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  1. Tony

    Heyman: Eloy/Kopech may not be promoted this year

    I'm not so sure. I tend to agree with ptatc here. There are a number of different factors that come into play when making the decision to call these two up, and at what time. I think the 2019 competitiveness of the team absolutely does play a role into if Eloy and Kopech should be up on this team now, rather than making their MLB debuts in April of 2019. My biggest point here is I'm not convinced either of them spending another month in the minors leagues really hurts their development. Do I think Eloy especially is ready right now? Yes. Does it hurt his longterm development to stay in AAA until April 15th? I don't really see how.
  2. Tony

    Heyman: Eloy/Kopech may not be promoted this year

    I've been under the belief this is an April 15th situation all along, and it's seeming more likely every day.
  3. Tony

    Sox @ Tigers 8/15 12:10 PM CT NBCSCHI

    How about the guy that is actually paid to get Yoan out of a slump does something? You know, the hitting coach? Hell, anyone on the staff. From all reports, Jose has played the mentor role well with Yoan. It's also not his job.
  4. Tony

    Sox @ Tigers 8/15 12:10 PM CT NBCSCHI

    Interesting Ozzie mentioned that, I didn't hear that but glad I'm not the only one. Every guy is different, and you're not going to look great when you're batting under .200 since the ASB, but something just doesn't look right all around.
  5. Tony

    Sox @ Tigers 8/15 12:10 PM CT NBCSCHI

    I'm finally on the doubt train for Yoan. Hate being the meatball body language guy, but NONE of it looks good. I'm just not sold at all.
  6. Tony

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    Jose Quintana. Not great.
  7. Tony

    2019 White Sox Starting Rotation

    You would prefer Tyler Chatwood, right?
  8. Tony

    KW on Jimenez/Kopech

    Given that they have a new approach to basically EVERYTHING, I don’t see why this is such a stretch to think that just because they haven’t done it before, they never will..
  9. Tony

    White Sox vs Yankees 8.6 game thread

    Damn, Engel, that was awesome.
  10. Tony

    Cracks in trust the process

    I don’t think any will disagree with this. If they do...they’re wrong. The fighting on this board seem to be from the extremists on either side. It’s either “You have ZERO reason to think Moncada won’t be an absolute superstar based on what we’ve seen in 2018.” Or its “‘Moncada sucks, Rick Hahn sucks, everything sucks and the Cubs will rule the city for the next seven decades.” We should strive for more nuanced discussion, but such is life. Welcome to 2018.
  11. Tony

    Is this rock bottom

    It may sound dramatic because that’s what it is. Overly dramatic. If the Sox put together a 90 win team, make the playoffs, then follow up that season with a great first half, the park will be full most of the summer. I have zero doubt about that, and it has nothing to do with what the Cubs are doing.
  12. Tony

    KW on Jimenez/Kopech

    I don't disagree. I hate the way things are currently structured and as a fan I have to make a decision in mind based on the finances of millionaires, but such is life. I'd love to be watching Eloy on the Sox right now. It certainly seems like he is ready. But I also understanding keeping him down for that extra year of control.
  13. Tony

    KW on Jimenez/Kopech

    You have zero way way of actually knowing this (obviously). So much can change with this franchise from now until 2024 or whatever it is. That includes winning, a new front office, a new owner, etc.
  14. Tony

    STAR WARS Everything

    What do you think it says? (legit asking)
  15. Tony

    7/30 Games

    Yeah this is getting a little out of hand at this point.
  16. Tony

    STAR WARS Everything

    This is the answer.
  17. Tony

    STAR WARS Everything

    I love you Jason, but this take is criminal. 😂
  18. Tony

    7/29 Games

    It’s also not hurting his development. They need to do what is best for the franchise, not the player. There are a lot of factors at play with that decision. In a case like this, I’ll defer to the front office to make the correct choice.
  19. Tony

    Blue Jays @ Sox 7/29/18

    Can’t tell if this post is serious or not.
  20. Tony

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    Thank you. And again, I put a large chunk of this on the media too. I don’t understand where the pushback is from media. You know, journalists trying to get to the bottom of a story? It’s a really weird and screwed up situation.
  21. Tony

    Sox and Jays Gamethread

    They have all had disappointing seasons. But even if all three had positive 2018’s they would still be in “prove it” mode in 2019. Long way to go to see what these guys really are.
  22. Tony

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    I guess that’s the point. What’s the secret? Is it a lingering concussion? Is it vision? It is something totally different? Is is substance abuse? Corey Crawford at his peak was/is probably a Top 5 goalie in the league, for one of the most popular franchises in hockey. How have eight months gone by and the public has no idea what’s wrong with him? Name me an example where this has happened in another sport.
  23. Tony

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    I know more about HIPAA laws than most when it comes to athletes, so I get it. This is a totally different animal. Name me another instance similar to this, where for 8 months, the public has no idea what injury was suffered by a player. It’s not even been 100% confirmed as a head injury. There have been rumors for months about substance abuse, and the Hawks never commented. I also was making a statement on the media in this town, seemingly never pressing the issue even the slightest, asking why this has all been so secretive, what the real issue is. “It is what it is” is nonsense here. It absolutely ISN'T what it is.
  24. Tony

    2018 MiLB White Sox news and notes

    Jacob May has been released.
  25. Tony

    2018 Attendance Thread