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    Was thinking about it last night. The White Sox won the World Series on October 26, 2005. On October 27th, imagine someone telling you that from now until at least 2022, the White Sox won't win another playoff series. Not only that, but imagine being told in those 17 years, Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn will still be in charge of things. 17 years.
  2. Tony

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    Oddly still haven’t responded to your ban bet. Weird…
  3. Tony

    PED suspension for Tatis Jr.

    Your shoulders have to be EXHAUSTED at this point, no? He’s 23 and shown to be an extraordinary talent. You’re trying to let Hahn off the hook for trading Tatis for James Shields….because the Padres gave him a ton of money? My goodness.
  4. Tony

    PED suspension for Tatis Jr.

    You're right, amazing trade by Rick. Bravo.
  5. Tony

    PED suspension for Tatis Jr.

    and somehow 12 random Padres from the 90’s will be mentioned
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  7. I started a new franchise in OOTP 22 about a month ago and picked the Jays. Wanted nothing to do with the Sox.
  8. Anyone that has been a fan of this franchise and has followed it even passively should expect the same, I don't know how you would expect anything different.
  9. I looked it up because I hadn't seen the data on this....the last White Sox team (that played a full season) to not have anyone hit over 20 HR's was.....1990. 32 fucking years ago.
  10. I absolutely agree with this, as would anyone who isn't a total idiot. Yes, Giolito and Lynn having 2021-type performances would help this team. You mentioned the game looks different when you play from behind. Scoring runs can also help not playing from behind.
  11. There is a decent chance this team doesn’t have a single hitter reach 20 HR’s. Gio and Lynn are far from the only issue on this roster.
  12. Good for you, Jas. Be a good dad and don’t subject him to this garbage.
  13. Guys, remember something. If you’re frustrated, so is Rick Hahn. He told us that at the trade deadline. Like us, he just wishes someone could have done something to help improve the roster that some guy built. We’re all in this together.
  14. My god, this is a really dark day if we lost elrockin. Sad times.
  15. Tony

    BA's Updated Top 30 - White Sox

    And does anyone feel like he's in the right organization to achieve those results?
  16. Tony

    2022 MLB catch all thread

    And are going to release Heyward after this season. He seems like a great dude and it’s not his fault someone offered him all that money, but that turned into just a terrible deal.
  17. Tony

    This is the Dumbest Team in Baseball

    When would you like this to start, @caulfield12?
  18. Tony

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    Listing out 18 random names that have nothing to do with any topic that was previously being talked about doesn’t count as “legitimate discussion.”
  19. Again, this is the only thing that matters with the organization, and it’s why there isn’t an easy answer. We all know Hahn and Kenny aren’t going anywhere. So if they blow it up again, why should we expect anything different? Additionally, this is NOT the same situation as last time. Because this season has gotten so bad, there is suddenly a ton of bad money on this team. Moncada, Eloy, even Robert don’t have a ton of value, if any at all. You trading Cease? So you’re going into a 5-6 year rebuild? If I was totally in charge, I fire the entire FO, as well as the coaching staff (obviously) but I try it again for the next two years with this core. They’ve invested too much at this point, you almost have to see it though. If it’s still the same lifeless ball by the trade deadline of 2023, I think I’m blowing it up.
  20. I haven’t watched as much lately, but it certainly seems like they have been told to take a specific approach at the plate. I just don’t understand how anyone in the organization can think this “plan” is working.
  21. That doesn’t mean you need to post shit not relevant to this thread. I know that’s your shtick, but no one wants it.
  22. Come on, we had a love fest on this board just last night about how Diekman was the missing piece!
  23. I did not see TA turning into a strikeout-proned Nick Madrigal.