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  1. KillahPriest

    6/30 Games

    Nah, at this point he should definitely get a look towards the end of the season or next as a backup C/DH option. He's hit everywhere in the minors.
  2. KillahPriest

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    Regardless of the Machado/Harper outcomes, would anybody be against signing Kimbrel and creating a lights out bullpen to help the younger staff?
  3. KillahPriest

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    Eh, I would say Grandal would fit that more then Encarnacion seeing as how Boozer & Yasmani are both FA's with good value heading in their 30's.
  4. KillahPriest

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    Of course, but what I'm saying is that those guys had their minds set on where they wanted to go regardless of the state of the Sox. They want the prestige AND the cash, not just the latter. The former is something the Sox cannot offer at this moment and whether you like it or not, its up to those "3 guys" to bring the franchise back to prominence.
  5. KillahPriest

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    What more could they do though? Its clear neither one of them wanted to go anywhere else other then their intended target: Yankees & Cubs. Its not like Kenny and Rick can put a gun to their heads and force their hands.
  6. KillahPriest

    Top 5 Least Favorite White Sox

    Jaime Navarro Jeff Samardzija David Wells Javier Vazquez Billy Koch HM: The fifth starter spot in 2003
  7. KillahPriest

    Top 5 Favorite White Sox of All-Time

    Thomas Dye Konerko Sale Buerhle
  8. KillahPriest

    Who will be the 1st free agent the White Sox sign ?

    What about Michael Taylor from the Nationals? If Soto/Robles/Eaton is the OF, then he could be available. If not Taylor, then perhaps Rusney Castillo from Boston who can't get playing time with a stacked OF. I'd look into those two until one of Robert/Basabe are ready to go. As far as the main topic of the thread goes, Jeurys Familia.
  9. KillahPriest

    2017-18 official NBA discussion thread

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jan 15, 2018 -> 05:13 PM) DAMN Lavine has 18-5-5 in 20 MINUtES And this is a big reason why the tank is officially OVER. Also, nobody thought Lauri would be this good this fast & Dunn looks like a competent starting PG. This won't be a big deal if Lauri & Lavine become stars.
  10. KillahPriest

    Offseason Trade Prediction

    David Robertson, Carlos Sanchez, Tyler Danish & Avi Garcia to the Yankees for Brian McCann, Michael Pineda & cash
  11. KillahPriest

    Rest of Offseason Poll

    Yadiel Hernandez & Doug Fister.
  12. KillahPriest


    QUOTE (BigHurt3515 @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 12:42 PM) I know he has been a hot topic among a handful of people and Rockies are planning on moving him so the question; What are you willing to give up in order to acquire Cargo? Trayce Thompson, Chris Beck & Daniel Webb. Take it or leave it. Not really that interested in him.