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Padres Thread 2023


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The REAL QUESTION is does ownership finally impose some accountability and REMOVE a guy who is not real great at his job/. We have been watching this slow-motion train wreck that has gone on with all sorts of 'different 'plans go on for 8 years now. We have seen several trade where way too much was given up. We waited years to accumulate and start development of prospects only to have them all shipped out for WAY TOO little value. Giving up 4 blue chip prospects for 2 years of Soto was Cray Cray bad. GM malpractice
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A playoff appearance with keep him around for another year
The Soto trade was made by preller was a desperation attempt at a WS victory and some job security that would have with it
It was a longshot and preller himself is starting to realize that his tenure here is winding down, with the reality that not making the playoffs this season will be the catalyst for his dismissal
Ownership needs to reign Preller in and not allow him to make any more of those type trades,, trades that are designed for the short term aggrandizement of preller to try to stay around another year or two
The ornerwship was bamboozed by this guy for far too long
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8 years and 8 months. We’ve seen … Three, arguably four, organizational resets (aka “house cleanings”); wiping out a pretty good farm, rebuilding it, wiping it out again; two suspensions by MLB and a team fine for breaking international scouting rules; losing Luis Castillo because he was about to be suspended for keeping two sets of medical records … And that’s without even mentioning any of his questionable trades and signings, roster construction issues, or interference with managers and lineups.
“GM malpractice” is putting it lightly.
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"I remember, wondered why they didn't give a few of them more chances (Brent Rooker, who had 7 at bats with SD last year after being discarded by the Twins, but has nowvsuddenly morphed into he best hitter in MLB for Oakland). It can take awhile to get adjusted, look at Mr. Adam Engel, I don't think he'll ever make the adjustment."

SD fan at gaslampball.com

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Preller has some Hahn in him; doesn't appear to be great at building a team.   And he started off like Hahn, trading for veterans.

There are distinguishing features of course:  Preller is a superior evaluator of young prospects,  the players he's assembled are superior to anything Hahn's put together, etc.

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Could be a White Sox thread. 

Fire Preller and Melvin. 

Too many divas with long term contracts. Machado the primary target this year after near MVP season last. 

On track for worst hitting with RISP of any team in the modern era and maybe 100+ years back.  That seems like it will eventually return to mean. 

No team concept, just a collection of talent. 

Future mortgaged for the present/minors gutted by trades for Clevinger Soto Hader etc. 

Every bounce goes the exact wrong way. 

They were one strike away from being tied at +4 with LAD and have given up seven games in the standings in roughly ten days (2-9,  just lost 2/3 to KC at home) 

Crying Kershaw meme on scoreboard jinxed them lol. 

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20 hours ago, maxjusttyped said:

4 games under .500 as things stand today and now Manny Machado has a "small" fracture in his hand


The way he was hitting this year it can't do much to hurt them because numbers with RISP have been historically awful.  Beyond horrific. 

Two of least winning franchises in MLB history. 

Ozzie Smith Gwynn Trevor Hoffman basically it for stars going back to early 80s. 

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Like the White Sox, held a team meeting after struggling (for wins and answers/solutions) with KC:


What, exactly, does that look like? To a man, the Padres are adamant their work and game preparation are there. I’ve seen nothing to believe that’s not true. If anything, they’re searching too hard for those answers.

It seems likely that all of this was discussed among the players in the home clubhouse on Wednesday afternoon.

I thought Joe Musgrove gave an insightful answer on that front. The expectations around this Padres team were perhaps as high as they’ve ever been. But those expectations -- externally, at least -- were a bit too big-picture. Baseball cannot be played with the big-picture in mind.

Baseball -- and I’m going to use a cliché that I can’t stand, but it’s the only way to describe it -- must be played one game at a time.

“The expectations for the team, I think, have been in the wrong place, if that makes any sense,” Musgrove said. “The expectations need to be on the quality of work. The expectation of what you’re bringing to the team every day, making sure that you’re showing up and doing all these things right to be your best on the field.

“The expectation shouldn’t be that we’re going to kick everyone’s [butt] every night, that we’re going to win 115 games. The expectation is for us to show up, do the work that we need to do, and then let it all translate out on the field.”


AJ Casavell, MLB.com

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