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  1. Am I the only one feeling like something is going down? Silence is usually good with the White Sox.
  2. As we seem to reach the end eh?
  3. I imagine if the Philly offer was indeed extended yesterday, it's now being shopped to the White Sox to counter. Could explain the silence.
  4. C'mon thread. Do something. @macsandz @Mbs1969 Source friends, anything fun or new to report?
  5. Yup. Thread needs a jolt. Where our sources at?
  6. To be fair, game threads are awful lately and full of people just spouting nothing but negative garbage and insulting players. I don't blame people for staying out of those.
  7. It's awful. Did people not expect other teams to offer him a contract? Please.
  8. I sure hope so. I will have my popcorn ready.
  9. Oh right. What about which pitcher we should trade Nick Madrigal for?
  10. This thread is so bi-polar. I love it. It's given me weeks of entertainment. What will I do with my time when the Manny saga has reached it's stunning conclusion?
  11. Because many folks on this board have a massive Cubs inferiority complex.