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  1. I like the way ReyLo pitched yesterday. He is rusty but that is to be expected. We need him
  2. I bet you the Cub fans would trade Almora for Engel in a second. A few years back they would have laughed at you....
  3. I hate LESTER I hate these Scrubs!! Lets beat the shiiiite out of them
  4. Let's get a WIN and get ready to beat the blue weenies. Lucas has to get his 1st inning nonsense corrected
  5. We have no clue at the plate. Sorry gents this is not what I was promised this year so I'm fucking done with this team right now. I have been saying it for weeks......we have no approach or discipline at the plate. Much respect to you all but I'm out for a while. I can't watch this shit show
  6. To hit a grand slam you have to have people on base. We are allergic to that....
  7. This is just pathetic. All the way around, coaches to players. We went through years of shit to watch more shit. We were promised talent and effort. But instead we get a dead ass team.
  8. We cannot hit 93mph fast balls right down the middle
  9. This team has no interest in playing baseball today. This is reflection of manager
  10. We look like we have been off for a month and have no interest in playing today. Do not be surprised if we lose the 2nd game to
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