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  1. I was unfortunately the passenger in a car listening to ESPN 1000.
  2. I've barely heard a peep from the local media likes of Levine, Garfien, etc. I listened to the radio a bit this morning and heard nothing as well.
  3. Hire the best person for the job. If that is Hinch or Cora, so be it. We won't be up in arms if the Sox bring in Springer to be their right fielder next year.
  4. soxfan3530

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    So for the people that are anti-Hinch, does that mean they are against signing Springer this offseason as well?
  5. soxfan3530

    Hinch a leading candidate for Sox mgr job

    I remember Raul Ibanez getting some buzz last year for open jobs. Wonder if the Sox would kick the tires on him?
  6. soxfan3530

    Hinch a leading candidate for Sox mgr job

    Sign me up for Alomar.
  7. soxfan3530

    7/25 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    Honest question from someone who didn’t pay much attention to the preseason. Why isn’t Gio in the rotation? I trust him over Lopez and Rodon.
  8. Give me Brock Holt. He can start at 2B until Madrigal is ready and then play above average D all over the diamond with a decent bat.
  9. soxfan3530

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

    Did Mark Buehrle really lead the decade in wins and innings pitched?
  10. soxfan3530

    Remaining Wish List

    Any chance they bring back Yolmer on a cheaper deal to be the 2B stopgap then utility infielder/defensive sub?
  11. How do we feel about the Keuchel deal after Ryu? I’m still good with it.
  12. Why are people acting like EE is washed up and not good anymore? He would instantly be one of the top 4 bats in our lineup.
  13. soxfan3530

    Remaining Wish List

    Give me EE and one of the top relievers and I’ll be very satisfied.