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  1. The White Sox have never won a playoff series outside of 2005. Which was basically just a good team that caught a heater.
  2. Stoney needs to offer a mea culpa. He was wrong, and critical fans have been right.
  3. It would be an upset if he didn’t.
  4. I thought the same tbh. But as previously mentioned, they were studying these players for a little awhile now, failing to achieve. There should have been more insight into this team’s potential than the FO have shown the acumen to react to. Maybe some of these names should have been gone by now. I don’t think they are sharp baseball people, and they tend to be sentimental. All Reinsdorf teams in both sports have that tendency.
  5. I don’t see Jerry signing up for any more tanking, if any changes are made like that. I think the young team stuff is something JR has no stamina to endure any longer. But the real problem is mismanagement, not the approach. This team has been bad now for about 2 full years very soon. They ran this team back for whatever reasons. Fell in love, ran out of money, who can say. But this is the depth of their baseball expertise, running back a bad team, expecting different results.
  6. I quit the team once after the Tatis deal. I have always been a guy that loves the prospect watching, and was constantly praying for an emphasis on the farm system and scouting pipeline to be embraced as the key. Bought back in when Sale, Eaton and Quintana were dealt. It seemed like the Sox finally wanted to be a regular team instead of the weird kid that thinks he is smarter than the rest of the class. Little did I know that this was a one time adventure for Jerry. Jerry is gonna be done with the experiment with normality very soon.
  7. This is where this franchise makes a stupid and futile gesture to desperately try and stay relevant. Well, maybe the farm system is so bad they won’t have an opportunity.
  8. Someone with a worse record than 747–710
  9. I have never heard of this new approach to baseball. What is this revolutionary method?
  10. Michael has done such a good $job with the Bulls
  11. Translation: We’re about to trade what few good prospects we have left for mediocre veterans to ‘save the season’. Make the Sox great again.
  12. I guess. As long as Reinsdorf owns the team, the next guy is gonna have all the same mandates and parameters.
  13. 2. Vance Honeycutt, OF — North Carolina Honeycutt has a chance to become a rare 5-tool player the next level. He’s long and projectable with serious upwards trajectory in his game. Honeycutt possesses plus raw power and a swing path built to capitalize on all of it. The hit tool has taken major strides from his freshman year as he’s really cut down the swing and miss and subsequently shrunk his strikeout rates too. Honeycutt is a plus runner who plays plus defense in centerfield. As long as he doesn’t outgrow the middle of the field, he projects to stay at the 8. This is a guy who could be a perennial 20-20 guy at the next level. 3. Brody Brecht, RHP — Iowa If you were to build a Mount Rushmore for the best pure stuff college baseball has ever seen, there’s a very real argument that Brecht would deserve to be on it. I think most would agree Brecht has the most electric fastball in the 2024 class; at least at this early stage. Brecht has been up to 101, sitting 97-99 in starts. It’s a metric-monster of a heater and is only reinforced by the elite whiff rates he generates off the pitch. He’ll mix in an absolutely disgusting slider with immense depth, inducing gaudy swing-and-miss numbers. He’ll also throw a traditional curveball extremely hard in the mid-80s. Brecht has a chance to possess an elite fastball and two plus-or-better breaking balls. That said, the control and command right now are below average. A two-sport guy, Brecht gave up football for the Hawkeyes in the spring of 2023 and scouts are excited to see if his game explodes because of it. If Brecht takes the next step in his development and develops even average command on the hill, there’s a very real chance he’s the first college arm off the board in 2024. 4. Konnor Griffin, SS/OF — Jackson Prep Considering the size and physicality of Konnor Griffin, it’s incredible to think he’ll barely be 18 years old on draft day. Griffin reclassified out of the 2025 draft class after overmatching his peers. He has the frame scouts dream on, a long, levered body with projectable strength and present athleticism. The upside here is tremendous. Griffin plays shortstop and centerfield now, but most think he projects best in the grass where his plus speed and rangy routes will play best. He’s got a strong throwing arm and the twitch necessary to make a good first step. He has every chance to stick on the dirt, but the hands are probably solid average and there’s a high likelihood he’ll grow off the position. He could probably be an above average defender at either spot. Already an accomplished slugger, Griffin has huge bat speed with over-the-fence juice and should grow into 60-grade, potentially even 70-grade game power. A true 5-tool prospect.
  14. Nice name, I like that. He is not a dog. He is kind of an emperor god.
  15. Along those lines, you don’t expect anything special. You take some A ball prospect (s), and the Sox free up his salary to use on the roster. Provided the opportunity. That’s the real issue. Opportunity cost of paying Moncada.
  16. This is not the result of the tank. This is the result of mismanaging the effort. The Sox didn’t have a lot of luck in the draft either in terms of being in the right positions in the right drafts.
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