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  1. SonofaRoache

    Someone saw a Sox scout at Mariners game thread

    The downside is the Mariners may also be in the Escobar sweepstakes, driving the price up.
  2. SonofaRoache

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    Goodwin has been in a mega slump. He may have played himself onto the bubble.
  3. SonofaRoache

    Adam Frazier to Padres

    Man. SD is gonna be the "Good" Yankees NL
  4. SonofaRoache

    Adam Frazier to Padres

    San Diego always stealing our thunder.
  5. SonofaRoache

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    It's simple, DH Eloy and start Vaughn in LF. Eloy plays LF sparingly just to stay sharp for the WS and Wrigley. In which case he will be shackled in the field.
  6. SonofaRoache

    What the Brewers Series is Telling Us

    0-3 0-4 0-2 Won't mean much with the improvements coming but we need to get better quick winning on the road. My concern has been the poor pitching even moreso than the hitting. And our pitching has been healthy.
  7. SonofaRoache

    Sox @ Brew Crew, 7/25, 6:08, Game Thread

    Probably getting swept as expected prior to the series, but Go Sox anyway! Be great to pull this one out against another all star pitcher.
  8. SonofaRoache

    Trade Deadline Thread

    We aren't dirt poor. Trading controllable pieces should be done if we are rebuilding or getting an offer we can't refuse for a guy that has one year left and wants a contract he doesn't deserve.
  9. SonofaRoache

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Bullpen Rick, thanks.
  10. SonofaRoache

    We Keep Sucking...

    One thing this team does is make trades to compete.
  11. SonofaRoache

    We Keep Sucking...

    We won't. We've been looking at options for sure. We will add at least one really good bullpen arm and a 2nd baseman.
  12. SonofaRoache

    We Keep Sucking...

    It's moreso we are ass on the road at winning teams. Our last big boy road win was mid April. But we have to be patient and let the market play out. Some of these teams are either trying to fleece us or they are waiting to see if any other teams become desperate at the deadline to start a bidding war. It sucks as a fan but Eloy is back within a week as are our trade additions.
  13. SonofaRoache

    7/24- Chicago @ Milwaukee, 6:10

    I'm not saying we aren't hurt. I'm saying we shouldn't be content with our place within the division when our goal should be HFA. That is still very attainable.
  14. SonofaRoache

    7/24- Chicago @ Milwaukee, 6:10

    Facts. This is why they need to STHU about being 9 games up and win games for HFA.
  15. SonofaRoache

    7/24- Chicago @ Milwaukee, 6:10

    How the F do the same bum people beat us every series?