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  1. Looks like I'll be moving to Belgium in October to manage a project for my company over there. 12 month stint. Only possible holdup is that the potential client hasn't officially signed, but we're starting the visa process because we're far enough in negotiations. I've never been to Europe, but I'm pumped. Going to try to travel to as many places as I can.
  2. Agreed with the posts above. There is zero downside to adding Aguayo. If he can rediscover the way he kicked in college, we have a kicker for the next decade. If he doesn't, just cut him. I really like taking the chance, even if it's slim.
  3. I like it. Solid way to use the international pool money that we won't spend.
  4. QUOTE (TheTruth05 @ Aug 10, 2017 -> 09:16 PM) It's preseason.its the first game.I don't care I'm hyped about Trubisky after watching that. This. Preseason, 2nd string defense, etc. I get it. But we have so little to look forward to as Bears fans, I'm allowing myself to be excited after that performance. And it wasn't the stats - it was the way he did it. Looked totally comfortable out there. And his athleticism was readily apparent, as well as his arm strength and accuracy. There were a couple bad drops by the WRs too. I loved that they brought him in for the 2 minutes drill for his first drive. Nice pressure situation to be thrown into... but alas, yes, it's just preseason. But it's better than him looking over-matched.
  5. Good stuff! Can't wait to see the rest of the list. It's refreshing to see so many guys on the "just missed" list that would have definitely been ranked just a few months ago.
  6. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jul 25, 2017 -> 08:52 PM) Let me ask you this... If we were a contending team, and we needed an arm in the bullpen, and we went out and traded Adam Engel for a guy that has performed as well as Swarzak has, how would you feel? Soxtalk would have been f***ing ecstatic about such a deal. You're right that if we were a contender and traded Engel for Swarzak, I'd be happy about it. But if we traded anything better than Engel for 2 months of a dude who has zero track record, I'd be disappointed. To me, it's a fair deal for both sides.
  7. @JeffPassan 8m8 minutes ago Ryan Cordell, who's headed to the White Sox for Anthony Swarzak, an under-the-radar favorite for a lot of scouts. Big-league-ready-now guy. @JeffPassan 2m2 minutes ago How rebuilding is done: Sign guy in late January to minor league deal (Swarzak), turn him into legit prospect (Cordell). Bravo, White Sox. Well said, Passan.
  8. QUOTE (Heads22 @ Jul 25, 2017 -> 05:30 PM) This dude has a much better chance of actually making a roster. He may come up when Melky goes. My thought as well... Plus, Swarzak is a rental. I actually expected less, like someone in the 25-30 range. If Cordell can be a solid 4th OF type, then great. Otherwise, no real loss.
  9. QUOTE (MDWhiteSoxFan @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 10:09 PM) Moncada is coming! I'm excited. I had been keen on the idea of letting him stay in AAA, but how could you not be excited about the #1 prospect getting the call? My regret is not going to watch him play in-person for Charlotte when I had a few opportunities to do it.
  10. QUOTE (Sockin @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 09:58 PM) Hahn live stream press conference here: http://www.csnchicago.com/live-white-sox-2017 Thanks for the link!
  11. QUOTE (Soxbadger @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 08:56 PM) Nothing will match the Nomar thread though. Back then it was just crazy speculation and alleged insiders on message boards. Ah, good times.
  12. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 07:44 PM) Give me one bourbon, one scotch, one beer (We're) having a record year
  13. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 07:25 PM) Oh, you meant like you personally Yessir
  14. QUOTE (iamshack @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 07:25 PM) Umm, last Thursday? Haha, I meant me personally. i.e. Actively on the board, refreshing the page, and following along with everyone. I wasn't online when the Quintana trade went down. I was in meetings and kept seeing texts, but couldn't read up on anything until hours afterwards.
  15. QUOTE (NCsoxfan @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 07:15 PM) Lol, 406 users are reading this topic Feels good to be around when a potential big trade is going down. Haven't been able to do this in a couple years. Forgot how exciting (yet time wasting) it is.
  16. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Apr 29, 2017 -> 01:26 PM) 5 picks, only 1 defensive player, and 3 guys from D2 schools. I hope Pace is as smart as he thinks he is. Pretty confident that he is not. This was a bad draft. I really hope I am wrong, but I doubt it. I can't get over how few picks we ended up with. We badly needed to accumulate picks. This team has too many holes.
  17. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Apr 27, 2017 -> 08:23 PM) This draft is deep in the middle and we trade away picks? Moronic. I'm stunned... but I shouldn't be. I know the Bears are incompetent. I get hyped every year to only be disappointed. I really don't know why I do this to myself. But yeah, incredibly deep draft class and we have needs all over the field and we trade away those assets to get an average QB. Everyone was hyping him in the Fall, so I made a point to watch several UNC games and I was highly unimpressed. As you said earlier, he just isn't good. The sad part is already knowing that we'll do it all over again in 3-4 years with a new front office. I just want competency. Green Bay, Pittsburgh, etc. Teams like that are so well run. Why can't we be that? Football is not hard. It really isn't too much to ask for.
  18. QUOTE (Brian @ Apr 27, 2017 -> 07:23 PM) Why am I a Bears fan? I've been wondering this for the last few years. I may seriously give up. They are my favorite pro sports team, the team I follow the most... but why? They haven't done s*** in my 3 decades on this earth to warrant me caring as much as I do. We are a garbage franchise. What a f***ing joke. Pace sucks. Dude comes into a situation where we are completely devoid of talent and depth, and way behind our peers in the division. And what does he do? He trades away picks in every draft when he should be doing the opposite by acquiring more picks. Don't forget where he traded a 6th round pick for Khari Lee. A UDFA who the Texans were going to cut anyway. Trading up for Floyd was completely stupid last year, and this Trubisky trade... my god, I can't even put into words how bad it is.
  19. That was absolutely absurd. In all my years of flying, I've never seen anything like that. Regarding general airline conversation: Living in Atlanta, I only fly Delta. That's a combination of having status, and the fact that I can fly anywhere non-stop + fares are generally good price. Once I lose status, I'll go back to flying Southwest or Delta - whichever is cheaper. I always liked SW a lot. But I've never heard a good thing about United, which is sad. How does such a major airline have such issues?
  20. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Mar 8, 2017 -> 02:17 PM) Alshon Jeffrey? Oh, never mind Well yeah, that's a topic for another discussion.
  21. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Mar 8, 2017 -> 01:17 PM) If there is a ton of guaranteed money, I don't like it. If the guaranteed money is right, I have no major problem with it. If we just sign him and ignore QB in the draft, I'll be irate. Agreed. It's all about the guaranteed money for me. Due to several draft misses in 2014/2015, we don't have many folks up for big contract renewal in the next 2 years. So let's say Glennon gets $30M guaranteed over 2 years (which I still think is bad, but hear me out...), we have so much cap space that it doesn't hurt us much. Where else are we going to spend that money? Fuller? No. Ferguson? No. Sutton? No. Carey? No. Grasu? No. Langford? No. Amos. No. White? Maybe. Goldman. Probably.
  22. QUOTE (shipps @ Mar 7, 2017 -> 10:45 AM) Alex Marvez‏Verified account @alexmarvez 8m8 minutes ago More Not sure if out there but source tells @sn_nfl that @ChicagoBears expected to make push to sign @Vikings UFA WR @ceeflashpee84 Cordarrelle Patterson doing anything for ya? Check my signature... In all seriousness, I've been a firm believer that Minnesota never used CP properly. Is he smart? Probably not. Can he learn a playbook? Maybe. But he's so damn talented, you figure out a way to get the ball in his hands and let him go to work. During the 2nd half of his rookie year they found ways to let him get in the open field (as a RB, screens, etc) and let him do his thing. It was his best year. Then Norv Turner came in and he never did much else. I'd like adding him as a 3rd/4th WR, and yeah, as a return man, he'd be a significant upgrade.
  23. dasox24

    Lent Thread

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Mar 2, 2017 -> 02:15 PM) This is such a problem. I don't have a problem giving up the long drunken Friday/Saturday nights I have a problem giving up the random 2-3 IPAs I have after a long work day with a friend/girlfriend. Ha, I'm the exact opposite. I rarely drink during the work week, but come Friday and Saturday, it's time to go hard. This is likely because I'm single. Oh, and I didn't give up anything for Lent. But I do adhere to not eating meat on Fridays.
  24. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jan 1, 2017 -> 11:42 AM) A new season of SHERLOCK kicks off on PBS tonight!!! I had no idea that Sherlock was back! f*** yes.
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