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Padres Thread 2023


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At the big league level, the Padres' 2023 season was a full-scale disappointment. At the Minor League level? It has to be considered a success.

The Padres, again, were tasked with rebuilding their system in the wake of a number of blockbuster trades. Again, they appear to be making it happen.

MLB Pipeline recently ranked the Padres' farm as the sport's No. 9 overall system. Not bad for a group that had significant departures in the deals that landed Juan Soto and Josh Hader last summer.

Here’s a quick rundown of that system:

3 players who forced their way onto the radar this year ...

C Ethan Salas

It has to start with Salas. The 17-year-old catcher bucked every convention this year, becoming the youngest player at Double-A in at least nine years. The most impressive part: Salas held his own at nearly every stop. The Padres haven't been shy in their praise of Salas. Upon his signing, scouting director Chris Kemp called him the best prospect he'd ever scouted. Salas has already skyrocketed to the sport’s No. 5 overall prospect. He’s still probably a year or two away from making an impact in the Majors, but he’s the type of young player the Padres can plan to build around.



OF Dillon Head

Like they did with so many of their younger prospects this season, the Padres asked an awful lot of Head. Selected in the first round of the July Draft, the Padres promoted Head to Single-A Lake Elsinore. That’s quite a jump for an 18-year-old who was playing high school ball in the spring. Look for Head to assert himself in his first full season of pro ball in 2024 -- a speedster with an excellent glove and the potential to grow into some pop.


1 big question for next season …

Will the Padres use this revamped farm system to build from within?

The 2023 Major League roster was a mishmash of external acquisitions. Whether trades or free-agent signings, the Padres’ biggest contributors weren’t homegrown. Meanwhile, manager Bob Melvin regularly noted the importance of bringing players along through the system, while teaching and implementing an organizational playing style.

The 2024 Padres seem poised to have a number of homegrown players battling for roster spots. In addition to Pauley, Jairo Iriarte, Adam Mazur, Ryan Bergert, Jakob Marsee and Nathan Martorella are all players who progressed to Double-A this season and could get camp invites.

"We feel confident that, from a farm-system standpoint, we’ve got a group that is now getting to Double-A and the upper levels that is going to be able to help us and provide some more of that depth component," general manager A.J. Preller said last week when pressed on the team’s lack of roster depth in 2023.

But the Padres have had Minor League depth before. They’ve often used that depth as capital to acquire big-name players in trades.

Now, here we are entering a crucial season for the organization. The Padres again have depth in their farm system. They again have holes on their big league roster that could be addressed via trade. Stay tuned this winter.

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7 hours ago, Bob Sacamano said:

Only Caulfield can keep a Padres thread alive on a White Sox message board in October.

Their organization is a lot more interesting considering their lineup failed this year.  A knee jerk cheap owner would sell of players. That same group might do better next season.

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1 hour ago, fathom said:

These assholes are gonna trade Soto to the Cubs



They would have to trade a boatload of pitching which they don't really have...at any rate, PCA and a pitcher plus.

They won't want Owen Cassie back in all likelihood as that make Preller look bad.


Even before the rumors, it was reported that the Yankees, Cubs, Mets, Giants, Phillies, and even the Guardians would be interested, if Soto became available.
Now we've seen the first two possibly inquiring about a possible trade. There will be likely rumors about the others, as GMs perform due diligence.
Nothing will get serious until the GM meetings in November, after the World Series, and even that will probably be just discussing a preliminary framework for a deal. There will be deals before, during, and after the Winter meetings.
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2 hours ago, Bob Sacamano said:

Caulfield is in shambles

You're forgetting the key point that BALLY SPORTS/SINCLAIR's business operations put the Padres in this position.

If they had simply honored their contracts to around 15 clubs, this situation wouldn't have arisen.

It's interesting to note that this amount ($50 million) is relatively in the same neighborhood of the amount SD was supposed to receive from their RSN deal with Bally for carriage rights.



I guess the lesson in the end is never to aspire to build a championship team if you're a small market club, that everyone should simply copy the White Sox business model of never overextending yourself for the fans, lol.

In fact, because of this, they probably will trade Juan Soto to the Cubs because they're certainly not going to be able to afford his extension with Machado, Bogaerts, Tatis, Musgrove, Darvish, etc., still on the payroll.

Best not to aspire to greatness at all IMO. 



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"It appears we are down to a final three. According to MLB Network insider Jon Paul Morosi, those candidates include Padres senior advisor Mike Shildt (former StL manager controversially pushed out) and bench coach Ryan Flaherty as well as Angels infield coach Benji Gil."


Has to be the last managerial hire Preller ever gets in SD.

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