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  1. I am no Benetti fan but yes this would be even worse.
  2. Lol, seriously you're that invested in the TV commentator for the White Sox? I already acknowledged I realize I am in a small minority that were happy to see him leave. I am sorry that me not being a big Jason Benetti fan like you is so upsetting.
  3. It's appeasing to me lol. I know I am in the very small minority but couldn't stand listening to the clown. As much as I like listening to Stone I would mute it when watching the games.
  4. This restores some faith that the White Sox are still capable of making good decisions. If morons on the Score are in an uproar over it then you know you did the right thing.
  5. Currently this is such a mess that it would be a major leap to get to relevant. Trying to patch the team back together on a budget means another 90+ loss season again next year.
  6. Rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic...
  7. I actually hope it is that he is injured, because the alternative is that he just sucks.
  8. It is just mind boggling that this is so hard to figure out. Why not hire someone from a good organization that has witnessed how it is done? Instead hire someone internally who has witnessed exactly how not to do it and had a hand in it. Then if they dare to look outside of the organization they look for people from the Kansas City f'in Royals? You are one of the worst handful of teams in baseball and so if you look outside you look to one of the few that are possibly worse? You can't make this stuff up.
  9. I'd rather they hire a beer vendor for the Rays than Getz.
  10. Is a grown man really admitting he received texts that hurt his feelings? Seriously I am astonished anyone would care about this. Even funnier to me is that he runs to Bud Selig and reports the texts lol.
  11. Jeez talk about kicking someone when they're down...Being a White Sox fan is bad enough and then you have to remind everyone about Trestman lol.
  12. Not saying it is wrong for TA to say something but don't think a smartass comment in front of other teammates is the approach a good leader takes. It's not surprising that type of comment wasn't received well.
  13. If the story is true then you're saying that TA conducted himself in a way you want someone to in a professional organization? They sound like a pair of dimwits and both should be sent packing.
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