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  1. DirtySox

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Just keep losing boys!
  2. DirtySox

    Kopech Day IV- Gamethread

    Rofl. This thread is great. Never change game threads. Never change.
  3. DirtySox

    Happy Hawk Day Sept 2 game thread

    These new bullpen arms. Don't sleep yall.
  4. DirtySox

    Sept 1 call ups thread

    I'm pretty optimistic on the relief core going forward. Burr, Hamilton, Fry and Frare are all worth keeping an eye on as we go forward.
  5. DirtySox

    8/31 Games

    Rutherford HR.
  6. DirtySox

    Ian Hamilton Called Up

    Aw. No Hype for what could be a very special high leverage relief prospect? The White Sox bullpen could be a nightmare for opponents in the near future. Fry, Hamilton, and Burdi will be nasty to go through. Not to mention prospects like Tyler Johnson, Frare, Burr, and Ruiz.
  7. DirtySox

    Ian Hamilton Called Up

    So when does he start closing?
  8. DirtySox

    Eloy Will NOT Be Called Up

    As most people assumed.
  9. DirtySox

    Eloy's Camp Unhappy: Grievance Possible

    I feel if that was the case, this article and the agent comments wouldn't exist right now.
  10. https://fancredsports.com/articles/jon-heyman-eloy-jimenezs-camp-unhappy-hes-unlike
  11. DirtySox

    AFL Rosters to be Released Today

    Will be curious to see if Madrigal or Hansen go. Both missed time this year respectively.
  12. AFL rosters should be released today. Any guesses? Lots of candidates who missed time this year. Assuming health is in order I would love to see Dunning and Lambert pitching. Wouldn't mind seeing Luis Robert get some more reps on the position player side as well. Edit: