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  1. QUOTE (Wanne @ Oct 25, 2017 -> 03:50 PM) I'm kind of getting the itch to try it. I spent the last week down in Arkansas on the White River (which I'm really hoping to move there at some point in the next few years)...but studying some people that were fly fishing and chatted with a few. We did pretty well with our bubble gum trout worms with white power bait eggs tho! I flipped a small crawdad crankbait too and got a few as well. What a beautiful part of the country...good lord. We kayaked down a few times also...but this was out view a lot of the time. Doesn't get much better than that... Ah, that's beautiful. I got this happy feeling just seeing it. When I move back to the U.S. (should be back in Feb 2019), I'm going to make a point to start travelling to more areas of the country to fish.
  2. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Oct 23, 2017 -> 12:57 PM) He doesnt really have a single actual NFL receiver on the field. Its hard to judge anyone with that. This. Exactly this. Maybe Kendall Wright. Otherwise, not a single WR on this active roster should be on the team next year. And I guess, if they were to keep 6 WRs, then they could keep Bellamy for his special teams work. But we have to add at least 3 new WRs to the corps this off-season. 2 free agents and a draft pick or two.
  3. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Sep 6, 2017 -> 11:56 AM) New LCD Soundsystem is solid Absolutely. I had tickets to see them play in Atlanta this weekend, but I had to make a last-minute trip to Europe for work and had to sell my tickets. Fortunately, I saw them back in May, but was still a bit bummed out that the timing worked the way it did. But I can't complain - I'm in Europe. Could be worse places to get sent. Haha. Anybody listen to the new Cut Copy album yet? Haiku From Zero. Really solid.
  4. QUOTE (Wanne @ Sep 21, 2017 -> 06:42 PM) thought I'd share this pic...took this when we took off down the Salt River last week. What's cool is they have TONS of wild horses up and own the river there. And being the dopes the State of AZ are...they had this plan to round them all up and either kill some...sell some...or whatever...and people found out about it and went nuts! And smartly...they decided to leave them alone. But really gorgeous views up and down the Salt out here...and fishing in some spots is pretty good for bass. Very cool! Sounds like a great spot. I got into fly fishing about 2 years ago. I don't get to go nearly as often as I'd like (or catch fish as often as I'd like ), but I always enjoy it. Love being outdoors, as well as the challenge of finding news spots, figuring out what flies work and where, etc.
  5. QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Aug 28, 2017 -> 08:55 AM) Brussels just happened to be one of my least favorite European cities But I love Belgium and their smaller cities/towns. Must sees: Bruges (watch the movie first, it's pretty cool to see the locations from it), may have been my favorite place. Just a beautiful little city that is really well preserved. Great beer options (plenty of places to drink but they have really cool beer stores with the accompanying glasses for sale). Go to De Halve Maan Brewery as well, great beer there (their Staffe Hendrix Quad is phenomenal). There are also really good waffle places. Ghent - Similar to Bruges, but has a modern flair to it. Check out the castle for a bit, but I loved just going out to the local pubs and gin joints and trying different ones. The locals were really friendly there and had great recommendations. Brussels - Best thing I did there was a mini pub crawl with my brother, got to try sour beers and such, Delirium Cafe is a must. Not a big fan of the rest of the city. For surrounding areas, some of these I've gone to and some my buddy in Luxembourg recommends: French Champagne country, easy to drive to. Copenhagen Berlin, my favorite city in Germany. Definitely go to Munich for Oktoberfest (maybe next year), and spend 3 nights there (it's like Vegas, you can only do so much before killing yourself). Scotland - Edinburgh and then do a 3-4 day trip from a company like this, I did the 4 night whiskey tour to Islay, and it was flat out amazing. Barcelona Prague Santorini - Go to Athens for 2 nights, spend a day touring/seeing the Acropolis, but then get to Santorini and find a hotel or Airbnb with a pool overlooking the Aegean. I wish I had spent more time there, just breath taking. Don't drink the Volcanic wine, it's s***. Italy - Highly recommend Rome and Florence for the sights, but check out Naples/Salerno area for the coast area. Any of Amalfi Coast, Positano, etc are good, they are pretty much the same when it comes down to it. If you go to Naples, definitely see Pompeii, but I found Vesuvius highly disappointing (the views aren't great at all). Hvar Definitely go to Paris and London, it's personal preference but I didn't like London that much and Paris could be amazing except the French really aren't great to be around =) Plenty more places I've been to but that's a good starter list! My buddy in Lux was originally doing 2 years out there, but extended to 3 to see more places. So travel as much as you can, it's so easy/cheap to get around out there. Thanks Russ! This is a wonderful start. My goal is to see as many places as possible, most of which are on your list. Hadn't thought about Santorini, though, so that's something I'll certainly keep in mind. Sounds great. And Munich for Oktoberfest would be awesome - as you referenced, looks like it would come at the end of my stint next year.
  6. Thanks Jason and co. for the thoughts/concerns. In terms of the airline discussions, it looks like most airlines are being accommodating with this. I mean, hell, both airports are still closed. Delta kept re-booking me on flights and then cancelling them, so now they've stopped that and are putting the onus on customers to re-book a flight when they want it. We have until Sept 7 to re-book without any extra fees. Which is smart. Might as well let the people decide when they want to redeem their airfare (if at all) instead of the company trying to do it for them. I'm hoping I can make it back to Atlanta by the weekend.
  7. QUOTE (greg775 @ Aug 27, 2017 -> 01:47 PM) Prayers for all. Damn I feel horrible about this. There's a picture on twitter of old folks in an nursing home simply sitting in water on couches. I did have a question for those of you in Houston. I've been watching the news and I think they said virtually all highways are impassable. The TV guy maybe out of habit was talking about weather during the "rush" on Monday. My question is ... with rain scheduled through Wednesday are you basically stuck in your homes in Houston? Even if your street somehow isn't under water, is there anywhere you can go? My guess is no because so many areas are under water. Houston is one of the most congested, most populated areas in the country. You hear horror stories about traffic there when the roads are dry. Just total horror stories. So what happens now? Are all those people confined to their homes for a week minimum?? I mean if the roads are impassable and I read the highways are impassable are you just stuck?? Will neighbors band together and share food? Peace. People are definitely stuck in their homes until the flooding recedes. They're being encouraged to stay off the roads. Emergency crews are already swamped as it is. Because the whole metro area is affected, companies are telling their people to stay home. My flight home today was cancelled, and then my re-booked flight tomorrow has now also been cancelled, so I'm stuck here until at least Tuesday. I'll be working from the house as long as we have power. The city strongly encouraged people to load up at least 3-5 days' worth of supplies before the storm hit, so hopefully people listened. And yeah, as with anywhere, I'm sure communities will band together and help each other out in times of need.
  8. I'm in Houston right now. Safe at the moment. I've never seen this much rain in my life. The backyard at my parents' house is basically a shallow pool, but fortunately, the house is slightly elevated, which mostly sweeps water away from the house, down the driveway, and into the street. Hasn't breached the house yet, but keeping a very close eye. Pretty nerve-wracking. A family friend went from "fine" to his whole house being submerged with 4 feet of water in a matter of hours. He'll lose everything. It can happen so quickly. That's the scary thing. We just need a break. Even if it's just an hour. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened and not sure that it will. This is the worst-case scenario playing out.
  9. QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Aug 24, 2017 -> 07:37 PM) Oh man I'm psyched for you!! So many recommendations. Any idea where in Belgium yet? I'll type up a list of must see places. Thanks Russ! It will be in the Brussels area.
  10. Looks like I'll be moving to Belgium in October to manage a project for my company over there. 12 month stint. Only possible holdup is that the potential client hasn't officially signed, but we're starting the visa process because we're far enough in negotiations. I've never been to Europe, but I'm pumped. Going to try to travel to as many places as I can.
  11. Agreed with the posts above. There is zero downside to adding Aguayo. If he can rediscover the way he kicked in college, we have a kicker for the next decade. If he doesn't, just cut him. I really like taking the chance, even if it's slim.
  12. I like it. Solid way to use the international pool money that we won't spend.
  13. QUOTE (TheTruth05 @ Aug 10, 2017 -> 09:16 PM) It's preseason.its the first game.I don't care I'm hyped about Trubisky after watching that. This. Preseason, 2nd string defense, etc. I get it. But we have so little to look forward to as Bears fans, I'm allowing myself to be excited after that performance. And it wasn't the stats - it was the way he did it. Looked totally comfortable out there. And his athleticism was readily apparent, as well as his arm strength and accuracy. There were a couple bad drops by the WRs too. I loved that they brought him in for the 2 minutes drill for his first drive. Nice pressure situation to be thrown into... but alas, yes, it's just preseason. But it's better than him looking over-matched.
  14. Good stuff! Can't wait to see the rest of the list. It's refreshing to see so many guys on the "just missed" list that would have definitely been ranked just a few months ago.
  15. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jul 25, 2017 -> 08:52 PM) Let me ask you this... If we were a contending team, and we needed an arm in the bullpen, and we went out and traded Adam Engel for a guy that has performed as well as Swarzak has, how would you feel? Soxtalk would have been f***ing ecstatic about such a deal. You're right that if we were a contender and traded Engel for Swarzak, I'd be happy about it. But if we traded anything better than Engel for 2 months of a dude who has zero track record, I'd be disappointed. To me, it's a fair deal for both sides.
  16. @JeffPassan 8m8 minutes ago Ryan Cordell, who's headed to the White Sox for Anthony Swarzak, an under-the-radar favorite for a lot of scouts. Big-league-ready-now guy. @JeffPassan 2m2 minutes ago How rebuilding is done: Sign guy in late January to minor league deal (Swarzak), turn him into legit prospect (Cordell). Bravo, White Sox. Well said, Passan.
  17. QUOTE (Heads22 @ Jul 25, 2017 -> 05:30 PM) This dude has a much better chance of actually making a roster. He may come up when Melky goes. My thought as well... Plus, Swarzak is a rental. I actually expected less, like someone in the 25-30 range. If Cordell can be a solid 4th OF type, then great. Otherwise, no real loss.
  18. QUOTE (MDWhiteSoxFan @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 10:09 PM) Moncada is coming! I'm excited. I had been keen on the idea of letting him stay in AAA, but how could you not be excited about the #1 prospect getting the call? My regret is not going to watch him play in-person for Charlotte when I had a few opportunities to do it.
  19. QUOTE (Sockin @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 09:58 PM) Hahn live stream press conference here: http://www.csnchicago.com/live-white-sox-2017 Thanks for the link!
  20. QUOTE (Soxbadger @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 08:56 PM) Nothing will match the Nomar thread though. Back then it was just crazy speculation and alleged insiders on message boards. Ah, good times.
  21. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 07:44 PM) Give me one bourbon, one scotch, one beer (We're) having a record year
  22. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 07:25 PM) Oh, you meant like you personally Yessir
  23. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 07:25 PM) Umm, last Thursday? Haha, I meant me personally. i.e. Actively on the board, refreshing the page, and following along with everyone. I wasn't online when the Quintana trade went down. I was in meetings and kept seeing texts, but couldn't read up on anything until hours afterwards.
  24. QUOTE (NCsoxfan @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 07:15 PM) Lol, 406 users are reading this topic Feels good to be around when a potential big trade is going down. Haven't been able to do this in a couple years. Forgot how exciting (yet time wasting) it is.
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