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  1. I agree with your comment that most average to good managers don't affect their team's performance all that much. Ozzie probably had about the normal impact on them winning in 2005 as most managers do. I think Ozzie understands the game better than you think, but the roster construction decisions will be poor which makes this managerial decision inconsequential.
  2. Not the sole reason, but are you suggesting he didn't have a big part in it? If so, then I guess you're saying teams are able to win no matter who the manages them. If so, then why does it matter who they hire now?
  3. I am with you, would be happy if Benetti didn't come back.
  4. I expect them to give the fans one last false hope. Minnesota beats Cleveland tomorrow so Cleveland comes to town up 3 games. White Sox beat them Tuesday & Wednesday to get within a game and then Giolito lets up 7 runs in the top of the 1st on Thursday. So they lose the season series and end up tying for the division.
  5. If Liam doesn't pitch the 10th there probably isn't an 11th.
  6. yeah and right after that was a ground ball that would have been a double play.
  7. This will put us 4 behind Cleveland in loss column. Pretty much have to win all 4 against them now.
  8. Andrus drops a ball right in his mitt and it is a double? Moncada walks after the ball, WTF?
  9. If that's the case he is going to lose his voice this afternoon.
  10. The head to head games against Cleveland are way too important to have Giolito anywhere near them. Need to do whatever is necessary to make sure Cease pitches in 2 of those games. If they are going to win the division I think they need to win at least 3 of the remaining 4 vs. Cleveland.
  11. They should therefore you know they won't.
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