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ST: 3/23- Sox vs Giants, NBCSC, 3:05


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2 hours ago, almagest said:

This game stinks

I had stuff to do today and just got home.

Read the thread.

Now I don't feel bad about missing it.

It sounds like we all need to have a synchronized toilet flush with a chorus or two of "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" to cast a good health spell on our starters in hopes they will be available opening day.

Or opening week.

Or opening...

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1 hour ago, pcq said:

If Vaughn drives off a cliff then Burger has a reason to exist.

When the Sox play every day there is not enough time in between to complain.


If Vaughn is injured/has a bad season then the Sox really missed a chance to gain a useful piece for him and roll with a Sheets/Burger platoon. 

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