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  1. elrockinMT

    Sox @ Brew Crew, 7/25, 6:08, Game Thread

    Vaughn and Sheets are on the team because they earned the right. Vaughn signed a multi-million dollar contract and Jerry paid it. Nothing cheap there at all plus the Sox system developed these two young stars and more
  2. elrockinMT

    What the Brewers Series is Telling Us

    We will be in the playoffs. All we need to do is dominate our division and we have done.that. Adding Robert, Jiménez and Grandahl in Augusta will help tremendously in the playoffs. Why are we panicking and demanding trades? We are poised for several years of success so we don’t want to be trading our prospects for players, who are rentals or won’t fit in 2022. Any trades have to make sense
  3. elrockinMT

    7/24- Chicago @ Milwaukee, 6:10

    Zach Collins must have made an error
  4. elrockinMT

    7/24- Chicago @ Milwaukee, 6:10

    Hey that’s my line 😂
  5. elrockinMT

    7-23 GT: Sox @ Brewers (7:10pm)

    We all know that Kopech and Hendricks can pitch multiple innings in every game. And maybe up to 50 pitches each time. LOL it ain’t fun to Lose but we will be in the layoffs and hopefully this bullpen gets figured out. Remember it was a major strength coming off last season. No one could have predicted this.
  6. elrockinMT

    7-23 GT: Sox @ Brewers (7:10pm)

    Relief pitcher that can’t do the job
  7. The moves that will need to be made will be not only interesting but difficult. The players that have to be moved have all contributed to the team’s success
  8. Sorry Chisox59 that I missed your post but where was it? I didn’t mean to duplicate