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  1. Ump gets the Strikeout there...........
  2. We only have 60 (if that!). I like long games. You should too!!!
  3. Just shows everyone is contributing 1-9 (AND ENGEL!!!!)
  4. Why do i feel like Grandal has been FUCKED the most on bad strike calls?
  5. Agreed. Both teams fighting hard, and both know this game means A LOT.
  6. Detwiler has faced minimum batters through 24 now???
  7. New ball game. I like our chances. Lights out bullpen + #1 AVG. MLB Sox... Lets go bois
  8. I listened to this this as the soccer song and i think that should be our chant for Jose when we get back in the ball park
  9. "now pitching for the red...white sox" Anyone else catch that? How dare you compare us to Boston. now we win
  10. Minimal damage. Lets put up a crooked number
  11. I'm finally home and listening with headphones on... is this background noise absolutely annoying for anyone else? It's so bad...
  12. Don't worry. If it's injured I will take care of it and make sure he is back to 100% fast.
  13. Guess I don't need my Viagra tonight! Thanks!!!
  14. On one hand it's sad, on the other I hope they reschedule it to a time when fans can attend.
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