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  1. Probably nothing. Playing .500 ball through the the next week and a half, they’d (likely) only lose a few games in the standings. But they’ll be close enough not to justify any significant coaching changes.
  2. Flash Tizzle

    GT 5/13: Yankees @ SOX, 7:10 pm CT, NBCSC

    Right, and I’m not sure what it’ll take to remove the current group.
  3. Flash Tizzle

    GT 5/13: Yankees @ SOX, 7:10 pm CT, NBCSC

    Something about dangling the carrot, right? And so many White Sox fans are right there alongside Reinsdorf, as if its their money on the line. “Rodon isn’t worth the QO risk or a Two year deal.”
  4. Flash Tizzle

    GT 5/13: Yankees @ SOX, 7:10 pm CT, NBCSC

    B….b…but they have spent the money! Foolishly. Next offseason we’ll go through the same motions again
  5. Flash Tizzle

    Time to Sacrifice Dallas

    Dallas would probably agree it wasn’t his fault.
  6. Flash Tizzle

    Time to Sacrifice Dallas

    I honestly believe the players feel exactly the same as the fans during a Dallas start. His release wouldn’t be done to “shake up the team,” as much as removing waste and eliminating the feeling of an automatic loss before the 1st pitch. I don’t care who the body is replacing him, as long as it’s not another pitcher with a terrible attitude and an inability to locate a 89 mph fastball
  7. Flash Tizzle

    How Concerned Should We Be?

    By next Sun the weather should be heating up, and we can finally be rid of the cold weather excuse that only affected the White Sox….and not their opponents.
  8. Flash Tizzle

    TLR 2022 Thread

    I know we’re always going on about loyalty within the White Sox organization, but if we lose the next three to Kansas City I don’t see how he finishes out the week. Fortunately for TLR and JR, I’m sure we won't be swept by the Royals at home
  9. Flash Tizzle

    Sox @ Twins

    Cmon even Sano won’t chase a slider a foot off the plate. Waste of a pitch
  10. Flash Tizzle

    Sox @ Twins

  11. Flash Tizzle

    Eloy Out 6-8 Weeks

    He literally hurt himself running in a straight line. God forbid he has to move laterally using whatever fast twitch muscles are left in his legs. This was all probably due to the criticism he received yesterday for not running out the grounder. I’ll show them!
  12. Flash Tizzle

    GT 4/22: SOX @ Twins, 7:10 PM CT, NBCSC

    We all know deep down he’ll never be injured for a significant amount of time. Meanwhile Robert injures himself running in a straight line and Eloy is injured fouling a ball off his foot.
  13. Flash Tizzle

    White Sox vs Guardians GT 4/21/22

    Now I’m in a position where I’m cheering for the team, but rooting against Garcia. What’s better for the success of this ballclub? God forbid he plays well today in the 3 spot and it validates TLR’s lineup.
  14. I don’t think he would’ve pulled his starters and forfeited the game in the third inning. The more reasonable complaint is the ridiculousness of the game 2 lineup with the amounr of off days they’ve had recently. And his reluctance to sub in regulars into late inning matchups.
  15. Flash Tizzle

    Old Sock Drawer, ex Sox player discussion

    So……..it was a pitching problem, then.