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  1. Many people on this board were very against Frazier earlier in the year when his name was brought up after he was sent down to minors.
  2. Team has gone from exciting to disheartening
  3. I have really enjoyed watching Jose Abreu over the years. However, being a fan of his I see he's in decline. He chases all the pitches that are thrown. He shows zero patience and has become more of a helicopter then hes ever been before.
  4. He needs to be DFA'd before game ends. The rebuild does not move forward until this guy is gone.
  5. Man was I wrong. This is a dead ass team right now. BTW- I know Cease hung some curve balls but the twins are sitting on that curve laying off all the good ones.
  6. I might, probably are, be sn idiot but I'm taking Cease and WS tonight at +175. I have a feeling that Cease might pitch really well tonight.
  7. Gio about to fall apart .......the giolitto from last year has been rearing his ugly head for the last month
  8. I think we saw how it took Giolitto took time to figure it out. Lopez has better stuff and if he can figure it out, he's much more valuable then a Mazara. You may be watching a young kid who is beginning to figure it out with his last 3 outings.
  9. Tony Kemp career......... AB R H HR RBI SB AVG OBP OPS 2019 Stats 163 23 37 7 17 4 .227 .308 .725 MLB Career Stats 575 81 138 14 58 16 .240 .322 .697 2019 WAR .6 Career WAR .7 Yolmer Sanchez: 2019 WAR .4 Career WAR 7.0 Just don't get how he's better. It is hot garbage all the way around.
  10. How so? Not trying to be a jerk but I don't see it. I'm interested in why you feel that way.
  11. I am surprised to read the "go get Kemp" posts. This guy would add to the garbage we already have in Yolmer, Tilson, Rondon, Cordell, Engel.
  12. I hope he has another great start next time out and builds a little value. BUT yes please.......trade him for anything.
  13. As I stated, I would love to have Mazara but not for lopez. We are in no shape to be giving away starting pitching. I would give up Fry and a low minor league prospect who has upside.
  14. I would love to get Mazara. There is lots of talent there and he could be a relatively late bloomer. If you hope to get good then you have to take a shot at a guy like this and see if it can work.....IE, Arieta and the Cubs
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