bred first base puppies to teams that like Great Danes.
  18. The only guy I’m feeling these days is Mike Shirley. After the Sox hire a new GM, Shirley can be like that guy Tony Montana asks if he wants a job after Tony murdered his boss.
  19. Request denied. let's get more lotto balls https://www.tankathon.com/mlb
  20. The White Sox basically stood pat at the deadline. They may have been out of money, or they may have been preaching and praising from the Gospel of Stone.
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