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  1. DirtySox

    6/17 Games

    Mr. Burger playing 2B tonight. Interesting.
  2. DirtySox

    6/17 Sox @ Astros, 7:10 CT

  3. DirtySox

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-mock-draft-june-16-2021?t=mlb-draft-coverage Pipeline mock. Also, Colson Montgomery goes to the Cubs the pick before. 🤣
  4. DirtySox

    6/16 Rays @ Sox, 1:10 CT

    100% Despite the injuries this team has been a joy to watch this season.
  5. DirtySox

    6/16 Rays @ Sox, 1:10 CT

    That was not very Rays like.
  6. DirtySox

    Is Leury's time almost up

    Good thread thanks.
  7. DirtySox

    6/16 Rays @ Sox, 1:10 CT

    That looks like quite a healthy crowd for a Wednesday day game. Love to see it.
  8. DirtySox

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    BA does not have a scouting report on this kid. Seems he jumped from 401 to 219 in the rankings though. White Sox interest? Or just a guy you like? I'm always down to support an Iowa prospect. Pipeline has the following though. https://www.mlb.com/prospects/draft/brody-brecht-701679 Also mentioned in a helium piece.
  9. DirtySox

    6/16 Rays @ Sox, 1:10 CT

    I like you Lucas.
  10. DirtySox

    6/16 Games

    Have we had any updates on Kelley recently?
  11. DirtySox

    It's ridiculous. What's the deal with Yoelqui??

    I don't disagree with James on this one. Feel like many Sox fans think both Cespedes and Colas are slam dunks. Both are prospects and interesting for sure, but expectations should probably be tempered a bit. Would love to be proven wrong though.
  12. DirtySox

    Eduardo Escobar Rumor Thread

    Would they be interested in a Yogurt Sanchez in return?