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  1. HaroldSouthside

    Trade Deadline Thread

    I believe the Sox need another reliever, I think many here believe they need two relievers. But how many starters will we likely use in the playoffs? Could they decide to use only 3 starters and move Keuchel and Cease to the bullpen? If so, will Hahn want to trade prospects for any relief help? Cease will be in the bullpen come playoffs, I don’t see trades for two relievers happening. Worth repeating, I think we need another strong 7/8 th inning type. But Hahn may not agree.
  2. In my experience Philadelphia Phillies fans are the worst. Crude, rude and not at all funny. No style, originality or nuance - just loud and dumb (LSU tiger football fans are the worst I’ve experienced in all of sports)
  3. HaroldSouthside

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Everything you just said is 100 percent correct. LaRussa’s decision making at the end of the game was inexcusable. Double switch to make sure the pitcher runs and then Leary and Hamilton hit away? the reds say thank you Tony.
  4. HaroldSouthside

    Hypothetical question re: Eaton

    If Eaton has a solid year, a 2 War type season, it would likely mean he hit right handed pitching well. So, yeah, I’d be more than happy with Eaton for $7m and some help against RHP. Another left handed bat at DH would help.
  5. HaroldSouthside

    Garrett Crochet

    With Coop gone I wonder if the White Sox would be “progressive” enough to use him as the fifth starter but keep him to 50-60 pitches. Team him up with Foster every 5th day out of the fifth spot...sounds like a winning formula to me. I do not expect that to happen though.
  6. HaroldSouthside

    Sox hire Cairo as bench coach

    Surprisingly good hire, solid. 17 year career as a role player. Played hard, played good defense, decent pop in the bat but if I recall was overmatched at the plate w the slider away...? Good base runner too. If you don’t like this hire it’s because you don’t like Larussa. If Hinch was our manager and he hired Cairo everybody would be mildly surprised but totally cool w the hire. Hate the Larussa hire but no reason to hate this.
  7. HaroldSouthside

    2021 Hall of Fame Ballot

    Beuhrle, Schilling, Vizquel, Rolen, Andruw Jones are my yes. pettitte is the only one I’m just not sure about. He is a maybe
  8. HaroldSouthside

    Convince Me: Marcus Stroman

    I’d rather not have Stroman. Just the classic White Sox “middle of the road and affordable” free agent signing that rarely works out on the southside. I really wish Bauer didn’t have baggage. (get Scherzer on a Covid-related discount)
  9. HaroldSouthside

    Offseason Targets

    Yep, and in the recent past I would have said no way Jerry is adding significant payroll on pitching, but the Sox seem different lately. Maybe Jerry really will spend some money on pitching. MAYBE.
  10. HaroldSouthside

    Offseason Targets

    Max Scherzer. Nationals payroll will be north of $150M coming off COVID revenue losses. Consensus is The Washington Baseball Team has the worst farm system in baseball. Scherzer is owed $34.5M on a team that is going absolutely no where next year. Stiever, another good young arm and 2 lottery tickets ??? Is that enough? Too much? its just a thought as I sit here drinking a beer(s) watching the Braves / Dodgers
  11. HaroldSouthside

    Evaluating rick Hahn as of after 2020

    I’d give him a C to this point. The three big trades are what is keeping hope alive that this will be an A+ in a year or two. His free agents signings usually flop. A majority of his other trades haven’t panned out. And several drafts provided nothing. But the three trades and a new coaching staff may allow him to be a Southside hero. PS. He has been able to assemble some decent bullpens seemingly out of thin air
  12. HaroldSouthside

    Offseason Targets

    If the Sox sign a TOR like Bauer they’ll only have the money to sign a closer and that’ll be it. There is no need of posterity.
  13. HaroldSouthside

    Offseason Targets

    I agree w your assessment of the situation. As Sox fans let’s play would you rather... A. would you rather have Bauer, resign Colome (or someone less expensive), live with Collins as backup C, bring back Mazara or grab another left handed hitter from the expected DFA scrap heap OR B. would you rather have Stroman, Colome (or someone Hahn deems better) Joc P and a better backup catcher? i’d rather have Option A w Bauer. I’m sick of the second tier signings consistently disappointing.
  14. Why in the living hell is Bummer in and Rodon pitched into high leverage???
  15. I’m done w Renteria. Nice guy. He can babysit my kids, hold my wallet and if he saw my wife naked I’d know it was just one of those weird things that happen... but as a major league manager he is an idiot