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  1. This whole ridiculous mess with pitching is not Renteria's fault. I might be in the minority as I think Ricky has done a nice job with this club and the young guys
  2. Our approach at the plate from our RBI guy is awful too...
  3. If he continues to want to do too much then we dont need him when we get good
  4. This is where jose tries to do too much.....
  5. I think the GM is trying to tank one more year but the team is playing hard.
  6. We are going out there with 2 starters out of 5. Giolito Nova .5 Lopez .5 I am shocked that we are only 4 games under .500
  7. Come on Tim need a better throw there
  8. I think Herrera comes through here and holds them down
  9. For about a week, iolmer showed lots of patience at the plate. Now hes gone back to being a helicopter
  10. Its TA's birthday today. Have a day TA
  11. Abreu swings at everything. I like him as a player but you have a 3-0 count and down 5 runs show some patience
  12. 2Deep


    Quite frankly marshall is having a career year and it would be a perfect time to flip him. Bummer is a keeper and maybe your closer next year.
  13. Dont disagree. They are both bad, alonzo and Rondon
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