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Padres Thread 2023


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Padres: C Ethan Salas (No. 2)
Not that Salas matters all that much to the 2023 Padres. They aren’t trading him. He’s not going to impact the big league club anytime soon. But holy smokes, this kid is something else. The top international prospect in the most recent class, Salas went directly to the California League -- at 16 years old. He’s holding his own there, too, posting an .881 OPS with reports of solid defense and game management. Padres scouting director Chris Kemp recently called Salas the best young player he’d ever scouted. That statement looks less and less hyperbolic by the day.


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In some ways, a win like this -- at this point in the season -- felt a bit cruel. The Padres’ record in late-and-close situations has been re-hashed ad nauseam. They’re 0-11 in extra innings, 6-22 in one-run games and 19-41 in one-or-two-run games. Not only was Monday’s win the largest comeback win of the season, but it marked only the seventh time this year they had overcome a deficit of at least two runs.

“At the end of the day, it wasn’t that we didn’t want it to happen earlier in the season,” Soto said. “We’ve just got to follow through it. We’re learning a lot from this year, and we keep grinding. We keep fighting.”

Credit the Padres with that much at least. Their season appears destined to end earlier than they’d ever anticipated. Yet, they’re clearly still playing hard, clinging to the notion that  -- mathematically -- they’re still alive.

And for one night, they looked like the team they always thought they could be. In fact, this game felt like a version of what I think we all expected from the NL West race this season.




+ 64 RS/RA

EXP W/L    79-66


AJ Casavell, mlb.com


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