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  1. bighurt4life

    7/27 Games

    Eloy!!!! Not the right thread but the to Royals just walked Abreu to pitch to Eloy and he took them deep to left center for a 3 run HR. 459ft
  2. bighurt4life

    7/21 Games

    It’s official, Yermin is stepping away from baseball. I hope he gets whatever help he needs and rebounds from this. I love the way he plays the game. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/31859170/chicago-white-sox-yermin-mercedes-recently-demoted-triple-stepping-aside-baseball
  3. bighurt4life

    7/21 Games

    Nothing official but I just read on southsidesox news feed that he may be considering retirement??
  4. bighurt4life

    7/21 Games

    He’s been mashing since his demotion. I’d rather see him spell Collins once a week instead of Seby.
  5. bighurt4life

    7/18 Games

    He has a ways to go before passing Stiever or Lambert who both have better pure stuff. However he has really put himself on the map this year. I’m looking forward to how he performs in AAA in a hitters park.
  6. bighurt4life

    7/15 Games

    My guess is that his defense is ahead of his offense at this point. This is pure speculation on my part, but, playing low A ball, they’ll let you kick the ball all over the infield as a defender if you really need the reps. By them playing him at DH frequently, I’d guess they’re not super concerned about his fielding ability. An alternative theory is that he is having some issues with his throwing arm and they just want to rest it. Again, I’m just speculating.
  7. bighurt4life

    2021 White Sox draft selections and signings thread

    More or less, although if they were players who were super talented and in high demand, they would’ve gone earlier in the draft. Big time players get big time money, always have, always will. Most of these senior draft picks are just happy to get $10k and a chance.
  8. bighurt4life

    7/13 Games

    Over a month now. Lots of HR’s, BB’s and K’s.
  9. bighurt4life

    Sox acquiring MiLB player

    Wow, talk about moving the needle.
  10. bighurt4life

    7/11 Games

    Rodriguez with another homer and 2 SB on the day. That’s 8hr and 18sb on the season for him. It would seem that he’s a pretty twitchy athlete with those power/speed numbers he puts up. He’s one of my favorite prospects to watch.
  11. bighurt4life

    Gavin Sheets - STUD

    I don’t see Lamb as a part of the team’s future, as such I’d way rather see what Sheets brings to the table and let him get MLB at bats and coaching. With Abreu’s age advancing, Sheets could potentially be our 1b/DH of the future.
  12. bighurt4life

    7/9 Games

    Maybe he can be a throw in to sweeten the pot in a bigger deal. I doubt we get anything for him straight up.
  13. bighurt4life

    7/9 Games

    A power prospect is debuting at DH for WS today, really hope that game doesn’t get postponed.
  14. bighurt4life

    6/28 Games

    Tatis 0-3 with 3k’s. Bust! 😏
  15. bighurt4life

    6/27 Games

    I’ll say it again, the sound his bat makes connecting with the ball is just different. He has bad swing and miss tendencies but his power is no joke.