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    Collins Catching Complaints

    Or would that be AA??
  2. The Grinder

    Collins Catching Complaints

    Lets face it we have 2 AAA catchers
  3. The Grinder


    Good point, hell I'm self employed but many times I doubt I make minimum!
  4. The Grinder


    No clue, maybe a late arriving crew for the night? I missed the top of 1st is all. I could have missed the entire game and I still wouldnt have missed anything😠
  5. My GF and I hadnt been to Sox game in 2 yrs, last one at GR, so I ordered tix on ticket master for last nights game in Milwaukee and when we got parked and she went to download the tix TM website didnt allow her to do so since I had ordered seats (which she was allowed to do so 2 yrs ago go figure) So I was unprepared to download the tix on my cell and didnt have my passwords and mobile app, so I did the Forgot Password, got a 6 digit code but never found the place back on TM website to paste it to. So we are boiling hot in the sun so I suggested we go to ticket window and explain our dilemma. We asked if we could get a paper tix, and after a series of security questions, I paid the $8 printing fee and the lady handed us our 2 tix the old school way, on printed paper stock The 2 tickets we paid for online w all the service fees (in section 412) came to $106 ad some change. I cant recall the face value, maybe approx $42 each...... So I look at my paper ticket this AM and see the price of one ticket was $21 face value, for same seats vs Sox Why was face value double via ticketmaster and could I have walked up to window and scored same tickets for half what I paid TM? I guess I'm out of the loop!! I thought the broker made money by buying in quantity and adding service fees. Buying in quantity yes but doubling the price and adding SC? Is it a case of charging what the market will bear??
  6. The Grinder

    Question on Brewers/Sox tickets last night

    I did the "Forget password?" button which I did and got a code number which I was to insert in the TM website but never saw a place to insert the number....hence the printing of ticket at the window. Was I blind?? I'm not much on computers, I mean a server is a bartender right? and a hard drive is a trip thru a snow storm!!
  7. The Grinder


    I too had similiar drama, took forever to get in, huge line at all entrances ALso had really hard time finding my car as there are what seemed many parking lots and the light poles had very few signs indicating where you had parked, we were in lot labeled G gate 6 which didnt reference much to me. Took at least 30 min to find my car
  8. The Grinder

    7/24- Chicago @ Milwaukee, 6:10

    thats what my tix say
  9. The Grinder

    Does TLR need to light up the umpires more?

    Seems many yrs ago there was about 3 players from a team get ejected over a terrible blown call and IIRC their logic was that this would make sports news and the umpire would get exposed as blowing the call can umps get demoted to AAA if they are deemed incompetent?
  10. The Grinder

    The Cleveland Guardians

    The mistake by the lake made another goof. They will always be Indians to me
  11. The Grinder


    Thank you!!
  12. The Grinder


    How far is the park from Maders? Just made a reservation there
  13. The Grinder


    Yes of course! Like they say you know yr in Wisconsin just look for the Illinois license plates
  14. The Grinder


    i think I did hear that come to think of it, it used to be same week as Taste IIRC, I think they seem to break attendance records every year
  15. The Grinder


    Got tix for Sat game, does anyone know if the food vendors accept cash or just plastic?
  16. The Grinder


    I think summerfest is over, FWIW the Milwaukee Zoo is outstanding. The historic THird Ward is worth checking out for a few beers. Gotta love those cheeseheads ! Of course they LOVE to take Flatlanders money
  17. The Grinder


    The Beer City is one of my fav cities, always something to do. Have fun!!!!
  18. The Grinder

    GT 7/16: HOU @ SOX, 7:10

    Wow Houston sure has our number this yr, not good if you believe the WS road runs thru Houston.....
  19. The Grinder

    Cubs 2021

    IIRC both sides have won 3 World Series now, but the tiebreaker goes to the Sox as they defeated the cubs the one time they played eachother
  20. The Grinder

    Cubs 2021

    In fact with some exceptions, I'd say most of my cub fans are actually pretty nice people. Its their team that sucks!!
  21. The Grinder

    Dylan Cease, 2 sport athlete

    Agreed, I'm sure there are some decent ones, the last one I had I swear printed my rehab routine off of google
  22. The Grinder

    White Sox power outage

    I'm more interested in a W than a HR
  23. The Grinder

    Eaton to Atlanta rumor

    Let the Tyler Neslony era begin!!😅
  24. Are we in 1st place because of Tony or despite him?
  25. The Grinder

    Cubs 2021

    Sounds like our boys