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  1. RG23SoxFan

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    I don't know if how they handled him was correct or not, but I agree with you that if he is able to pitch in playoff games I am satisfied as well. I prefer a more conservative approach when handling young pitchers and/or pitchers coming off serious injuries.
  2. RG23SoxFan

    Engel hurt again, Tepera progressing

    Has to be frustrating for Engel. Seems like it will take a full offseason for him to heal.
  3. RG23SoxFan

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    I respectfully disagree. There is a big difference between commenting on what's happening in a game and what occurs behind the scenes. We all as fans are able to watch the games and at least have partial information to form an advised opinion on that. In regards to something like how Kopech is being handled by the organization you are flying in the dark trying to figure that out unless you have inside information. We know nothing about discussion the organization has had with doctors, with Kopech himself, etc.. Just a ton of information missing so not sure how anyone can confidently state how things should have been done with him and how the White Sox got it wrong.
  4. RG23SoxFan

    Kopech Starting Game 2

    I don't know if the White Sox are mismanaging Kopech and/or Crochet. I DO know that no one on a fan message board knows either. It is laughable reading the comments from the experts on here lol.
  5. RG23SoxFan

    9/20/21 White Sox @ Tigers 5:40pm

    Yes, sounds pretty unlikely to me as well.
  6. RG23SoxFan

    9/18 White Sox @ Rangers, 6:05

    This...3 hits against the Rangers almost should automatically eliminate you from the postseason lol
  7. RG23SoxFan

    9/17 GT: White Sox @ Rangers 7:05 PM

    Lol, sorry yes that sucked. Yes, if your a White Sox fan that baserunning blunder by Dybzinski is unforgettable unfortunately.
  8. RG23SoxFan

    9/17 GT: White Sox @ Rangers 7:05 PM

    Why does that offend you?
  9. RG23SoxFan

    Future rotation may look like this

    I think if he really reached back he could still throw 100+, but guess Idk for sure. This is why I am thinking the drop in velocity is by design because I don't think they realistically believe he could throw 5 or 6 innings per start consistently throwing several 100+ pitches. I don't feel like they have handled him poorly and if they want him to start eventually it makes sense for him to dial it back and hopefully develop a third pitch.
  10. RG23SoxFan

    Future rotation may look like this

    So are you meaning as possibly a closer in the future? I have been thinking that his drop in velocity this season has a lot to do with prepping him to eventually be a starter.
  11. RG23SoxFan

    Future rotation may look like this

    I am not saying this is incorrect, but why not? I can't imagine they will be satisfied with a first round pick being a middle reliever.
  12. RG23SoxFan

    Vaughn's legs are bothering him

    Lol, I hadn't been on the board yesterday until after the Bears debacle.
  13. RG23SoxFan

    Vaughn's legs are bothering him

    Couldn't agree more, you can't make this stuff up. Seriously, how can someone complain about him for weeks (especially his hitting with RISP) and then want him to bat with RISP in extra innings? Not sure how anyone can't understand that he is a young player that obviously hit a wall in his first MLB season.
  14. RG23SoxFan

    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

    Yes, while it was a frustrating loss it tells you nothing about how they will perform in the playoffs. Best thing I saw tonight was the way Kopech pitched tonight. If they are going to succeed in the playoffs to me it's a must we have the dominating version of Kopech.
  15. RG23SoxFan

    GT 9/11: BOS @ SOX, 6:10

    Sheets wouldn't have done anything against that pitcher.