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Sox at San Fran 7/1/22 game thread I left my manager in San Francisco

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5 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

Cobb has pitched much better than his ERA suggests. He's going to be tough, particularly on all of the righties.

If his era was 8 the Sox couldn't hit him.  They always struggle against high era guys.

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Just now, Harry Chappas said:

I think he has value if used properly. 

Still mashes lefties and could probably do alright if used against certain RH starters. But he has been overexposed playing every day this year.

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1 minute ago, Harry Chappas said:

What options are there?   Hell look at what the Dodgers have for depth. 

$10M is not breaking anything.

Him getting traded back to the Dodgers makes a ton of sense. I don't think it's a given Pollock opts in given how the rest of this season goes.

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