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  1. Hahn’s offseason has been awful. He replaced young mediocre players with older and/or more expensive mediocre players. Just terrible. I’d rather have stuck with Kevan Smith, Avisail Garcia, and Matt Davidson than paid $15.5 million to the pile of crap that is McCann, Jay, and Alonso.
  2. Moan4Yoan

    Signing Luke Heimlich: Acceptable or Quit being a fan worthy?

    Look no further than the Cubs and Russell. Most Cubs fans want him gone and their front office is making it worse by keeping him around. This would be a terrible move for the Sox, especially for a front office that is already despised for failing to deliver this offseason.
  3. Moan4Yoan

    Should the White Sox experiment with the "opener"?

    Do you currently stop watching a baseball game in the late innings because none of hitters have a chance against all of the flame-throwing relievers that enter the game? The fact is that starters can be hit and relievers can be hit. You are worrying about something that won’t happen.
  4. Moan4Yoan

    To anyone "qutting being a Sox fan"

    Wow, Kenny posts here?
  5. Moan4Yoan

    Sox Therapy Thread-Enter at your own risk

    Does Kenny ever provide a quote to the media that ISN’T stupid?
  6. Moan4Yoan

    To anyone "qutting being a Sox fan"

    I don’t agree at all. Do you think Machado and Harper loved San Diego and Philly? They took the best offers, period. They likely would have both been White Sox for the same offers that they signed for. In fact, Boras came back to the Sox to see if they wanted to match Harper’s offer and the Sox said no.
  7. Moan4Yoan

    To anyone "qutting being a Sox fan"

    It couldn’t be much worse than it already is but just imagine if Hahn successfully traded for Machado last offseason and failed to resign him.
  8. Moan4Yoan

    Last Two Offseasons

    Sad when Palka, Vieira, Ruiz, and Rondon are your best moves.
  9. Moan4Yoan

    To anyone "qutting being a Sox fan"

    If you are excited that they offered $250 when $50 million more was required, then you are feeding right into JR, Kenny, and Hahn’s hands. Get back to me when that $250 million is actually spent.
  10. Moan4Yoan

    To anyone "qutting being a Sox fan"

    Jerry Reinsdorf approves of this post.
  11. Harper obviously didn’t want to go to Philly. Crappy city and fans. But JR wouldn’t show him the money.
  12. I heard on The Score that George Ofman reported that Boras came back to the Sox to see if they would offer $330. The Sox weren’t interested.
  13. What does it really matter? They are in NBA hell. No top star wants to sign with Chicago. And now Jerry has done the same to his baseball team.
  14. Anyone who could throw out the these quotes is an imbecile. “People are lost on the fact that on a yearly basis our offer was more than San Diego’s. The average annual value was 31 [million] and change. So it was about years guaranteed. So there is an argument that could be made that our offer was the better of the two. It certainly had more upside for him. All he had to do was basically stay healthy.’’ “I believe we got in the room with Manny Machado and Bryce Harper and if we were able to afford, they absolutely wanted to come here,’’ he said. “That was expressed to us. That’s all I can go by.’’
  15. I like how Kenny still thinks the chance at making more money is a better contract offer than one with more guaranteed money. The guy is an egomaniac as well — he really clicked with Harper? Yeah, I’m sure. I also like how Kenny admits Harper was out of the Sox range, yet Hahn kept spewing on and on all offseason about how he is not limited financially. Two clowns who aren’t even on the same page as to what they say to the media. Hahn, go work for a law firm. Kenny, go to any other team and draft all the football players you want that suck at baseball. Please leave my favorite team, both of you clowns.
  16. Moan4Yoan

    Why you should not want Reinsdorf to sell the SOX

    Who is that clear to exactly? Sorry, I don’t buy Rick’s bullshit anymore and you shouldn’t either. Willing to spend on their own terms does not equal willing to spend at market value/rate. And if you aren’t willing to spend at the level the market requires, you aren’t signing top free agents.
  17. Moan4Yoan

    Way to take responsibility Welly.

    I believe he blamed the tester and destroyed his career. Then later, he admitted to it.
  18. Moan4Yoan

    Way to take responsibility Welly.

    Pretty much the canned response for anyone who gets caught.
  19. Moan4Yoan

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    He has to be up this year. Keeping him down two weeks is the most you can scam him of a la Kris Bryant. It’s obvious he’s ready for the majors and his timetable can’t be solely dependent on the state of the rebuild and the Sox potentially not truly competing until the 2020 season. Just like how signing Harper this offseason wouldn’t be a waste, because you would have him for several more years in your window of competitiveness.
  20. Moan4Yoan

    Nolan Arenado to sign extension with the Rockies

    Who cares? More than one team is always better for negotiating? Just like job offers.
  21. Moan4Yoan

    Nolan Arenado to sign extension with the Rockies

    So are we all in agreement that this proves the Sox offer to Machado was not market value? Arenado got $10 million more in guaranteed money than the Sox offer to Machado and Arenado only had the option to negotiate with one team. If he hits free agency, he likely gets more than $260 million from some team. The Sox need to nut up and sign Harper to make up for their embarrassing Machado negotiations.
  22. Moan4Yoan

    Dane Dunning: No TJS just yet, rest and monitor

    It’s good to know about it before he is in the majors but I expect a TJ surgery in his near future.
  23. Moan4Yoan

    Nolan Arenado to sign extension with the Rockies

    Great point. Hahn can’t really argue that the money will be spent anymore. There are no players available next offseason that are worth $250+ million. It’s Harper or bust.
  24. Moan4Yoan

    Nolan Arenado to sign extension with the Rockies

    Like I’ve been repeating over and over, anyone who thinks that missing out on Machado and Harper is no big deal because they can sign other free agents in the future is nuts. If the Rockies didn’t lock up Arenado, the Yankees would have next offseason. Who is the next best guy available next offseason — Anthony Rendon? Total meh. This was the key offseason to sign a 26 year old stud. But at least Hahn contributed to the offseason by giving the Rockies a framework for Arenado’s deal. And the Rockies STILL gave more guaranteed money to Arenado than the Sox offered Machado.
  25. Moan4Yoan

    Water carrying from the white sox community

    Well, as a listener I will always remember that Parkins interview over all others in which Paxson is served up questions on a tee to give a bunch of boring clicheed responses.