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  1. DirtySox

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Holy moly. This is my guy.
  2. DirtySox

    2019 Prospect Injury Hit List

    I hate that this thread exists.
  3. I thought it was kinda telling when we saw Sosa play (he might have even started?) in one of the broadcast spring games with the big league regulars. He didn't look out of place. I reckon the organization is pretty high on him.
  4. DirtySox

    FS: White Sox Should Be Pleased With 3rd Pick

    I'm not sure I would consider Misner to have an extensive swing and miss profile. 16% strikeout rate isn't abhorrent. Especially as a corner bat profile with his power potential.
  5. DirtySox

    FS: White Sox Should Be Pleased With 3rd Pick

    I kind of wouldn't mind Lodolo shoving his way into top 5 consideration, but it seems so far that the general consensus is mid first rounder. Fangraphs just moved him to the top college pitcher today in their board update. 13th overall. Not that there is much competition outside of Manoah.
  6. DirtySox

    FS: White Sox Should Be Pleased With 3rd Pick

    It will truly be interesting to see what happens if both Adley and Vaughn go off the board at 1 and 2. How confident are we in the White Sox actually selecting a prep player? I wouldn't be shocked at a Misner or Stott selection over Witt based off recent organizational draft trends.
  7. DirtySox

    Zack Collins at First Base

    What? Why? And how/why did you compute 60 games?
  8. DirtySox

    Sox vs. Ariz. 03/17

    Yep. And the more you see it, the more fresh and clever it becomes.
  9. DirtySox

    2019 MLB draft thread

  10. DirtySox

    2019 MLB draft thread

  11. DirtySox

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Sheets will be forgotten once Vaughn is in the system. 🙂
  12. I don't know if I can go another season of hope-watching Giolito. It's maddening.