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  1. Tony

    Jose Abreu

    Real talk: The Sox had zero issue trading Sale, Eaton and Q. Most of us didn’t know if they would have the stones to actually make the move, and not only did they do it, they traded Q to th Cubs. Additionally, seemingly all of us were happy with the returns on all three players. The rumors were strong on both Abreu and Garcia last offseason, but we saw 1B/OF market dry up. Clearly, the Sox didn’t see the value in moving either. You can be in the camp of trading Abreu, as I’ve said before, I can see the argument. What I don’t agree with is trading him just to trade him because you don’t think he’ll be in his prime during the Sox “window”. Does Robert sign with the Sox if Abreu wasn’t on this team? I don’t know that answer, but neither do you. I don’t know what he’s like in the locker room, but I know what I’ve read. I know I’ve seen him at children’s hospitals multiple times, representing the Sox with class. And most importantly, I’ve seen him be an All-Star level, middle of the order hitter for the Sox since the moment he got to Chicago. Sorry, there is more that goes into it than just “He’s going to be old and expensive when the window opens, trade him for whatever.” If you think it’s that simple, you don’t have a firm grasp on the reality of sports.
  2. Tony

    STAR WARS Everything

    No I know, I guess I just don’t know where it goes from here I guess.
  3. Tony

    5/26 Games

    Looks like we could see Stephens in the second half, would be a nice surprise.
  4. Tony

    Jose Abreu

    Would be a good way to piss off the franchise...
  5. Tony

    2018 MLB Draft

    Wonder how much these guys press in the final week, when you know you could be a Top 10 guy...
  6. Tony

    5/25 Games

    Man, what a comeback after a terrible start
  7. You’re on a White Sox message board on a Friday night in the middle of the summer, during one of the worst seasons of the franchise. I mean, kinda seems like you’re asking for it.
  8. Fry is real solid...makes it look easy
  9. On the flip side, this is kind of that perfect tank win.
  10. Moncada, the athlete, has to take charge there.
  11. Sorry, but ReyLo looks like a 10 year vet out there..
  12. Please be the real deal, ReyLo. Please.
  13. Tony

    Jose Abreu

    lol, like a lack of evidence has stopped greg before...
  14. Tony

    STAR WARS Everything

    Just got out. It was fun, but also nothing special. And I'm ok with that. In some ways, it was refreshing just to have a basic stand alone movie that was just meant to be fun, and didn't have to have these huge ramifications to the Skywalker saga. Thought the performances were all solid, not a huge fan of L3 (the droid), however. Also, the cameo at the end was fun. Not sure what the real point was, but it was fun.
  15. Tony

    STAR WARS Everything

    If they wanted to do it right, they would make it R, and make it really gritty.
  16. Even with Gio (hopefully) being sent down, I still think Rodon pitches 2-3 times in AAA before he gets the call up.
  17. Tony

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    Trump has cancelled the June 12th summit. I guess the Nobel will have to wait...
  18. Now at least this guy is coming in here with a plan...