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  1. turnin' two


    THings in Milwaukee are pretty close, I'd say 15 minutes or so.
  2. turnin' two


    Maders is great.
  3. turnin' two


    I think FIBs, is the term you're looking for...
  4. turnin' two

    7/21 Games

    Nope. First game back. They're taking it easy on him.
  5. turnin' two


    Have fun and enjoy!
  6. turnin' two

    stat i saw about rodon on mlb network

    Matt Cain? Wow. Would have taken me 1000 guesses to get to him. I don't remembering him K-ing guys like that. Pretty impressive all around.
  7. turnin' two


    Soblemans on St. Paul. Great Burgers. Oscar's Pub and Grill. Great Burgers. Vanguard, great sausages. Doc's Smokehouse, a cool BBQ joint. Mikey's is another cook BBQ place. Now, just for clarity, I haven't been up there in about 1.5 years, so I don't know if these places are still open or what happened during covid. Hope this helps though! My number one stop is always Soblemans.
  8. turnin' two

    7/17 Games

    Those uniforms are just awful.
  9. turnin' two

    Machado and Harper: Hindsight

    If I had the power to go back and change one White Sox move, it wouldn't be adding Machado or Harper. It'd be Machado's teammate. That said, either one would be pretty good right now. But as was mentioned, hard to complain. I'm happy with how things have worked out.
  10. turnin' two

    2021 MLB Draft Day 2 Thread

    I think this is wrong. He wasn't the 80s was he? I think Jody Davis would have been an acceptable answer.
  11. turnin' two

    All-Star Game Festivities , HR Derby and Game

    This has been fun.
  12. turnin' two

    2021 MLB Draft Day 1 Thread

    Pirates gonna Pirate.
  13. turnin' two

    FS: 2021 Draft Prospect Profiles

    Just wanted to say thank you for this great work. I've been reading all of them. You guys are the best.
  14. turnin' two

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    I know earlier Jimmy said Pacheco is realistic in the 2nd round. I wonder if that's still the case. If they know they can push him to the 2nd, I'd love to get a college pitcher first. If Montgomery is gone, I mean. I think he is my first choice. After him there seem to be 4-5 of the HS SSs that are pretty darn similar.
  15. turnin' two

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    Pretty sure the easy answer in Max Muncy... Sorry! I had to do it!